Notes for Students- On Proxy Sessions- Penatonic Modes

When I first embraced Resonance Repatterning as a student I was working full -time as a psychotherapist for children who required counseling as part of their mandated individualized educational program in a public school.

Because I was spending so much time with so many people each work day, when I first began practicing I enjoyed doing proxy sessions the most.

Additionally,  I had received a proxy session as my first session and experienced the positive and immediate impact of that session. Despite my not knowing  when the session was to occur, I felt an immediate change in my energy and emotional state .  I correctly surmised that the session had been completed.

I told myself that this process was for me!

I was so enthused about proxy sessions that at the very first ever Resonance Repatterning  Conference in 1996 I was on a panel to discuss this aspect of the work.

With the change in the Certification requirements that now permits proxy sessions to be a part of the mix,  one of the student practitioners in Group this month asked me to give more information about doing proxy sessions.

There are several ways  to initiate a proxy session. Of utmost importance is getting permission from the person (or animal). Even when working with infants and animals, the parent or owner needs to  ask  out loud if permission to engage in a session is granted. Pet owners and parents will usually be able to  see if permission is granted or not by the kind of response, or lack of response that is elicited.

Once  when I worked with a newborn in the presence of the mother  I saw the baby gave  definite indication that I was allowed to proceed with the session.

Proxy sessions are done without face to face, telephone or Skype interaction during the session. The practitioner may or may not have information about  the client’s presenting problem or  intentions. There my be no knowledge at all about why the session has been ordered or the practitioner may have this information.

If an animal or a non-verbal infant/child is the recipient you may be given information from the parent or owner about the pet of child, but that information is not from the perspective of the child or animal. You may or may not, as determined by muscle checking for the client, use that information at all.

What is happening in a proxy session is based on the energetic reality of us all being one. With permission we are accessing the person or animal’s energy field and spiritually, their higher self even though their physical presence is not involved.

There are no interferences  and what you can access is the raw potency and strength of the client’s uncensored responses to their world. There is no person to person presence to filter anything.

This requires that the practitioner stays super centered and takes care of themselves so they can remain neutral and in complete service to their client.

The stance must be accepting , allowing and non-judgmental about anything that is derived from the books or from muscle checked intuitive material. Nowhere is it more clear that you are the agent for the client and therefore you can not censor at all what comes out in the session.

What is in the experience of most student practitioners that is analogous is how the practitioner holds the space for the client during an Energy Constriction Release. In this process, the practitioner must sometime work on maintaining their own centeredness and their own lack of judgement. The practitioner must  postpone dealing with their own material which might be triggered by the client’s experience.

All of these considerations may be present when working in a proxy session.

In Group we reviewed how to do Pentatonic Modes. About eleven  years ago I studied with Fabien Mamon who has done extensive research and teaching about the effects of music on healing.

One of the tidbits of information that stuck with me was when he discussed the significance of the 5 note scale called Pentatonic Modes. I remember him citing the 5 note theme from the movie  Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  A melody like that just sticks and repeats itself over and over again in our minds.

We reminded ourselves that doing the Pentatonic modes is different from toning as it is a specific sequence of notes that may or may not have a vowel sound used with the note that is voiced.


4 responses to “Notes for Students- On Proxy Sessions- Penatonic Modes

  1. Thanks for that Meryl. Very clarifying information on proxy sessions. This is helpful in further highlighting the importance of trusting the energetic process.

  2. This is such a great article on proxy sessions. Thank you for really explaining them in a very clear way.

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