Save The Date

At the bottom of this page is where you can see all of the proposed dates for  the Practitioner Skills Development Group and for Practitioner Skills development Classes for 2013.

Each of the dates is a proposed date until the required number of registrants have indicated their intention and ability to participate.

Here is how we are going to know whether or not an event is going to happen.

For the both the Practitioner Skills Development Group and the Practitioner Skills development Classes, seven weeks before the actual event a reminder will be posted in the Newsletter.  Each person who plans to attend will indicate this by posting a comment no later than the following Thursday afternoon.

  • The next week I will post whether the proposed date is an actual date of an event six weeks later.
  • Assuming that it is, those who plan to attend will need to post a second comment here by the following Thursday to commit to attending the group or class  six weeks later.
  • If there are four people who commit to coming to Group on the proposed date by leaving their  comment on the posting I will announce that Group will take place five weeks later.
  • If there are two participating Student Practitioners who commit to a Practitioner Skills Development class, the class will be held as a one day class five weeks later
  • If there are five or more participating Student Practitioners for a class, the class will be a two day class five weeks later.
  • In order to attend any event  a person needs to commit by stating they are attending  as a reply. The non-refundable payment for Group  in the form of a check or Pay Pal will be due the following week. The payment for class will also be due the following week, four weeks before the event.
  • There is a $100.00 per day cancellation fee for any person who commits to attending class . The cancellation fee goes into effect four weeks before the event, the final registration date.

How will someone know if a Practitioner Skills  Development class is going to happen for one day or two?

There will be an announcement on the Newsletter.

How do I prepare for a Practitioner Skills Development Class?

You’ll need to call Meryl  at 212-628-8260 and develop your personal plan for your certification requirements fulfillment with her.

How can I see a description of the Practitioner Skills Development Group?

Click here

How can I see a description of the Practitioner Skills Development Classes?

Click here

How can I pay by credit card?

Click here for all Paypal payments


  • Sunday     March 3, 2013               12:45- 4:45 PM
  • Sunday     June 2, 2013                  12:45- 4:45 PM
  • Sunday     September 29, 2013     12:45- 4:45 PM
  • Sunday     December 1, 2013         12:45- 4:45 PM


  • Saturday  September 28, 2013                           TBA

What Do I Need To Know About Being Proxied into the Group Repatterning that is done at each Practitioner Skills Development Group?

Anyone who would like to proxied in to the Group Repatterning that I do with the Group is welcome to join in.   All you need to do is send me a list of issues or intentions that you’d like me to include- or not.

If you are reading this after the session, you can retro-intend that you were part of it and receive the full benefit  by reading the notes I will send you.

After Group and my receipt of your payment I will send the notes to you by e-mail.  The investment  is $45. and you can pay with Paypal  scrolling to here:

Fees for Energy Healing Sessions

on this linked page of my website. 

4 responses to “Save The Date

  1. Hi Meryl,

    I will be at group Sunday, if you will have me. Lots of love, Paula

  2. Hi , next week i will be in NY, and i would like to see the Boyd Family singing, could you please tell me what day and where i cand find them. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m so sorry that I was unable to respond to your query before this. I hope that you found the Boyds at Bethesda Fountain arcade from 11 am -2 pm on the weekends.. At least that is what their hours have consistently been.

      I hope that this info is still useful to you.

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