How I Nurture Myself in Transition from the Old into the New Year

On my first senior December 30th birthday my aunt’s email to me said “You are one of the first BB’s [Baby Boomers] to reach this milestone–but, then again, you always were a trailblazer.”

Being the person I am and having a New Year’s Eve Eve birthday has caused me to approach the end of the year and the beginning of the new one in a way that I consistently find most satisfying to me.

I save my very favorite holiday attraction, viewing The Stars at the Time Warner Center, for last. What I love about this color, sound and light show is the fine quality of the holiday music played, the healing intensity of the clear colors and how the play of color, light and sound are intrinsically uplifting, exciting and peaceful.

That’s where I often go on the next to the last day of the year. I also choose, if I’m lucky, a great movie and have a satisfying meal out with loved ones. (This year we saw The King’s Speech, which I found to be an extremely fine movie- a real treat from beginning to end.)

On the last day of the year I continue to celebrate- often by having lunch with friends. Petaluma, , has good food, reasonable prices, good service and it is very close to my home.

This would be a great place for my students to go to relax after a day in class. This is how the restaurant looked as they prepared it for their New Year’s Eve celebration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the first day or two of the New Year I take care of myself and my practice in the following ways: I do a Repatterning for myself to make sure that I am resonating with my new resolutions; In a Repatterning I clear any remnants of lingering issues or discomforts from the previous year; I organize my business and personal record keeping; I maximize the positive potential of my resolutions by including them in the Group Repatterning that we usually do for the January Group.

Having done most of that, this year I have added something new that I hope you might want to do as well. I added a new Intention for other people to help me manifest by their looking at the Love From NYC page of this blog.

To add your own Intentions, just go to the top of the blog where the tab says Love From NYC and instead of commenting on my Intentions, or the Intentions of other persons, just add your Intention as a comment for all of us to help energize.

As more people use the page, I hope that we all will report on our successes in manifesting those intentions.

Finally, here is one of the songs played Under The Stars at the Time Warner Center.(On December 17th, 2010 I posted pictures of  Dizzie’s Club- which is part of Jazz at Lincoln Center housed on the fifth floor of The Time Warner Center.)

I hope that you enjoy this show, which I found on U-Tube. In person I find it to be a very powerful healing modality.  Maybe next year you’ll come to see it for yourself!


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