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An Offering-Please RSVP By Wednesday July 13th for the July 30th Practitioner Skills Development Weekend

Let Me Share and Teach You the Skills You Need to be an Effective Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

I am offering the opportunity for each Student Practitioner who participates in this Practitioner Skills Development class to significantly accelerate the work on his/her Certification journey.

The class is limited to seven participants to ensure an optimal learning experience for the weekend. If the class is scheduled for one day, enrollment is limited to a maximum of three Student Practitioners.

Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate and receive feedback for up to three of the seven required competency areas mandated for Recommendation for The Repatterning Practitioner Association Certification.

Participants who come to class ready to receive feedback on a complete, Mandela directed session will have the opportunity to do so.

Please call me at 212-628-8260 by Wednesday, July 13th for details and to reserve your place.  During this phone call we can assess your needs and make an individualized Certification journey plan to optimize the fulfillment of your individual learning needs during the weekend.

The class will be held from 9am-6pm at a location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

The investment is for the full weekend is

  • $400.00 for newcomers
  • $350.00 for Group Members and Elective Program graduates
  • $300.00 for Seminar Certificate Program graduates.

The investment for all Student Practitioners is $225.00 if the class is scheduled for one day only on Saturday, July 30th.

After speaking with me you can click here to make your payment or, mail me a check by the final payment date Friday, July 15th.

I am so looking forward to growing and deepening your competency, understanding  and love of Resonance Repatterning with you at the end of the month.

With love, light, laughter and gratitude,

Another Gift from Patricia Cota-Robles

Several weeks ago I received this message from Patricia Cota-Robles. I used the music on the U-Tube presentation as the healing modality for a wonderfully transformative Repatterning session I did for myself this week.


I hope that you enjoy the energy as much as I do and please know that the full CD is available through links in this message under the condition that it is never to be bought or sold and that words are never to be added to any presentation of the music.


I found the story behind the creation of the CD quite interesting as well.


Sending you all lots of love and light,  



A Healing Gift for Humanity

June 21, 2011, Solstice

Precious Hearts, I would like to share with you information about a sacred and wondrous musical gift that is being given to Humanity. The Divine Intent of this gift is to assist each of us through the physical challenges we are experiencing as we move through this auspicious time. Please read these words with an open heart and an open mind. We have been longing for the time when Heaven and Earth would come together to assist us in our endeavors to transform ourselves and this planet. This is that moment.

I would like to share a little background about this musical gift. 2011 began with an incredible influx of Light. On December 21, 2010, we experienced the Solstice and a very powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The synchronicity of these two events occurring at the same time had happened only one other time in the past 2,000 years.

That Lunar Eclipse took place within two degrees of the Galactic Center which opened a mighty portal of Light from the Core of Creation into the Center of the Earth. The Light of God that poured through that portal initiated incomparable pivotal changes for all Life evolving on this planet.

Once the portal was opened, the Light of God built in momentum until the New Moon Solar Eclipse which took place on January 4, 2011. During that monumental influx of Light, Lightworkers around the world joined hearts with the Company of Heaven and cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love. The powerful Light that bathed the planet during that two week period catapulted every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth further up the Spiral of Evolution. This paved the way for a God Victorious 2011 which is a year that the Beings of Light have heralded as “The Transfiguring Year of Rebirth and Renewal.”

On Christmas Day, in the midst of that incredibly powerful influx of Light, our beloved son Joao got sick. On December 29, 2010, he passed away from complications with pneumonia. Joao was 42 years old. He left behind his wife and three beautiful sons. Since his transition, Joao has shared with his Father and me that his time on Earth was complete. He said that he was able to move directly into the Light and that he is now working with Archangel Michael and the Legions of Healing. He said that he will be able to “Gift” Humanity in our service to the Light in ways that he could not accomplish from the physical plane.

When Frederic Delarue, a wonderful French musician, received my e-mail announcing our son’s transition into the Light, he said he felt very connect to Joao’s soul. Frederic said that he knew Joao was trying to connect to with him and that he needed to be at Joao’s Celebration of Life ceremony, which took place on January 8, 2011, in Tucson, Arizona.

Once Frederic made the heart commitment to attend the service in Tucson, Joao began communicating with him. Joao asked Frederic if he would accept the responsibility of receiving a musical transmission that would be a legacy for his family.

Frederic agreed to Joao’s request without knowing any of the specifics about the music. After Frederic returned from Joao’s Celebration of Life ceremony, Joao began to reveal to Frederic just what this music would be, a Healing Gift for Humanity.

When Frederic Delarue was 12 years old he had a near death experience after which he realized he was given an amazing gift of music. When Frederic was 13 years old the Angelic Music of the Spheres began flowing through his hands as he played people’s soul songs. He just quieted himself, moved his own consciousness aside, and the music of the person’s soul flowed through his hands.

For the next few months after Joao’s transition, Frederic said that Joao would come to him and tell him some things about the music and how it was to be distributed. Then, just before Easter, Frederic awoke with a powerful heart prompting to go to France immediately, so he made arrangements and flew to France. During the month of May while he was in France, he went to Rennes-le-Chateau on several occasions. Rennes-le-Chateau is a sacred focus of Mary Magdalene, who is at this time working with Mother Mary and all of the Feminine Aspects of our Father-Mother God to bring to the consciousness of the world the return of the Divine Feminine, our Mother God, or as we have often referred to this Aspect of Deity, the Holy Spirit. Frederic said that when he sat in the church and contemplated the Presence of Mary Magdalene, he had a miraculous experience that transformed his life. He returned home a different person. He knew that his experience with Mary Magdalene was a necessary factor in preparing him to receive Joao’s gift of healing music for Humanity.

During the month of May, while this initiation was occurring for Frederic in France, Mother Mary was assisting every one of us in a miraculous way. Over 40 years ago Mother Mary told us that prior to Humanity’s embodiment this time she had made a covenant with every man, woman, and child on Earth. She said that in the not too distant future, when Humanity was open and receptive to the influx of Divine Love from our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, she would draw us into her Temple of the Immaculate Heart and assist our I AM Presence to expand the Threefold Flame in our heart to its original size. She said that this would greatly enhance our ability to receive and assimilate the frequencies of Divine Love from our Mother God and the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Perfection.

The Threefold Flame in our heart originally enveloped our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. It was the perfect balance of our Father God’s Blue Flame of Power, our Mother God’s Pink Flame of Divine Love, and the Son and Daughter of God’s Yellow-gold Flame of Wisdom. It was the true reflection of the Holy Trinity. When we fell from Grace we closed our hearts so we would not feel so much pain. This blocked the portal through which our Mother God’s Love entered the world. This caused our Threefold Flame to become imbalanced, which caused us to lose the awareness of our Mother God. Our Threefold Flame eventually shrunk to what we now refer to as the “spark of Divinity” in our hearts. Well, now that we have cocreated a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love everything has changed!

This May as we each slept at night, our I AM Presence escorted us into Beloved Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Planes. Within her focus of Light, Mother Mary helped our I AM Presence to expand the Threefold Flame in our heart to its original intensity. This is the fulfillment of the covenant Mother Mary made with each one of us prior to this embodiment.

On June 10th, Frederic sent me an e-mail and said that he wanted to talk to me about Joao’s music. I did not know anything about Frederic’s trip to France and he did not know anything about the gift that Mother Mary was giving to Humanity during the month of May. We talked about those things and he said that since he returned from France, Joao would not leave him alone about the music. He said Joao seemed to feel that there was now an urgency to make this music available to the world. Frederic asked me to ask Joao about the music to be sure that the message he was receiving was correct.

That night I asked Joao about the music and Frederic’s information. Joao said that all was in readiness, and that it was time for this music to be made available to the world. He said for me to let Frederic know that Sunday, June 12th was Pentecost, the day that is celebrated as the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, and that there would be a greatly amplified influx of our Mother God’s Divine Love on that day. Joao gave me a quote to include with the music that he would play through Frederic’s hands. This is the title of the music followed by Joao’s quote:

A Healing Gift for Humanity

Celestial Music from Joao Cota-Robles
through Frederic Delarue

“The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced.

“This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.

This music is a gift from On High and it is never to be bought or sold. Please share this information with everyone you feel would benefit from this sacred gift of Celestial Music.”
Joao Cota-Robles

The next morning Frederic e-mailed me and said, “This is the day.” It was Pentecost. Frederic said that early that morning Dr. Florence Phillips, who was the only Minister to allow him to do his work with the Angelic Music of the Spheres without conditions, passed away from cancer after being in a deep coma.

Right after I received the e-mail from Frederic Joao’s Dad called me into the kitchen to see a magnificent White Dove that had flown into our garden. We have lived in our home for 45 years and we have never seen a White Dove in our garden.

Frederic prepared his equipment and turned everything on so that he would be ready. When the time was right, Mary Magdalene expanded her luminous Presence and held Frederic and Joao in the embrace of her radiant Light as Joao played his healing music through Frederic’s hands.

Joao said this music is encoded with frequencies of healing that Humanity has not been able to reach until now. This is being made possible because of the expansion of Humanity’s Threefold Flame, the return of our Mother God, and her monumental influx of Transfiguring Divine Love. He said for Frederic and me to make the highest possible resolution of the music available to Humanity. Otherwise, some of the new healing tones might be missed.

Joao said the Company of Heaven is going to help anyone who wants the music to have access to it through his or her own computer or through the computer of someone they know. He said all is in Divine Order; all Frederic and I need to do is make the music available through the highest possible resolution for anyone who wants to experience it.

The complete CD of “Musical Rapture” is 62 minutes long. You may download this sacred music for FREE from my website:

The FREE mp3 download is also available on Frederic Delarue’s website:

To protect the integrity of this Celestial Music, it has been copyrighted in Frederic Delarue’s name and all rights are reserved. The music is never to be bought or sold.

We have also produced a 15-minute YouTube video of the music, so you can see what a sample of it sounds like and you can let the members of your family and friends who you feel may be interested in this Healing Gift for Humanity know about the music.

If this link does not work, please copy it and paste it into your browser.

It is not by chance that this Gift of Healing Music is being given to Humanity at this time.

Remember, we are in the midst of one of the most powerful influxes of Light we have ever experienced. This summer the Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the invitation to intervene in our lives. Powerful celestial alignments are occurring that will help us release and let go of the behavior patterns that have kept us stuck in our dysfunctional human miscreations. This is an incredibly powerful and sacred time. This month we will experience three eclipses and the June Solstice, all of which will provide unique opportunities for Humanity to add to the Light of the world as we pave the way for the unprecedented influx of Divine Love that will be secured in the physical plane through every person’s Heart Flame, in August 13-18, 2011. For details about this event you can go to my website and click on the box that says 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

Each of these alignments will build on the previous influx of Light which will catapult the Earth and ALL her Life further up the Spiral of Evolution. This will move us a quantum leap toward our ultimate goal of Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.

June 1, 2011 – New Moon Solar Eclipse
June 15, 2011 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 21, 2011 – Solstice
July 1, 2011 – New Moon Solar Eclipse

August 13-18, 2011 – Securing Humanity’s newly created Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love in the physical plane of Earth through every person’s newly expanded Heart Flame.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

Two New Repatterning Proxy Group Cycles Begin July 1, 2011

Although I continue to announce that I highly recommend both Joie Jacobsen’s 100 Days of Prosperity Group Repatternings and Beth Polito’s Lunation Proxy Group, I do so especially this week because today, July 1st is the first day of both of their new series.

Both Joie and Beth are doing their wonderful healing work out of town right now so I am speaking for them.

I was a member of Joie’s second 100 Days group and I found the work to be incisive, very creative, powerful, catalytic and an excellent venue for Joie’s varied, prodigious talents.

I continue to be a part of Beth’s Lunation proxy group and I am always amazed that even if I don’t submit my intentions or issues one week, the notes after the Repatterning uncannily and potently address my concerns.

Here is the message that Joie sent out on June 30th.

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 13:35:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joie Jacobsen <>


The 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance Project begins tomorrow Friday July 1st, 2011.  When you make the choice to join this dynamic group you’ll receive distance energy healing sessions EVERY DAY FOR 100 DAYS.  These sessions are designed to open up the flow of prosperity and abundance in your life and clear away resistance, blocks, challenges and problems that impede your ability to live the life you are meant to be living. 

Join the 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance Project now at: 

Joie Jacobsen

Here is what Joie wrote to our Group before the 100 Days of Abundance in which I was a participant.

“Dear fellow practitioners:
I wanted to let you all know about my upcoming prosperity project which begins a week from today, on Thursday October 7th 2010.   I’m really excited to be doing this again.  I did the first 100 Days earlier this year and it was an amazing experience for me both as a practitioner, and as a member.  To be honest I worried a little about whether I was up to doing a session each day for a group of people even if it was by proxy.  It turned out that it was not only doable, but the greatest joy for me as well.  Several members of the first group were fellow RR practitioners and I was so honored to have their participation in the group.  I would be honored by your participation as well if you choose to join me this time around.  For further information please see below and visit my website at

Before the Lunation Proxy Group series began the first time Beth wrote to our Group:

“I have always loved the moon.  Recently a group of my friends and I began journaling with the cycles of the moon and sharing our experiences.  Amazing things started happening, and my love affair with our Lunar Mother deepened.  I quickly began to notice two very important things:  The first was that the energy of the moon is incredibly powerful and available when you focus on it consistently.  The second thing was actually a reminder of the power of working in a committed group; it is supportive, nurturing, and the work of one not only benefits the work of the whole, but exponentially increases it!

So I became inspired!  Why not combine the specificity of the lunar energies in certain phases with proxy group sessions in Resonance Repatterning ?!  The lunar energies help to focus and guide us, while the Repatterning ensures that we are vibrationally aligned with what we are choosing to create and release during the lunation cycle.”

Later she wrote: “The group consists of an incredible blend of healers, lightworkers, artists, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, mothers, priestesses, teachers, yogis, and truth seekers.  We would love to have you join us!  If you are interested, please visit to register. ”


Beth also wrote the following to her  Lunation group:  “Thank you for your participation in this group!  I feel that we are doing such deep work here, and that the shifts are truly for more than just ourselves.  It is an honor to share this work and time with you all!”

You can contact both Joie and Beth through the links they provided. You will be so glad that you did!