A Question From Beth

Hi Meryl

I had a client ask me a question the other day and wanted to get your input.  She is participating in my Lunar Repatterning Proxy Group, and expressed concern that the “energy of the group” would affect her negatively while she was on vacation.  She was worried that she was going to “take on” the problems of others in the group.  I explained that we set a very clear intention with this work that the shifts that take place are for the highest good of the group, and of all concerned, and that we only process those shifts our system needs.  It is not in her highest good, or anyone’s really, to “work on” problems that belong to others!

I am wondering if you want to expand on this at all?  It seems to be a concern others have…that they are “sensitive” to others’ energies, and that they are in some way more affected than others.  I believe we are all connected and all one, and we do not need to take on things that are not a part of our journey.  Just wondering what you think?


Hi Dear Beth,

Thank you for this wonderful question. My understanding and experience has been that in group work and particularly in proxy groups, each person’s higher self sorts out every kind of energetic input so that each individual receives exactly and only what is needed for them.

Additionally, if a person is experiencing “taking on” of others’ energies, I would strongly suggest that they learn and practice doing “Zip- Ups” on a regular basis.

For those who do not know what thee are, you place one of your hands, flat, in front of your body, starting in the center of the body at the top of the pubic bone. Bring the hand up to the indentation between the chin and the lips. Pause. When repeating the movement, move the hand to the side and then down so as not to “un-zip” the energy.

This simple technique pulls up the energy of all the meridians in the front of the body and “insulates” the person so they can easily be in their own center no matter what is going on around them.

Also, I would suggest teaching them to connect with their tenth chakra, two to three feet below the bottom of their feet, again so that they are impervious to the pulls of other energy and are strongly grounded in the earth.

More information on the tenth chakra can be found on this blog in the book review of Cyndi Dale’s Chakra book and in the discussion of what happened in Group in December 2010.

If anyone else has some ideas about Beth’s question, please leave your comments.


3 responses to “A Question From Beth

  1. I have not felt that I have picked up any one’s energies in a group proxy situation, I think, because of the initial intention of the session being for everyone’s highest good. I have felt relieved when something I may have been resonating with, but not necessarily named, has been cleared, so I think the connection is there, and the intention is of utmost importance.

    Thanks for this information. I have been very aware of how we can pick up others energies and have found the grounding and centering are so important. I feel that in certain situations I know that I must keep my center and take the steps to do so. But sometimes, I forget and the next thing I know I am picking up “stuff”. For instance, I noticed at one point that when I would get off the train and go up into Penn Station, I would get a pain in my stomach. At first I thought it was some anxiety of my own, but then realized I was walking into a sea of people without having protection. Once I came to that realization and protected myself, I no longer got that pain.

    I received a link to a video the other day “Water, The Great Mystery” from Niburu. It is a bit long (1 hr 25 minutes), but really sends home just how connected we are and indicates some fantastic scientific research that is going on about water. It reinforces the importance of coherent, positive loving energy and the impact that our energy states have on each other. Reminded me of the alternating smiling and nodding, and then shaking our heads no and frowning exercise we did in the Empowering Seminar, and what an outstanding example of energy states that was! And it is so easy to do.

    • Dear Clare,

      Thank you for this comment and thank you again for sharing your time and yourself so generously as the Coach for the Empowering Seminar. It was a treat for us all to have you with us!

      Sending you much love,

  2. Hi, Ladies,
    I am a bit late in commenting on this question, but since I was asked about it lately by another potential client, I thought I’d toss in some things we may all do almost automatically now, especially with those of us who for one reason or another do not have a particularly strong sense of our own boundaries to begin with. White lighting ourselves never hurts, in fact, I’ve always liked the St. Germaine material that offers to us to have our “Mighty I AM Presence” seal us in our tube of white light and surround ourselves with a “belt” of Indigo or Violet Light…I find this helps and yet would always allow for any good we invite to come through. The Thymus Tap is also amazing in firming up the integrity of our body’s physical and emotional boundaries, so maybe while people are voluntarily participating in group energy work, they can “install” some of these techniques to assure themselves no unwanted energies are flowing their way…intention, intention, intention! Hopefully our focus is on what good energy we are contributing to the group (since we’ve boosted ourselves with such powerful spritiual connections to begin with) more than our concern about negative energy coming our way! 🙂

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