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Visiting “America’s Greatest Forgotten Garden”

About a  month  ago my dear friend L. and I planned to visit the Untermyer Gardens located just north of the City in Yonkers, New York.

Although my friend does not currently garden she loves to find interesting places to visit and unusual places to walk. She had taken a formal tour of the property and wanted to share the site with me.

To our surprise, exactly a week before we were going to have our outing this article appeared in The New York Times. What is so great about the article is that the writer got to all of the places that we did not get to and her pictures in the slide show are really different from mine.


Aside from the beauty of the flowers, the extraordinary trees, the views of the Hudson River and the structures themselves, what I really loved was the fact that just a very short distance out of the City is yet another world that  transports me to another time, to a different era.

I had the feeling that I was very far from home when I was only about twenty minutes away.

I hope that you enjoy my very mini-vacation!

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