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Lee Harris’s 2014: Year of Emergence

I love  2014: Year of Emergence by Lee Harris because he does not gloss over the evidence of the power plays- the energy of greed and war- the darkness and fear mongering that has been a part of planet earth’s population for eons of time.

I love that he is crystal clear, in my opinion, about the escalating investment in darkness and fear that those who control are disseminating.   He states :

We are wanted as a divided people. For when we are divided, when we fight each other, when we are in fear about what is happening, we are powerless.
And when we are powerless, we do not interfere with things that we are now being called to step up to.”
Most of all I love how Lee carefully crafts this forecast with the contrast of the darkness verses the cultivation of,  expansion and emergence of our spirit selves.
One of the ways that I am increasing my service and making my spirit self emerge in largeness in 2014 is by using my ability to channel information and higher energy frequencies through my heart and my voice on the new radio blog talk radio program I am hosting with my friends Lisa Warner and Michelle Gee.
Clear Stream:  Girls Night In- Boys Welcome had its second broadcast last night, February 24th. Our topic was Flying On The Winds/ Wings Of Change-Weathering the changing paradigms from 3rd Dimension into  5th Dimension …….What happens when we meet challenges.
This is a project that is a lot of fun for us all and it enables me to use my channeling and creativity in new ways.
I hope that you will listen to our two  half hour broadcasts, which you can find right here

All comments are gratefully encouraged! Please let me know your thoughts about the shows!

In the meantime- enjoy Lee!

Hi Everyone,

I write this from Heathrow Airport, London, as I am about to fly back to my home and community in Colorado.

Yet, in the last 6 and a half weeks, I have been ‘home’ in England, ‘home’ in Amsterdam, and ‘home’ in Ljubljana, Slovenia. And have found new (and existing) community in all of these places.

It has been a big trip in many different ways, and I return to America changed by all the people and experiences I have had.

And this, for me, is the truth of life. Every day a new experience that offers the ‘old you’ a chance to grow, shift and learn new ways.

Change is our only constant now, and so a big part of the process for us as a collective is ‘how present can we be in every moment?’

This was not the way most of us were trained to be, nor the way many of us felt comfortable living in the past. But in times like these, embracing the present and your feelings and presence in each moment, is the easiest and most fulfilling way to live. Yes we still need to be grounded for certain present and future aspects of our life, but more than ever, this is a time to trust that the details will form themselves around your desires. You just have to focus on your desires and energetics, and let the rest take care of itself.

‘Rachel’s Heart’

My time in Slovenia was life-changing in several ways, and ‘Living Your Power’ was a landmark seminar for me. I am happy to announce we will be releasing the full audio of this workshop in the next newsletter. It was a full day, packed with information, 3 powerful channels, and live music accompaniment from Davor Bozic.

The audio released this past month was ‘Open To Your Highest Potential’, and the two go hand in hand (as I birthed ‘Living Your Power’ to be the in-depth follow-on to the ‘Open’ seminars I did around the world last year).

So on that note, if you are wondering about joining The Portal and trying it for a month or two, and if you often purchase my monthly audio, there has never been a better time.

If you join in the next 10 days, you will immediately receive Open To Your Highest Potential, and then in a couple of weeks, Living Your Power. Each of these MP3 sets will be $30 so it means you would immediately save $15 a month, plus have access to all the other Portal Benefits: Live Q+A with me, monthly Exclusive Expert content, plus the community forum – a brilliant and private place of support and learning for all members.

While in Slovenia, I was finishing my new music album, and recorded a video series from the studio, which is available via the links below. Hope you enjoy and thanks to all of you who sent in questions for me to answer!

And last but not least, the 2014 Video – ‘Year Of Emergence’ is finally here. Many of you emailed us asking when it would be ready, and as I explained in the last newsletter, this one just wasn’t ready to come out so quickly this year! But now it is ready, and the timing feels right.

I and the creative team behind it are proud to present it to you finally and we hope it brings you inspiration.

Much love everyone



‘2014: Year of Emergence’

Much has been made of the time that we are living in; the concept and idea that 2012 was a turning point.
Many ask, “When will the Golden Age begin?”
But wherever you look right now on the planet, things seem far from golden.
Destruction is taking place at gross levels. This is happening.
We are told stories that are not true, in order to get us to agree to policies and actions that will just bring further destruction.
So why do we agree? When did this begin?
In 2011, I recorded a message called “Year of Illumination”. In that message I spoke about how when things become illuminated, we see everything. We see the shadows as strongly as we see the light.
The most enlightened on the planet are those who have seen the strongest shadows; those who understand the pain and suffering of what occurs on Earth for so many people. And so their focus goes toward creating more light.
We are one – one consciousness, one collective. But we are very divided in our opinions and our ways of seeing the world.
Some who listen to this message will be angry at some of the messages because they will disagree. And that’s exactly what is wanted.
We are wanted as a divided people. For when we are divided, when we fight each other, when we are in fear about what is happening, we are powerless.
And when we are powerless, we do not interfere with things that we are now being called to step up to.
The world is not black and white. And no argument is ever black or white. There are always shades of gray.
And yet we as people have been so trained to be afraid. We are bombarded with images, messages that subliminally make us afraid of our lives and who we are and the world outside us.
We have forgotten our spirit. We have forgotten to tune into the spirit of our heart, our inner body, our inner mind, our higher self.
Many of these statements and concepts will be ridiculed, laughed at, but it’s simple. Inside you there is a heartbeat, and that heartbeat circulates the blood through your body that keeps you alive.
Your spirit has a heartbeat; your soul has a heartbeat. And it’s the part of you that keeps parenting you to greater and greater growth; encouraging you to step forward, become bigger in your life, feel more.
Becoming bigger is an inner process. It is not about external achievement. It is not about being an extrovert rather than an introvert. But it is about allowing yourself to feel – more and more and more.
Many argue they do not want to feel the pain in the world. They do not want to see the suffering. Yet this is where empowerment and enlightenment lie. For they exist, they are here. And if you are recoiling from them, it is because there is a match inside your own body to that very suffering.
This is not surprising. For when you live on a planet with an energy field like this you cannot help but have the whole spectrum of life and feelings move through you.
But a great truth of this time is that we are now being called back inside ourselves, our higher selves, our highest selves.
It is a feeling.
It is the difference between the day you are walking down the street feeling alive, open, gratitude for what is occurring in your life, what you are seeing, experiencing, the trees you may be looking at, beautiful buildings, the nice conversation you just had with a dear friend.
This feeling is what we need to grow – more and more and more, all of the time.
But those who have agendas to bring destruction to the planet, and those people exist, would not want you to be more in your light. They would not want you to be more in your love.
So where they have infiltrated society, and they have been there since the very beginning, they create a fear template that moves through us all.
Many of you listening to this will not like what I’m talking about. You may feel it’s wrong to focus on the negative. But we cannot ignore the negative.
As souls and as spiritual beings we can see all of it as perfect.
We can trust that all of this is a journey and that there is a destiny at work on Planet Earth.
But we also have free will.
We also have the opportunity to show up every day and make not only our lives, but the lives of those around us a little better.
But we only do this when we trust what’s inside us.
And to trust who you are inside, takes incredible awareness, diligence, and an agreement with yourself that you will go back through everything you’ve experienced in your life and feel what you didn’t feel.
But that also today, this very day, you will agree to wake up to see everything that is going on around you.
And if you realize you are too scared to see that, you will be kind enough to yourself to give yourself time; but to hold this as the intention.
2014: The Year of Emergence will ask you to emerge.
For some of you, you will emerge through “emergencies” that you are bringing your energy toward, helping others through, or experiencing in yourself and that will show you strength you did not know you had, an inner life you did not know you had.
The world needs our help. Again, a statement some of you will not like me saying.
You are free to disagree. We’re all allowed to disagree.
But if we try to change the opinions of others because we do not like that they disagree with us, then we are playing out the very war that this planet has been dealing with for centuries.
That energy of war is potent. It thrives on fear and it takes lives wherever it goes.
You cannot always outrun the dark.
Sometimes you may be dealing with a feeling of darkness or an experience of darkness in your life.
But the more you harvest and nurture your own inner light, the stronger a force of light and love you will become.
And this can illuminate all darkness. For darkness thrives on your fear.
We may feel afraid from time to time and process that through our body, but if we act from fear or react from fear we are playing in the energy field of war.
This universe is so vast, and we are one planet within it; one race of people, but there are so many energies that you can feel beyond the human body, beyond the human race.
Some call this “higher self”, some call it “angels”, some call it “Great Spirit”; there are many names. But it’s the part of you that opens your heart on a daily basis to feel more. To feel love or compassion for your neighbor, to do something for someone that you know is in need.
Many of you will have got to a place where this is easier and easier. For you are no longer being manipulated by other people’s desires.
You have learnt to boundary where a boundary is required; if someone is trying to take from you rather than being open to what you can give. There is a big difference between those two.
So trust where you get led this year to bring your energy of service.
Perhaps this year for you will be all about raising your children with as much love as you can, and that will be enough.
Perhaps this year for you will be about helping the environment as much as you can, and that will be enough.
We are a great tapestry of people and between us if we emerge more and more, we can bring more light where more light is needed.
So will you emerge?
Will you emerge into your life and into this world in a bigger way than you ever have before?

An Exciting New Adventure- My New Radio Program!

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM2-18-2014-2.56.51 PM

I am so delighted to let you all know that last week, on Feb. 10th, my friends Lisa Warner, Michelle Gee and I broadcast the first 30 minute radio show of Clear Stream -Girls Night In-Boys Welcome Too.

It is our platform for conversations from the leading edge of consciousness broadcast on blogtalkgradio and accessed by telephone- 1-(347) 838-8703 on alternate Mondays ( so far) at 6-6:30 pm Eastern Time, 3:00pm Pacific Time and 11pm Greenwich Mean Time.

The first broadcast topic was What Might Life Look Like Post-Karma?.  We  had a great time on the show and our planning time together is off the charts as well.

Our new website is where you can find more descriptives and a link to the actual blogcasts and recordings.

The Facebook page is

I invite you to join our conversations and experience the transformative energy generated in the show. It’s already fun!

The next conversation about  Flying On The Winds of Change will take place on Monday, February 24th 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific and 11pm Greenwich Mean time.

Come and join the party!

Yay!!!! Our March 2014 Group is Happening March 16, 2014!

After several attempts at scheduling our march Group I am so happy to let you all know that Merrill, Harriet, Veronica, Carol, Gladys and Lillian have said that they will be at our first 2014 Group.

The date is set for Sunday March 16th from 12:45 to 4:45 . It is especially exciting as it marks the beginning of the eleventh year of our Group.

If you wish that you could be with us but physically can’t do it, being proxied in to the Group Repatterning is a very powerful way to participate.

To be proxied in you’ll need to notify me and send  payment for a Group Repatterning ($45.00) either by check or Paypal

I hope that you’ll be able to join us!

Sending you each lots and lots of love,

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM7-10-2011-3.31.02 PM