Are You Planning To Come To August Group?

Hi Everyone,

How is your summer so far?  Are you enjoying yourself?  Do you have time to come to Group on August 14th?  I hope that you were able to say yes to the last two questions and that your summer has been good for you.

Several years ago we had special attendance policy for Group in July and August.

I would like to re-introduce having a minimum of four participants committed to coming to August Group this year.

Please RSVP to let us know whether or not you will be at Group by sending me a message or commenting here by Tuesday, August 9th.

I will send out a special announcement on Wednesday morning next week (August 10th) to let you know whether or not Group will meet in August.

I really hope that you can come because it feels like we haven’t been together for such a long time.

Sending you each lots of love, light, laughter and gratitude,


4 responses to “Are You Planning To Come To August Group?

  1. Hi Meryl,
    Sorry that I will be unable to attend Group. Look forward to getting into the City for a group session in the future. Meanwhile, hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  2. Hi Meryl,

    Unfortunately I will not be in town to attend group. I will be returning on 8/23. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and look forward to re-connecting in the fall.


  3. Hi Meryl!
    I will be in Vermont doing a Yoga Training. I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall. xoxox Beth

  4. Hi Meryl,
    Hope you and everyone is enjoying their summer. I will not be around this weekend. Looking forward to see you soon.
    Love, Kim

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