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Have you ever wondered about what it’s like to live in the heart of New York City? I can only speak from my perspective about my favorite things, but I’ll be adding in the discoveries shared by my out of town students. I invite other New Yorkers from our community to add their favorites so that our guests from out of town who come here either for seminars, for Group or for Practitioner Skills development, can get some ideas about what they can do after class is over each day.

Happy New Year 2015!

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Here is my latest attempt to display my holiday pictures. Yay!!! It worked.

Enjoy the pictures  of houses,  street scenes  and,  in  approximate order,  the shop windows of Lord and Taylor,  Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s, Tiffany & Company, and  Bergdorf Goodman.

Sending you each and all much love and many blessings for everyday of the New Year,

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Happy Almost 2015!



Dear Readers,

Just in case you were wondering about Group, about Jazz, about the holidays in New York, about Halloween, about the New York Philharmonic, about my responses to Lee Harris and Patricia Cota-Robles- about what on earth Meryl is up to- here is the 5 cent version of what’s going on with Meryl and Resonant Healing.

I couldn’t start the New Year and all of my heart felt exciting new projects for 2015 without writing this post.

I have been slowly percolating and reinventing myself in terms of how I choose to live in the world and in terms of how I chose to contribute as channel of God’s and the Ascended Masters’ healing love,  light, and energy.

After faithfully writing weekly for so many years about my thoughts, feelings , experiences and learnings- I just plain got tired of the routine. I got bored with the “have to”  nature of my weekly commitment.

Many profound changes have happened within me that felt too personal to reveal.  For example my love, appreciation and passion for attending live music has escalated as has  the quality of my receptivity.

I have begun to sense that specific frequencies in the music that captivates me are actually transformative for me.

I went to one of my favorite jazz venues- The Kitano- to hear clarinetist/ tenor saxophonist  Ken Peplowski and Master pianist Dick Hyman .

When Dick Hyman played “The Jitterbug Waltz”  solo  I heard  a little voice inside me  saying that I never wanted him to stop playing.  I truly merged with the music and when I did my heart opened so wide that it sunk right through the depths of my belly. I felt the vibration of the music physically to my core.

A few weeks ago at the New York Philharmonic when I heard my favorite Beethoven Symphony #7 tears streamed down my face the whole 40 minutes. The beauty of the perfect performance was  a profound transmission to  inside me.

The joy that I so frequently have shared about my life experiences has expanded into exponential levels of happiness and bliss within myself and my everyday life.

I also have found that writing as a solo endeavor is much more work than the fun of allowing my creativity to naturally flow when I am a part of a collective with other Lightworkers.

Over a period of 40 weeks in 2014 I hosted, along with Lisa Warner and Michelle Gee the blogtalk radio program- “Girls night In – Boys Welcome”.

There are now 21 episodes archived ( which can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Clear Stream picture on the right hand side of this blog). The shows are conversational but the most important thing going on is the non-verbal transmission of healing energy and information they each contain.

If you are feeling the slightest bit “down” the program has the capacity to lift spirits and transmute darkness into light.

The exciting thing that has arisen from that endeavor is that Clear Stream has flowed into a new, larger project called “The Golden Spring of Awareness”.

I invite you to “like” us on Facebook  (The Golden Spring of Awareness) and to subscribe to our forthcoming Newsletter. Here are  links to subscribe   or

We launch On January 20th as a web-center for classes, radio programs, a source of articles , real magic, information, channeled transmissions from the Ascended Masters, photography, self directed consciousness raising and self healing classes and much more.

Most of all it is  a membership community and resource to  support  anyone who is open to  benefiting from the  deeply open-hearted new portal of creativity, knowledge, ascension and fun that is generated by the We-ness of Lisa Warner, Bibi Tinsley, Kerry Keegan  and myself.

I wish that you could feel all the love in my heart that I feel even when I think about this new Portal and well spring of revitalizing potential.

I will continue to write here about Group and whatever does capture my fancy.

And yes- Group did happen in December and I will tell you about it next time.

In the meantime- to finish off the year- I present you with my annual slide show of the Holiday shop windows and  house decorations that adorn my beloved Isle of Manhattan.

Wishing you all the joy of infinite possibilities in every moment with every breath as we transform our beings and our planet into a Golden Age for New Earth in 2015.

With so much love and light,

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P.S. Stay tuned as I completely update my website and the platform of this blog over the next month to incorporate the new vision of my creative energetic healing agent self that is emerging.

I also invite anyone who chooses to do so to help me in my vision quest by sending me any feedback about any way that I, as energetic healing agent, or my blog have touched you. I welcome seeing positive new views to help me articulate what I have to contribute as an energy healing agent that is characteristically coming through Meryl aside from my use of the tools in my professional toolbox.


Enjoy the slideshow!  OK after an unbelievable number of attempts, the slideshow pictures are not able to be presented at this time.. I will try again on another post.. So sorry…

Happy New Year’s Day.. I tried again and I continue to be unable to show my slideshow. As a consolation offering, here is a U-Tube presentation of Saks Fifth Avenue’s 2014 light show.





Music & Art – The New January in New York

This week was joyous for me because I filled my heart and soul with quenching music and art.

It started with Sunday Jazz Brunch at beautiful Robert on Columbus Circle. It was a foggy  day so the view of Central Park from top of the Museum of Art and Design (where Robert is housed) was ethereal and misty.

The holiday decorations were still up and the jazz set was performed by bassist Rob Dugay’s trio Songevity. The pianist was Justin Kauflin and the drummer Nadav Snir-Zelniker. It was a particularly good set with lots of energy, smoothness and cohesive interaction between the musicians.

They clearly enjoyed the standards they played with each other and so did we.

Later in the week I was fortunate to attend the New York Philharmonic conducted by our own music director Alan Gilbert with the exquisite violin soloist Lisa Batiashvili.

The concert was like a grab bag of musical genres.

Beethoven’s Fidelio Overture was first followed by the electric and seamless performance of Shostakovich’s  Violin Concerto No.1. I am generally not a fan of music that is less than melodic, but the extreme sensitivity and deeply resonant notes of Ms. Batiashvili violin amazed and moved me. Her performance seemed effortless despite the obvious difficulty of the solos.

What I loved about Alan Gilbert’s conducting Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1  was Alan Gilbert.  He is jubilant, expressively using his whole body and hands to conduct the entire program without one piece of sheet music to guide him.

What finally astonished me was the performance of George Gershwin’s An American In Paris. I have never heard it live and while Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron flashed in my mind’s eye the subtlety of the interplay of the rhythms and instruments were so very exciting. I had chills all over my body.   Wow, I didn’t expect that!

Finally, after months of watching the lines outside of the Frick Collection (located across the street from where I frequently enter Central Park)  I finally got tickets to see the special exhibit Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting From The Mauritshuis.

What I realized when I saw this exhibit and later went on to see old favorites of mine from the permanent Frick collection is that “live” art- the masterpieces themselves, touch me energetically in ways that reproductions simply don’t.

I have wonderful memories of visiting this jewel of a museum as a child on Sundays with my parents. There is a marble central courtyard adjacent to the gilded organ that used to be played while we meandered through the exhibition rooms.

It was here that I first fell in love with the portraits painted by Romney, Renoir and Gainsborough.

Just as in musical performances, some of the very minute nuances in the energy and visuals of a painting fall short in reproduction.

The simple point is that the majesty of the humanity and divinity that the painting masters capture touches me in ways that are difficult to describe.

In this week’s slide show there are a few left over holiday pictures of small shops and houses, Christmas carolers, the red snail sculptures in Central Park and Columbus Circle, a picture of Santas, strolling down my street on Santacom, the 67th Street Armory garlands,  views of Jazz Sunday Brunch at Robert,  and a flash of Vermeer’s Girl with The Pearl Earring at the Frick.


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