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Happy Almost 2017!!! And A Light Filled Message from Patricia Cota-Robles



My Dear Readers,

I hope that despite the doom and gloom of what is appearing to be happening in our nation and the world, you are continuing to be the magnificent bearers of light and love that you are with all with whom you interact – especially yourselves.

Most helpful to me in the energy swings I have been experiencing are the sessions of Resonance Repatterning I have been receiving individually and as a group member, my meditations and focusing on the message of Era of Peace that I have included here.

In my heart I truly believe that now more than ever it is so very important to remember that on this planet nothing we perceive- except love, light and expansion- is real. All of the duality is part of the illusion of separation.

As Patricia eloquently informs us, 2016 has been about the grand purge- the arising to the surface to be cleared- all that is not of the light on our planet. None of the apparent negativity is new, it is just no longer hidden.

Our jobs as Lightworkers is to continue to hold the reality of Oneness in our hearts and energy systems.

Patricia’s meditation can really be helpful if you resonate with her message.

I hope that you each enjoy the season and are able to expand your hearts and light into even more love for the new year.

With so much love to each of you always,Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM7-10-2011-3.31.02 PM



Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM1-9-2013-6.59.52 PMCapture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM4-11-2012-11.40.26 PM

by Patricia Cota-RoblesDecember 19,

With your help, as we move into the full embrace of this very powerful December 21st Solstice and the unified celebrations this year of Christmas and Hanukkah, the Gift of Light that was given to Humanity by Beloved Mother Mary on December 12, 2016 at 12:00 noon will be greatly amplified for every person on Earth. This Divine Blessing from Mother Mary is preparing each and every one of us at a cellular level to withstand the influx of Light that will bathe the Earth during the first eleven days of 2017.

This Gift from Mother Mary was given to Humanity during a Global Activity of Light that I was blessed to facilitate with Jacklyn Johnston during her wonderful online program, You Awakening, During that Cosmic Moment on December 12th, the day dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, thousands of people all over the world participated with us LIVE and thousands more have experienced this wondrous opportunity by listening to the REPLAY.

The full momentum of this Activity of Light is encoded by Mother Mary in the REPLAY and it is vibrating within the frequencies of the ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW, that means that whenever you are able to listen to the replay your magnificent Light will be woven into this Global Activity of Light on behalf of ALL Humanity.

If you were not able to join us live or to listen to the replay yet, Jacklyn has made this available FREE OF CHARGE for everyone who has the Heart Call to join with Mother Mary in her holy endeavor to help Humanity in profound and powerful ways to prepare for a NEW and Blessed 2017.

Here is the link that will allow you to listen to this vitally important Activity of Light which took place on December 12th. You can download the MP3 recording of this event as well as the PDF file of Mother Mary’s Gift to Humanity.

Once you consciously receive this Gift of Light, which you can easily do by listening to the replay, your I AM Presence will utilize it to help lift you out of the chaos that has been manifesting in your individual life and in the world during the events of 2016. This will occur for each person in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan, and it will clear the way for a far more Harmonious and Enlightened 2017 as we cocreate the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.


According to the Company of Heaven, an unprecedented influx of Light will be anchored on Earth through the Divinity of every person’s Heart Flame by his or her I AM Presence during the first eleven days of 2017. Then each person’s I AM Presence will be able to use this Light to assist with his or her greatly accelerated transformation throughout the rest of the year.

We were informed by the Beings of Light that this new frequency of Light will be instrumental in bringing the Truth of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth into the hearts and conscious minds of the masses of Humanity. The realization of this Truth will be a critical factor in lifting Humanity out of fear and completing the purification of the human miscreations that have been pushed to the surface all over the planet during the events of 2016.

Numerically 2017 is a ONE year, 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1. One is the number that reflects rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. New Years Day, January 1, 2017, will be 1 (month) 1 (day) 1 (year) = 1-1-1. Eleven days later, January 11, 2017, will be a 1 (month) 11 (day) 1 (year) = 1-11-1 or 11:11. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. 11:11 is the sacred geometric coding within Humanity’s DNA that began initiating Humanity’s Awakening several decades ago. Many people have been oblivious of this subtle motivator for our Awakening, but with the new frequency of Light we will receive in January we are being told that will no longer be the case.


Mother Mary is invoking our assistance at this time on behalf of ALL Humanity. Please listen to the replay of Mother Mary’s Activity of Light and through your Heart Flame she will exponentially expand this Blessing on behalf of ALL Humanity and Mother Earth as well.

God Bless You,

Patricia Cota-Robles
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