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Lee Harris’s October Energy Forecast

Once again it gives me pleasure to share with you the wonderful insights that are channeled through Lee Harris.

The part of this transmission that spoke most to me this month was the discussion  about vulnerability.

I hope that you enjoy this and that it rings true for you in some way.

October Energy Forecast – New Strength Born of Vulnerability

(Transcript of Lee’s spoken message)
Hi everybody and welcome to the October Energy Forecast.
Last month, I mentioned that for whatever reason it is no longer right for me to write a forecast over a 3 day period like I used to, which I then read and explain (via this video).
Don’t know why, but the times they are a’changing for all of us and so that’s kind of where it’s gone for me at the moment. So what we’re going to do this month is, I will deliver the message in the present as I did last time, and then we are going to transcribe it, so those of you who want written words can read and see if there’s anything in the message that you can harvest for yourself.
So first of all, if you’re still here and watching this, congratulations for hanging in there in a crazy year on Planet Earth! The intensity which has been all around and everywhere – it kind of divides for people as to how they experience it. You can have the intense high or you can have the intense challenge or the intense low.
And so for those of you who’ve been reporting these experiences of highs, peace, connectedness, love, joy, freedom like you’ve never had – it’s wonderful. And it will keep going but it will also sometimes go down again. That’s how we work. We go up and down within our own core of emotions and thoughts in order to stabilize a new level of expansion.
So I wanted to talk this month about two of the themes that will come up in October which are: Vulnerability and Deepening. So everything that you’re going to experience in this month can be traced back to these two areas. It will be centered on your own experiences with vulnerability and how you feel around your own vulnerability in yourself and in the world – and the deepening that you allow yourself to go to. And this deepening is going to be ferocious in its intensity.
So if the deepening sees you deepening into a challenge or deepening into an area of your life where you’re hitting your head against a wall, and not learning to turn around or make some changes, then that’s going to get worse. And obviously there are some situations, like health situations we go through, where the body has its own trajectory and sometimes things have to get worse to get better.
So for those of you going through emotional or practical struggles at the moment – the deepening this month is going to be for you to see how much you can lift yourself out of it, through burning off as much of the emotional experience as you can.
The place we’re in as a world right now, I’ve begun recently to see it as a little like a relationship break up – a separation or a divorce. When you go through a separation or a divorce with someone that you love or have been partnered with, there are all sorts of fragments that appear in you and arise for you because of this separation from the unity that you were holding with one person – or the unity that you were experiencing yourself through via the other person. And we can look at this globally in the same way.
More of us than ever before have less faith in the structures that we previously used to put our faith in, because of things that have come to light in the last decade and more around reasons for war and why wars happen. And governmental systems, that are maybe in support of corporations, financially or otherwise, that are damaging the planet.
So, it’s a difficult experience to go through a relationship break up because two things happen: on the one hand, you have liberation and freedom and you return to yourself with everything that the relationship taught you. Or you have the opportunity to start integrating everything that the relationship taught you – and to shift yourself to a new place so that you can be in a new relationship with yourself and another individual at some point, if that’s what you choose.
But, the dissolution side of it covers all of the aspects that so many of us have been experiencing in the last couple of years on a personal awakening and a world scale. Grief, confusion, doubt, powerlessness – the shadow sides of a break up, the pain side. And this part of the pain body is what we as a collective are going through as we go through the awakening process.
And the awakening is ferocious right now because whereas before people used to seek an awakening, spiritual seekers would take themselves to retreats, or to certain books, or meditate daily to catalyze their own personal awakening, we are now in a mass world awakening. Which for many of us who many years ago heard about this time, if you were just coming at it from a mental standpoint, it sounded amazing, sounded glorious, the end result sounded glorious. And now I think it’s true that a bunch of us have also kind of seen, “Wow – this is intense at times.”
So the trick is always the body. Many in the self-development field will talk about “change your thoughts, change your mind” and I respect a lot of that work and I understand where that comes from but I have to say, for myself, there has always been a piece missing when people just talk about the mind because the mind is the administration of the body, and the body is an emotional energy field that is programmed from birth with our own personal survival mechanisms. If you look into this, in the womb and outside that in the first early months of our life, we have these experiences that are both genetically programmed through the bodies we came in through via our parents, but also in our own soul patterning and what we have elected to come in and experience. The patterns begin very, very early and they then grow and become more sophisticated as we get older, or they compact in us.
So for a great many of us at the moment there is an opportunity to really get in touch with our deep vulnerability – survival vulnerability. The outside world is mirroring this everywhere you look. We have a world in crisis on a nature level. We also have a world in crisis in terms of the systems that are in place for us; survival, of not just humanity, but the whole planet. There are a lot of questions and a lot of arguments going on and what you will find in yourself is you will dance in and out of feeling expanded, feeling liberated, feeling freer and then going into some of your own core personal pain around survival and vulnerability.
So, as and when these things come up, if you can, go to the body. Now, I’ve talked about this principle before, but what happens is the mind starts looping with lots and lots of thoughts if there is a disturbed emotion inside us. If you think about it, whenever you’re at peace, whenever you’re expanded, whenever you feel safe, your mind isn’t going crazy. It’s fine. But your mind starts to go, when you have become off balance energetically or physically. And the one thing I’ve repeatedly heard through my own channels, which I can vouch for through experience, is how slow the physical body is. The energy body and the spirit can be very fast, but the physical body is slow to move and to change patterning.
So attendance to the physical body is vital in terms of doing the best that you can by nutrition, exercise, making sure you get air. If you’re in a really stressed situation right now, either because of work or family or crises around you or your own personal crisis, you have to have times where you take yourself out of the crisis. This is self-leadership. Even if the crisis is intense, you have to have moments where you go, “Ok. I’m going to walk away from the group and I’m going to stand outside for five minutes, look at the sky, even if my head isn’t stopping in that five minutes.” Just the practice and the discipline of doing this will start to give your body space, where it will go, (Exhale) “I’m safe. I can actually breathe.”
Now that’s for those of you in crisis. For those of you who don’t have such external difficulties that you’re facing or dealing with, the trick with the body whenever you’re going through these emotions or these fears or these many, many thoughts is to just come to the body and just breathe for yourself. Really, really let yourself breathe. Take in breath (Inhale), and as you take in breath you can use an affirmation that feels right to you such as, “I am safe. I allow everything. I am safe. I allow everything.” Taking this into the body with the breath and then releasing the breath very consciously and just focusing on the breath. And again your mind might be thinking about everything else. But the more you practice this as a daily practice, the more that what will start to shift is that the body will start to get more space and the body will lose some of the vulnerability that is being carried in the collective right now.
There is a lot of vulnerability and we have been trained as a society to quash, avoid and lie about our vulnerability – because it’s not safe or because people don’t like hearing it. Those of you who’ve been practicing speaking up more, saying what you feel say regardless of the reactions, some of you are now going to be hitting a point where you have to go a step further. It’s not just about saying what you want, or saying what you need to to a person only in response to what they’re throwing. It’s also about expressing our vulnerability and feeling safe to do that. And I’m working with this myself at the moment. The idea that you just say what you feel, and I throughout my lifetime have done this a lot and had all sorts of reactions from people around me. But I also make it the choice that if I express myself truly and authentically then I will be moved to the people that I’m supposed to be moved to and they will be moved to me, and others will move out of the way. So expressing your vulnerability is important.
The other thing to talk about in this is idea of being a victim. In society there has been a template running for a long time around who’s in charge, who’s not, who’s empowered and who’s disempowered. Even if you’re aware of this at the mental level, it takes some time to work it through the body.
And that’s what we’re seeing going on worldwide right now. And it’s heightened for several reasons. There are many things going on in countries around the world that are difficult, that are around power or that are around abuse of power. You have an election going on in America, which raises all sorts of questions for people again. So, this is where we are at as a world. The video I did in January, ‘2012: Year of Power’, talked about power and the shadow sides of power being what we would deal with this year. So look at that energy as an individual. Look at where you are blaming the outside world or blaming other people.
The one thing I stand by time and time again is the goodness of people. Yes, there are people on the planet who are doing destructive things, but our media and other sources would have us believe that those people far outweigh the number of good people. And if you look at any world situation that goes on where there’s a crisis, the amount of goodness that comes out of people rallying around each other as community to help each other is unquestionable.
So it‘s really important to strengthen your community ties with people and to look at your own sense of internal power around the life that we have. Because this is going to be a challenging few years, there’s no doubt about it. But it’s a challenge that we can all rise to. And there will be moments where we don’t feel we can rise and they’re perfect, so serve them and breathe the emotion through the body. In doing that you create more space and freedom in the body. So you can then go back out into the world, or into your relationships and be present, and bring life-force to the changes that we need to bring life force to as a community.
Anger is something that relates to blame and feeling like a victim. Over the last couple of years I’ve met many well-intentioned people who are angry about things. And the anger can be a great fuel to action. But if the anger just stops at finger-pointing, blaming, talking about how depressing the world is or how everything is f*&#!d up, we’re not going to get anywhere. And the point of the anger is that you can turn that into positive action. If you feel angry about something going on in the world, then that’s your sign that you have a fuel around this – go and do something about it. Go and give your energy or your time to that area.
This is the message that I keep getting – that we can turn whatever energy we have inside us that feels contracted or compacted into a positive outward force. So that’s really important. So see if you can recognize in yourself where you’re angry and ask yourself “Have I been angry for months and months or years and years?” In which case, I need to look at this anger and move it through me and find the root of it. Or, use it for some positive effect, and that will help you channel that energy.
So the other final piece is, don’t forget how closely linked fear and excitement are. It’s interesting. In my own personal journey I can dance between those two things as I am going through my own evolutionary process, in what you could call a “personal life.” Although, I don’t think there is such a thing as a “personal life” anymore. I used to think there was; and now I see it as a collective life and something we’re all going through together. But in shedding all these layers of our personal life and going back through memories, in going back through emotions where we were held, we release into the collective more. So we stop being the individual and we become more of a one together.
So it is a ferocious process, but if you can support yourself, and you’re able to work with others to support you, that’s great. And if you don’t have the desire or the means to do that, there are so many things that you can do for yourself and there are free or inexpensive supports out there that you can find techniques through.
The final thing for me to touch on is broken trust. Broken trust is coming up for many of you and that’s why I want to touch on the relationship piece, where it’s a little bit like going through a divorce or separation. And in those moments all sorts of things come up but if you’re in the shadow side of a separation, not just in the liberated “here I go to the next incarnation of wonderful relationship,” there can be broken trust. And the truth is when there is sadness around the separation and you’re still in that place, the broken trust, even if it can sometimes be pointed at your partner, you’ll get there a lot quicker if you point it at yourself.
Ask yourself where did you lose trust in yourself because of what you manifested?
So this is why working with others to support you through something will help, particularly if you’re going through a crisis or a trauma, or you have broken trust around an individual or the world. The reason working with another human being to help you do this (whether it’s a friend or a therapist or whatever), helps, is that it brings back the idea that a human can help you, and that a human can love you, and that a human wants to build you up again, or support you to build yourself up again. This is important for those of you who’ve been in isolation for a long time – something I’ve talked about throughout the year in the other energy forecasts.
So, that is some of the energetic scope of where we are at the moment and what we are going to see come up in the next two to three weeks. So I hope you can find your energy body within your own personal details of your life. But don’t forget the physical body. Keep coming back to the body. And if you are just doing the breathing exercise once a day or twice a day or even five times a day if you feel to, it’s going to move a lot in you. And some of you are going to have to remember principles I’ve talked about in the last few months, which is what’s yours and what’s everyone else’s around you.
So if you’re not getting enough time and space to yourself, make sure you start taking pockets of time. Because with the emotional intensity that’s going on for everybody, it can be overwhelming to you.
I wish you all lots of love. Look after yourselves. Look after each other. If you need to be quiet, be quiet. If you feel to be active, be active. Do what you feel and remember that everything’s perfect. If you catch judgments coming up on yourself, great; see them, observe them. So many of our judgments are society programmed. They are not your own. They are what you have taken on in the culture, so a lot of them are coming up to be released.
So observe them. Just be an observer of the judgment or the harshness toward yourself as you learn to open up more to what’s in here (touches chest). Tidy things up a little bit. Clear out what’s not needed and then breathe in, so that you can breathe in more of what’s wanted. Cast your intention. Say what you would like to come into your life and trust those words have an energy direction for you.
Lots of love everybody, see you next month. Take care.

From Patricia Cota-Robles- Focus On Divine Government!

I thought that this message  from  Patricia Cota-Robles is a  helpful tool to help all of us  maintain a positive perspective during this  Presidential election.

Focus On Divine Government!
by Patricia Cota-Robles

October 2, 2012

In the United States of America we are in the midst of a Presidential election that is modeling to the world the antithesis of our newly birthed Renaissance of Divine Love. The candidates at national, state, and local levels have spent billions of dollars to have the media bombard us 24-hours a day with every conceivable negative thoughtform about their opponent. Even though we know better, it is very easy to get pulled into the polarizing fracas, thus, we become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Even well intentioned Lightworkers are adding to the chaos by forwarding negative e-mails and focusing their thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs on everything they think is wrong with the person their candidate is running against. The Company of Heaven wants to remind us that due to the urgency of the hour, nothing could be more counter productive to Earth’s Ascension process.

Elections have always been tumultuous, but this time it is different. This time we are in the midst of the last stages of preparation Humanity must go through before we experience the greatest influx of Light we have ever received in any time frame or dimension since we were first breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God. This influx of Light will take place in two stages. The first will be December 12, 2012, 12:12:12, and the second will take place when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way during the December Solstice, December 21, 2012.

Whatever people focus on with their thoughts, words, feelings, actions, and beliefs between now and those two events is being greatly amplified and empowered. If we are focusing on what we DO NOT want in our life and everything that is wrong with the world and the people in it, we are exponentially expanding the negative things that are causing so much pain and suffering.

This in not new information. This is the essence of the life-transforming information the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have been revealing to us for decades. Our thoughts and feelings are creative faculties. Where our attention is there we are! We all know this profound Truth. It is only the manipulation of our fear-based human egos that have pulled us back into the destructive game of duality and separation. We are ONE! There is no such thing as “us and them.” Every negative thing we think, feel, say, or do is adding to our pain and suffering and the negativity of every person, place, condition, or thing on Earth. To keep acting out of these obsolete behavior patterns when we know better is ludicrous, unconscionable, and defies common sense.

So let’s go back to the Presidential elections. Either President Obama or Governor Romney is going to be elected to the office of President of the United States of America during the most transformative time in the history of the world. Currently they are both saying whatever they need to say to get elected. They are both rehashing the policies of their respective political parties, which in most instances have not been successful. And they are blaming the other party for the havoc that has been wreaked in the lives of the American people.

The electorate in most cases is jumping on the bandwagon and empowering the negative thought forms by getting emotionally involved with the negativity instead of focusing on the positive things we would like our candidate to bring to the office of the Presidency. When we focus on the past failures of anyone we empower them. By doing this for the Presidential candidates, we are burying both men in an overwhelming forcefield of negativity that will be extremely difficult to transcend. No matter who gets elected, if the President of the United States is so buried in negative thoughtforms that he cannot get his head above the mud puddle, we will all pay the price.

The reality is that we should be doing the exact opposite of that. No matter who we are voting for, we should invoke the I AM Presence of President Obama and the I AM Presence of Governor Romney to take full dominion of their life, so that whoever gets elected will be able to transcend the obsolete and failed policies of both political parties. It is critical that our next President be able raise up in consciousness effectively enough to tap into the patterns of perfection within our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love and our newly birthed Renaissance of Love. These patterns contain viable solutions for every single malady Humanity has created through the misuse of our creative faculties of thought and feeling. These patterns contain win-win solutions that will enhance life for every person on Earth through Love and Reverence for ALL Life.

The Company of Heaven is reiterating these basic Truths at this time because we are going to have to be cognizant of what we are empowering with the focus of our attention and especially what we are communicating during the next few months. The bombardment through the media is going to get more intense. We are being asked to hold the vision for Divine Government. This will be a government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity, BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity. A government that is working for the highest good for every particle of Life on Earth and reflecting the patterns of perfection for our Renaissance of Divine Love.

The Company of Heaven has given us some invocations that will help us stay focused during these vitally important months. If they resonate in your heart, please join with Lightworkers around the world who are holding the sacred space for the Immaculate Concept of Divine Government to manifest in the United States of America and every country in the world

Call For Divine Government

I AM my I AM Presence, and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all Humanity.

I invoke the great Beings of Light associated with Divine Government to this planet, and I invoke the Beloved Ascended Masters guarding the evolutions of Earth.

Blessed Ones, blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will and Divine Illumination in, through, and around every person involved with the governments of Earth at international, national, state, and local levels.

Blaze the Sacred Fires of God’s Will and Divine Illumination in, through, and around the electorate and governmental officials of all nations.

Let every person feel and tangibly experience the Power, Wisdom, and Love of our Father-Mother God flowing through them as they elect their governments and vote on all issues before them.

SEAL this activity of Light within every person’s Heart Flame.

Expand this Light daily and hourly a thousand times a thousandfold with every breath I take.


And so it is, Beloved I AM.

Divine Government Invocation

I AM breathing the Breath of the Holy Spirit into the deepest recesses of my Being. Every breath I take cleanses my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. I hold the focus of my attention on each breath as it lifts me into the full embrace of my I AM Presence.

I surrender to the perfection of my true God Reality.

I AM One with the Divine Heart and Mind of God, I AM One with the Company of Heaven, I AM One with every man, woman, and child evolving on this sweet Earth. From within the silence of my heart I affirm:

I AM a Beloved Child of God, and ALL that my Father-Mother God have is mine.

I invoke the All-pervading Light of the Universe, the Supreme Source of all Life—All That Is.

I kneel within my heart in recognition of the Light of the Cosmos, and I draw forth the Flames representing the threefold activity of Life, as exemplified by the Holy Trinity.

I invoke the Blue Flame, which represents the Divine Power of my Father God.

I invoke the Pink Flame, which represents the Divine Love of my Mother God.

I invoke the Yellow-gold Flame, which represents the Divine Wisdom
of the Sons and Daughters of God—the I AM Presence.

Beloved Father-Mother God, come now and assert your rightful authority
within me and within ALL Humanity.

Show us how to reverently express the perfectly balanced activity
of God’s Love, Wisdom, and Power.

O, Supreme Light, I acknowledge you in all Life.

I give gratitude to the glorious Cosmic and Ascended Beings, as I invoke them and the great Angelic Host to amplify the energy which I AM releasing to assist with cocreating Divine Government for the United States of America and every country on Earth.

This is destined to be a Government OF the I AM Presence of Humanity,
BY the I AM Presence of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity.

Beloved Presence of God—the Source of All that Is—I love and adore you. I acknowledge you as the owner and giver of my life, my intelligence, my substance, my all.

Seal me in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Victorious Accomplishment. Blaze your Light before me and prepare the way that I may always walk the path of Light.

Guard and protect me, guide and direct me, and give me the Illumination of the Truth that will set me FREE.

Help me to BE your Divine Love in action at all times, and sustain your Love through me to bless all Life.

I invoke the I AM Presence of every soul that is in anyway associated with the governments of the Earth. Beloved Ones, direct, sustain, and expand the portion of the Divine Plan which is that soul’s destiny.

I Invoke the entire Company of Heaven to direct their full-gathered momentum of Loving and Illumined Obedience to God’s Will into the feelings, minds, and worlds of all governmental and business leaders throughout the planet.

Through the Power and Presence of God, I AM, I decree that Divine Government shall manifest NOW, and that ALL Humanity shall follow the Will of God with Reverence for ALL Life and the highest good for all concerned.

And so it is, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM that I AM.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.

©2012 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Some Thoughts And An Update On Infinity Healing

As of this posting I have facilitated Infinity Healing  in at least twenty-five sessions and  there are definitely some consistent descriptions of the experiences during the energy transmissions that have been reported to me.

It is really exciting doing something with people that is a new experience for us all!

As you may recall I have described this work not so much as a healing process but more as an energy transfer that may serve as a  catalyst for a person to access and experience more of their essential self.

There are two thoughts that keep running around my head for the past few weeks that I think may be relevant in some way to Infinity Healing .

The first one stuck with me from a  Resonance Repatterning session with one of my clients..  The statement was “ I  learn that when we think we know anything this is reckless because we just don’t know what we are doing  and what is in our best interest without Divine Inspiration” .

This statement underscored for me the conviction I have that we human beings haven’t a clue as to the true meaning of anything because we do not have the perspective of seeing the whole picture.  It’s almost like each of us is a tiny piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle and only the Divine can see how each piece fits in that whole picture of existence.

I also wonder if we don’t actually morph into finding our place in the puzzle as  we become more of the essential self we already are- we fit better…?

The second thought is one that directly relates to my concept of Infinity Healing. As a Reiki Master I was taught early in my initiations that a centering prayer of some sort is necessary in the beginning of each session.This is done to ensure that all that transpires in the session is only in the best and highest interest of the client .  This prayer can be done aloud or silently.

As all of my clients and students know I continued using this practice in all of my work and that I have my own intentional statement.  Over the past seventeen years of using this statement it has changed and modified slightly.

One of the modifications that I started using several years ago was not only to include all realities, dimensions, universes, etc., but to mention the spaces between particles, electrons, neutrons, protons and all “matter”.

Part of what I focus on during an Infinity Healing session is not only the line of the infinity symbol, but the spaces between the ” dots” that make up the symbol. In other words, energy is infused into the spaces and I have the sense that it expands in those spaces.

I noticed when I infused myself with Patricia Cota-Robles’s Divine Alchemy material that she also spoke of the spaces between matter.

I suspect that Infinity Healing coming right now to us is related to the great shift that is taking place on earth now.  Of course, don’t ask me how or why.. I  simply don’t know.

When you look at the infinity symbol that I am currently using  imagine it not as the solid line that it appears to be, but as a series of dots with spaces between each.

Scheduling update– There are only two more spaces for people  to receive free Infinity Healing sessions in October. I am happy to say that sessions have been done very successfully using  Skype. Contact me next week if you are interested.

Starting November, sessions will be done at a special package rate. The full price of a session is $175.00 starting December 1, 2012.  During November exclusively, you can book two sessions for $250.00. Again, please contact me soon to ensure that you have your time saved.