Some Thoughts And An Update On Infinity Healing

As of this posting I have facilitated Infinity Healing  in at least twenty-five sessions and  there are definitely some consistent descriptions of the experiences during the energy transmissions that have been reported to me.

It is really exciting doing something with people that is a new experience for us all!

As you may recall I have described this work not so much as a healing process but more as an energy transfer that may serve as a  catalyst for a person to access and experience more of their essential self.

There are two thoughts that keep running around my head for the past few weeks that I think may be relevant in some way to Infinity Healing .

The first one stuck with me from a  Resonance Repatterning session with one of my clients..  The statement was “ I  learn that when we think we know anything this is reckless because we just don’t know what we are doing  and what is in our best interest without Divine Inspiration” .

This statement underscored for me the conviction I have that we human beings haven’t a clue as to the true meaning of anything because we do not have the perspective of seeing the whole picture.  It’s almost like each of us is a tiny piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle and only the Divine can see how each piece fits in that whole picture of existence.

I also wonder if we don’t actually morph into finding our place in the puzzle as  we become more of the essential self we already are- we fit better…?

The second thought is one that directly relates to my concept of Infinity Healing. As a Reiki Master I was taught early in my initiations that a centering prayer of some sort is necessary in the beginning of each session.This is done to ensure that all that transpires in the session is only in the best and highest interest of the client .  This prayer can be done aloud or silently.

As all of my clients and students know I continued using this practice in all of my work and that I have my own intentional statement.  Over the past seventeen years of using this statement it has changed and modified slightly.

One of the modifications that I started using several years ago was not only to include all realities, dimensions, universes, etc., but to mention the spaces between particles, electrons, neutrons, protons and all “matter”.

Part of what I focus on during an Infinity Healing session is not only the line of the infinity symbol, but the spaces between the ” dots” that make up the symbol. In other words, energy is infused into the spaces and I have the sense that it expands in those spaces.

I noticed when I infused myself with Patricia Cota-Robles’s Divine Alchemy material that she also spoke of the spaces between matter.

I suspect that Infinity Healing coming right now to us is related to the great shift that is taking place on earth now.  Of course, don’t ask me how or why.. I  simply don’t know.

When you look at the infinity symbol that I am currently using  imagine it not as the solid line that it appears to be, but as a series of dots with spaces between each.

Scheduling update– There are only two more spaces for people  to receive free Infinity Healing sessions in October. I am happy to say that sessions have been done very successfully using  Skype. Contact me next week if you are interested.

Starting November, sessions will be done at a special package rate. The full price of a session is $175.00 starting December 1, 2012.  During November exclusively, you can book two sessions for $250.00. Again, please contact me soon to ensure that you have your time saved.


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