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A New Kind of Nutrition- From Marc David

I haven’t posted something from Marc David, the founder of The Institute for The Psychology of Eating, in a little while.I enjoyed this post  because once again he cut through the madness of our American culture of obsessive concerns about food, body, appearance and  the part that  is destructive to our having wholesome relationships with our bodies and eating.

It underscores that part of our mainstream American culture is a deep attraction to fads and “the latest” which permeates all aspects of life in our country.

In short, this post is a breath of fresh air.

On a completely different topic- just to let you know that I have completed updates of my website to include some detailed information about Infinity Healing sessions. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

I hope that you enjoy this article.

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A New Kind of Nutrition

Posted on January 30, 2013 –

Heart On BeachHave you noticed that an extra large portion of our collective conversation around nutrition is driven by our love for the exaggerated excitement of “what’s new” – the latest miraculous supplement for limitless energy, the hottest diet that guarantees fat-free glamour, or the next breakthrough food that defies disease and attracts your perfect mate? We expect quite a bit from food, and perhaps rightly so. But is there really anything new worth getting excited over? Are any of the breakthrough pills, foods or gizmos truly delivering on their promise? If we gaze honestly and compassionately at the illness, obesity and unhappiness surrounding us, the answer appears to be a poignant “no.” We’ve looked to the science of nutrition to lead us into the promised land of milk and honey, but upon arrival we’ve been told “don’t drink the milk” and “don’t eat the honey.” And to make things more confusing for eaters everywhere, our nutrition experts are ceaselessly engaged in a war over who holds the key to the kingdom called “The Right Way to Eat.”

Fortunately, things are changing. There really is something new in nutrition. In fact, a quiet revolution has rolled onto the landscape of the nutrition field, the kind of which is born of an honesty and light of truth that simply can’t be stopped. It’s causing a transformation in the way we nourish ourselves. This “something new” is simply this:

A deep understanding of the psychology of eating.

Meaning, an approach to food and health that embraces all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, soul, spirit and planet.

Such a model of nutrition affirms that each of us is emotionally AND biochemically unique, that there’s no “one size fits all” in the diet business, and that every nutritional system or expert has at least one nugget of wisdom to offer us. In other words, what’s good for the Okinawans, the French, the Mediterraneans, the Hunzas, the Paleolithics, or the bikini-clad inhabitants of South Beach isn’t necessarily what’s good for us. Just take the nugget of truth that works for you, and that works for the people you love and serve.

Most importantly perhaps, the psychology of eating acknowledges what we’ve known all along and deep inside – that human beings are more than just a collection of chemicals, and food is more than the sum total of its’ vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. When it comes to eating, we are creatures of life, love, pleasure, community and celebration. And our metabolism is driven not only by the chemistry of our cells, but by the depth of our psyche, the stories of our heart, and our dreams for the world.

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the nesting ground for this new paradigm of nutritional and emotional health. It’s the power spot where a fresh vision of our relationship with food is being birthed into practical, real world manifestation. The Institute is filling a huge void. The results are seen in students and graduates who are inspired about their work and fueled by the inner knowing that they are nutritional innovators sharing a special gift with the world.

Eating Psychology is the future of nutrition, and the future is now.

If this speaks to you, then consider yourself a vital, irreplaceable part of it. Each one of us holds a nutritional secret that’s never been seen before. Are you ready to discover and share it?

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has faced head-on the greatest challenge in the field of nutrition today – the severe, long-term deficiency of vitamin L – love, and vitamin S – soul. For too many years, the psychological and spiritual dimensions of eating have been banished from the table. As a result, we’ve suffered from simplistic and ineffective nutritional strategies such as “eat less and exercise more” or “eat this, don’t eat that.” We’ve given our power away to outside authorities, to punishing forms of diet and fitness, and to impossible standards of health and beauty. It’s time for the kind of nutrition education that truly nourishes.

So let’s continue to discover the cellular mysteries of the body. Let’s move forward and identify the nutrients that heal, the foods that nourish, and the chemistry that kills. Let’s make functional foods, nutraceuticals, and standardized botanical concentrates. But let’s also leave lots of room for a hearty meal. For pleasure and relaxed fare. For quality, and not just mass-produced bottom line quantity. Let’s leave as much room for the cake as we do for the carrot juice. Let’s look with as much concern to the soil as we do to the ingredient label on our cereal box. And for those in our charge, let’s look to help them gain life before we coax them to lose weight.

If you’re any type of health or helping professional, you’ve chosen a beautiful and special path.

Congratulations. And if you’re interested in the unique education that the Institute for the Psychology of Eating offers, please learn more about us. Either way, it’s now your task to liberate yourself from the kind of negative inner dialogue where you judge your own health, weight, and way of eating and living in the world. By embarking on such a journey, you’ll learn how to help others even more.

Please remember to honor your inner knowing. Respect your gift. Stop feeding your imperfections so much time and energy. You don’t need to be perfect to help people. Your task is not to learn to fix anyone. Just be real, be honest, be compassionate, and be you. Accept where you are with graceful loving courage, and your success is assured. Your gift to the world is your own journey in all its’ fullness. Go out and share it as if it were the best meal on Earth.

I would love to hear from you. Do you see the field of nutrition headed in a new or nourishing direction? Feel free to share your thoughts.

My warmest regards,

Marc David

Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating ,


The Last Weekend in January 2013- Some Updates

The last weekend in January was really nurturing  for me this year because I got to do some of my favorite things despite the extremely cold weather and my completion of a second round of the seasonal bug that so many people seem to have  this January.

On Friday night I went to one of the best Jazz sets that I’ve been to in a long time.  The venue was Dizzy’s  at Jazz at Lincoln Center, The outstanding performances were by Cyrus Chestnut, piano;  Stacy Dillard, saxophone; Neal Smith, drums; Dezron Douglas, bass; and special guest Jimmy Heath, saxophone.

It was celebration of  Cyrus Chestnut’s 50th birthday. The joy in playing the music composed mainly by Cyrus was evident in the performances all of the musicians.  The musical conversations between the players produced a rich, smooth and heavenly set.

On Saturday I was invited by my dear friend and colleague to do a special 2013 Intentions Group with  her interested psychotherapy clients and acquaintances .

There were thirteen participants in the group. Many of them had never heard of energy healing or Resonance Repatterning. With the wonderful energy of my colleague and her home as our foundation, we quickly entrained with each other.

The repatterning was the powerful Nun Karma Repatterning, which anyone, anywhere can access for free by clicking on the picture of the nuns shown on this blog.

The intentions that were energized by and for the group can be viewed on the Love From NYC page above  this post or by clicking here

One of the most exciting parts of the session for me as the practitioner was my  muscle checking to use Infinity Healing as the  four minute modality to finalize the energy shifts and energize the new intentions..

It was the first time that I used Infinity Healing with thirteen people and transmitted the energy to each individual according to the dictates each person’s higher self.

Sunday was an extremely productive day. I wrote all of the needed updates about Infinity Healing soon to be included on

Additionally, you can now find the following updates and additions to the blog here:

Finally, I’d like to share with you some pictures of the performance at Dizzy’s and share  my newly completed winter Zen garden.  The rock garden will disappear again when the flowers adorn the space.


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Rounds of Correspondence About Infinity Healing

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Early in the New Year I received a comment in the newsletter about Infinity Healing. I thought it was really interesting so here are two rounds of correspondence between Shafina and myself.

Hi Meryl,

Happy New Year.
I am an energy practitioner like yourself and we it appears that we have reconnection & reiki in common with each other. Often I use my hands to give healing to my children while they are sleeping. Last week as I was healing my baby daughter, instead of seeing the usual colored rays I saw the infinity sign emanate out of my hands in a cosmic bluish white shade. I felt it’s something ancient thats reappearing. When I researched I found this article by you. What are your thoughts on this?

Shafina Jaffer
Dar Es Salaam

Submitted on 2013/01/06 at 8:46 pm | In reply to Shafina Jaffer.

Hi Shaffina,

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones as well!

Thank you for finding me and my beginning musings on Infinity Healing. I don’t know whether or not you have seen the two other posts I’ve written on the subject. If not , they are:

That being said, I am excited that you also have received the gift of using the infinity symbol for healing. Your description of it appearing as a cosmic bluish-white light in the form of the infinity symbol exactly matches my earliest impressions of it that I received a few years ago..

I do not perceive phenomenon visually as you do. Rather I perceive more kinesthetically and I have a “sense” of visuals. Therefore I am excited to learn of your experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.

Although I received the information/instruction to use the infinity symbol, and only this symbol during energetic healings, a while ago, in the beginning of this past July I received new instructions on how to use it. I have described some of this in the articles already posted.

After having participated in close to forty Infinity Healing sessions I concur with you that using the symbol for healing is ancient, timeless ( it is infinite, after all) and now reappearing.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Magnified Healing, or the channeled work of Saint Germaine/Metatron, but at least since the 1930′s healing agents have been using the tool of the Violet Flame for assisting healing and transmutation. In the year 2012 this tool was re-energized to become a tool to assist humanity to download into our systems the new, intensified energies that are showering our planet.

Similarly, although the energy of the Infinity symbol is ancient I believe that it has just recently been re-charged in accordance with the changes in the energy on our planet. I also believe that its potency as a healing tool is now intensifed.

I invite you to continue our discussion and ask your permission to publish your message and my reply as a post next week.

With love, light, gratitude and blessings,

Submitted on 2013/01/22 at 7:35 am | In reply to merylchodoshweiss.

Dear Meryl,

Thank you for your response & my apologies for the late reply.

Yes I am aware of the violet flame, and was introduced to it when I did my Flower of Life training in Glastonbury about five years ago. I used it for a bit but found the Merkaba energy to be more in tune with my energy. I also enjoyed communication with the Hathors & often visited them.

Since my last mail to you the power & presence of the infinity symbol has grown in my meditations & I see it all the time in my daily mediations (whilst teaching pranayama & yoga) & universal healing prayers & also with open eyes through my third eye. I am currently studying to become an Ayurvedic physician & I used to be surrounded by an aura of sanskrit letters that has been replaced by greenish white glowing infinity symbols.

Now I am guided to just think of a person or situation & the infinity symbol surrounds it & it is done. How do you apply this healing modality?

God Bless,

Submitted on 2013/01/24 at 2:47 am | In reply to Shafina Jaffer.

Dear Shafina,

Thanks for your reply. I too am familiar with all of the energy work you mentioned- the Flower of Life, Merkaba work and the transmissions from the Hathors but I am not attracted to work consistently with any of these frequencies.

It is very exciting that the power and presence of the infinity symbol has intensified for you and that you are aware of its specific characteristics in your aura.

Your instant “zapping” (my language) of persons and situations with the symbol is equally exciting.

Although I also sometimes find myself “zapping” situations and people with the symbol as a form of healing transmission or prayer, my use of the symbol seems to be a bit more active. What I mean is simply that there has always been movement and flow along the outline of  the symbol rather than a vibrating, more static appearance of the symbol.

I also find that the intensity of the energy that is transmitted while using the symbol is stronger and stronger over time. I will be trying to use the symbol in the manner you describe and to see what happens through me.

Thanks you again for sharing with me.

Sending you much love, light, gratitude and blessings,