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New York Shops Adorn Themselves for the 2013 Holidays

This year was overall one of the best end of the year season I have experienced in a really long time.

I am delighted to report that aside from the windows at Barney’s the quality, detail and dazzle at Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord &  Taylor was really exceptional.

The first  six pictures  in the slide show are the silvery sleigh ride windows at Barney’s and the star in the middle of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street.

Next are twenty-one pictures of Bergdorf Goodman’s windows. There are several different types of windows that BG  dresses. The three large 57th Street  windows have shoes, handbags, dogs, holiday trees in white with colored accents and there you’ll see the Bergdorf Goodman book on their windows.

The windows on Fifth Avenue include Arbor Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, an upside down April Fool’s day, July 4th. I especially loved the pink Valentine’s Day with its textured background of flowers ( what a surprise, Meryl loved some flowers!)

And lastly, on 58th Street are the glamorous glittery evening clothes displays.

I really loved the holidays themed  windows for their complexity, beauty and details.

( Unfortunately , I couldn’t get the pictures completely synched- The Bergdorf/Tifffany sequence turns out to be Bergdorf/Tiffany/Bergdorf- ah the wonders of technology!)

Across the street from Bergdorf is Tiffany’s. This year the entire outside surface of the building was covered with giant silhouette stencils. They were giant versions of the tiny silhouettes in the miniature windows of the displays.

Each window featured a different configuration of snow covered city buildings with silhouettes of pets, children, couples dining, kissing, people playing instruments, etc shown in the tiny windows.

Added to the mix are the details of the buildings themselves, the snow covered lampposts, Santa’s sleigh with miniscule wrapped gifts, actual Tiffany rings, earrings, jeweled pendants to delight the viewer’s eyes.  Wow!!

Next comes the picture of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

I completely fell in love with Saks’s windows and light show. First was the light show, captured beautifully for your delight on this u-tube presentation. When I saw it projected on the entire facade of the 5th Avenue side of Saks I was jumping up and down like a child in sheer delight.

Then we saw the totally enchanting saga of the Saks Yetis.  The first window showed the Yeti village with a changing projection of individual snowflakes with names. Among the snowflakes are ones crafted by Marctic Rockefurrer, Icemerelda Hairris and Aunt Artica Noel. The Yeti windows have details refurring   ( hope you like my little pun here-) to hair and fur. So that for the subway scene window I’ve taken lots of pictures so you can see Doc Y’s ad for beautiful , clean fur!  The intelligence and humor is so outstanding in all of the details of the presentations. OMG I wanted the store to be open so I could run to their 9th floor to see all of the Yetis inside!

There are two pictures showing  inside the gated front door of Saks and two extra pictures of the super gorgeous evening clothing in two of the other Saks windows.

On to our last stop, Lord and Taylor. There are lots of pictures here that need to be seen in very slow motion because the beauty of the display this year was that there were stationery parts with moving parts inside.

One of the first examples of this is the staircase with the mother and two children. What appears on the top of the stairs keeps changing. There is also one fashion plate cut-out doll who keeps completely changing her clothes. I’ve also included  pictures show the sequence of the appearance of a dance floor with couples dancing and how it becomes more visible.

I especially loved the miniature Viennese pastry buffet table because I collect intricate food miniatures to gift to a very close friend of mine. The juxtaposition of the Duke Ellington Jazz band silhouettes with the more Victorian details was also interesting to me.

I sincerely wish that you enjoy this show as a prelude to your New Year celebrations.  Happy New Year blessed readers. May 2014 be the very best year that all of humanity has yet experienced.

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Season’s Greetings and Happy Unique Solstice December 21, 2013 !


I loved everything about doing the cards this year!  Once again I took this picture in Central Park  after our monumental blizzard in November, 2011.

There was no question that this was the one for this year. I put my heart into writing the cards.  Time  flew and they were done.

It’s amazing  how gratitude and love can energize every task!

I wish each and every one of  you , dear readers, a most joyous holiday season and that 2014 is our very best ever!

I also thought it was important to include this message from Patricia Cota-Robles.

In this reprint she gives the link to a radio interview where she not only covers information that those of you who regularly follow her messages will find familiar, but she also has brought new information about the significance of energy shifts starting December 12, 2013 that are building momentum until  the solstice December 21, 2013.

You won’t want to miss her information about the energy of the divine feminine being expanded  during this window and how the solstice will be a major influx of light to usher in the energies of the New Earth.

She also discussed the larger significance of the events celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela.

Enjoy it all !!!


By Patricia Cota-Robles

Hi Precious Hearts,

This is an unprecedented moment for all of us, and we are in the midst of a monumental convergence of energy that will build in momentum until the December 21st Solstice.

This energy has the ability to transform our lives if we choose to utilize it. The events leading up to this Cosmic Moment are very complex, but I have discussed them in detail in the interview I did with Jacklyn Johnson, the Host and Founder of You Awakening, a program for personal and planetary transformation. Her website link is

Jacklyn has very generously allowed me to send you the link for the FREE replay, so that all of you will be able to clearly grasp the magnitude of the opportunities that are being presented to each and every one of us at this time. I believe it is much easier to comprehend the verbal explanation of this complex information than to sift through the written word.

Please take some time to listen to this replay this weekend, and do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Patricia Cota-Robles

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a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

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New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883

Tucson, Arizona 85717

Lee Harris’s December 2013 Energy Forecast- The Unification of Human and Spirit

As usual Lee Harris’s monthly energy forecast is spot on and gets to the heart of what so many of us, myself included, are experiencing in these moments of change.

What spoke to me was his exercise for centering by connecting to our stomachs and using  our breath for increased awareness of our calm, centered selves. I don’t know how you are experiencing life these rapid days but I am learning to let go of definitions and expectations.

The result is that I have no clue as to what I will feel or experience next. Sudden outbursts of tears, superimposing  traces of my ancient childhood stories on to the present- no matter what it is , my desire and commitment to remain present through it all is the best way I feel to move on to the next moment.

And, I’ve been experiencing new freedom and joy in just being present and still more frequently in the moment without having to define, explain or delineate what is happening.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday preparations if you have any. I have lots to do and I my intention is to do it all with myself being present.

I also loved the following paragraphs  found way down at the end.

“You’re here having an unusual and amazing experience on Planet Earth in a very rapidly changing time, which can sometimes make all of us wonder who pulled the rug away from under our feet? 

But the truth is, we pulled the rug away. We always knew exactly the time tunnel that we were going through now. And if you look at the prophecies of the ancients, this time was very, very prophesized. 

And if you actually look at the details, what is occurring is exactly what we expected to occur in the energetics. The problem is we have been so mind-trained to not look at energetics and to instead look at external details, that it doesn’t always make sense if we don’t know what the exact detail we are about to experience is. 


So you see, if you live from detail, you will forever be disempowered. 
If you live from essence, the inner body, the senses, your life will start to come alive. 
And you will empower yourself.


That is the new paradigm we’re now shifting into. 

So spend time with yourself in a sensory way this month – however that looks to you”

I hope that you enjoy your holiday preparations if you have any. I have lots to do and I my intention is to do it all with myself being present.

Have a great week!


Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM3-31-2011-7.46.12 PM

Hi Everyone,


Here we are in December 2013, a full year into the new consciousness that is happening across the planet. It’s crazy for sure, but it’s also full of beauty, wonder and higher levels of love. Keeping our focus is a key component in feeling good in ourselves, and entering the higher flows of life, rather than resistance to it.



December is always such an interesting month to experience as collectively, there is the movement of many coming together with family and loved ones at Christmas and calendar celebration of another passing year. But with all of that potential to feel connected and joyous, so too can come a wave of the unsaid, unfinished energies between people, grief for those no longer with us, and the stress levels of people with a busier month than usual. Back in 2004 I wrote/channeled an article on my then blog called ‘Christmas Stress’ about the madness that can take hold and distort people’s ability to feel calm and present. I have remembered that article every year since and it always reminds me to step back more than ever in December as it seems, even with that approach, a lot can be going on :-) Being mindful of this energetic dance through December can hugely help so I invite you to see if it rings true for you as an observation. (We have searched for the article but cannot find it – if we do, we’ll post it in the mid-month newsletter!)



This month’s forecast ‘The Unification of Human and Spirit’ is now available and was filmed indoors due to high winds. In the first days of January, instead of my usual monthly forecast, we will release my 4th annual video message, again edited by the wonderful Oribel Divine, and featuring music from Dan Burke and photography by Marc Ritter (our in house designer/videographer). You can still see ‘2013:Year of Community’ here, if you want to see how true it has rung for you this past year.

joy balloon


And to celebrate the holidays in a BIG way, all MP3s in my store are 50% off for the next 7 days, through December 11th!!



We hope you enjoy the sale, and I highly recommend this month’s special ‘Winter Light’. It is a good process to go through in releasing the past year, harvesting the gifts of it, and intending for your year ahead.



We’ve added a link below to my archived live interview with Jonette Crowley (a great interviewer and channeler) this month on her radio show and our talk went a little off the usual road map, which always makes me happy, so you may enjoy it :-)



I’m delighted to be holding live events in Boulder and Amsterdam in the next month, and then a full day workshop with live music accompaniment in Slovenia on January 19th called ‘Living your Power’. If you are in Europe and feel to travel to an event of mine, I highly recommend this one in Slovenia, as it will be an immersive energy shift!



Much love everyone





(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)

Hello and welcome to the December Energy Forecast. 


We would have been filming outside today, as myself and Marc were on the hill here in Boulder for a good long while trying to find shelter from this ferocious wind that is moving through Boulder today. We have had to come into the house and be within these walls so that you could hear what I am saying. And to me that feels very metaphoric of life right now. It seems to be the ‘practice’ that we are being ask to daily surrender to all of the time – step back, take shelter from chaos and find the inner peace. 


The world is experiencing chaos and conflict at higher levels than ever before because of the rise and the opening in consciousness that’s happening. So the two go hand in hand, and it seems that for most people that I’m talking to or interacting with, and myself included, the amount of things around you in your outer life that are asking for your attention or needing things from you, or being discordant, are on the rise. 


So what you have to do to really keep yourself centered and also to be able to give positive energy out to those things that are coming toward you is to really find your own center and to remember who you are amid everything that’s going on in the story of our world right now. Because where you place your attention and your focus and what you start to think about can highly influence what happens to you next. 


So for example, if you read a certain news story that’s shrouded in fear and designed to make you feel fear, you can absorb that, take it into your body and then every next activity you go to has that fear running through your body. 
This is why it’s more important for all of us that we no longer just stop at figuring out how to work with the mind or figuring out how to make our bodies healthy. It’s a ‘whole being’ process now. Your whole sensory being; thoughts, emotions, energy field, physicality, they’re all asking to be looked at and seen and unified and integrated with you. It’s why many of you are having these recurring dreams about past situations, past loved ones in your life, perhaps resolving conflicts through dreams or daydreams or visions, because you’re being asked to unify with love in yourself, more and more and more. 


So here are a few small re-balancing tips that I think I’ve probably given over recent months, but just to recap:


The stomach is a very important center in our bodies around safety, human relationships and cords that run between people and conflict energies.  


So if you’re experiencing anything difficult in a human relationship, conflict with somebody – or with yourself, or if you’re just not feeling safe, work with your stomach.  


Each day, just take a few minutes out of your day – and you can do this as many times as you like – to just take your hand, place it over your stomach and as you breathe in and out, focus your attention on your hand and on your stomach.  


Some of you might say, “Well I’m very busy, I’ve got a lot going on in my head” Well, that’s why we do this. We allow that frenetic activity to be refocused elsewhere and in the process of doing it, the nervous systems starts to calm and your being can begin to go into a more focused, directional energy rather than a scattered chaotic one. 


This is why meditation works for so many people. It’s not just the actual practice of accessing the inner realms that meditation gives. For many people (who either never access or haven’t yet accessed that level of what meditation offers), even just the practice of sitting and being still with their bodies and with their presence and letting go of everything external for a while is hugely beneficial to the potency of this inner system of yours and what you can then bring to your outer world in life force. 


So, a couple of exercises: one is the stomach and just breathing.  


The other side of this, and I’ve talked about this a lot, is don’t forget the power of your words to intend.  


So for example, I often use, “I return to my own energy field. I return to my own energy field.” 


And this is when I feel I have maybe become too immersed with other people’s energy fields or I notice I’m a little off balance and I realize I’ve been busy. So by saying “I return to my own energy field” I get to summon back all of the pieces of me that I may have left with other people and I bring back my core strength. Our core strength is always still here, even if it has moved outside of our centre, it can’t leave us fully. 

But it can go to the edge of our energy fields when we are off centre, and what we need then is for it to come back to the center whenever we are starting to feel a little shaky in our systems. This shakiness can show up in thoughts, higher emotions than usual, or just through sensory awareness.  


So you can also do this with anybody that you feel you are a little energetically en-meshed with. And that’s happening a lot at the moment because we as a collective people are really looking to resolve pain and looking to open. Not just because of what’s going on in the outer world – this is a cellular level energy movement that is happening to all of us. We are being asked to unify human and spirit. 


So, many of you who have been very spiritual for a long time and you’ve just enjoyed spiritual pursuits, you’ll probably be having a rough time with being asked to come back to humanity and remember you are also a human being in a form on a planet, at a time that your presence is needed and required here. And that’s not to make you sound like a slave of the planet’s evolution – it’s just that we die with full knowledge that we’re ready to die.  


So when we die, both our soul and our physical body are ready to go. So if we are still alive then it’s interesting to then get curious about what am I still here to experience? Because I know many of you will have the shadow story of “I don’t want to be on this planet.” I’ve certainly had that a few times myself. I know that many other people have too. But the truth is, this surge and rise in heart energy that can feel very challenging is actually far, far easier to be in and to open to and to receive of the more you practice sitting back from your life. 


So if you haven’t experienced this very much in your life, or if you’re in a situation where you maybe have kids and a busy job and a busy life, you just need to start safeguarding small amounts of regular time to do this. It could be four minutes five times a day, and that cumulative 20 minutes will change so much in your energy field. 

What you’ll notice when you do this is the level of demand on you from others.  


So, how many of your are currently noticing other people are demanding more of you than you either feel comfortable or able to give? So many of you will be going through the boundaries piece – finding your place to say yes and to say no, with love. And being loving with your boundary is the ultimate aim. If you can’t do something for somebody that this somebody really wants you to do, you can not only trust that they will find the perfect person to do this for them in the perfect time (because otherwise it would feel right to you); but you can be loving with them and compassionate with them, because you yourself know what it’s like to have unfulfilled needs.  


So even if you can’t always understand someone’s motivation for being demanding, try and feel heart to heart with them and even if you feel your or their heart is closed, or you have a perception maybe they’re a little wounded, you can still be in love with them because we’ve all been wounded and we’re all still shifting our limits all of the time. A loving boundary.


So, that leads me to the final thing; which is, we really are losing the masculine paradigm of ‘right and wrong’ on Earth currently, and that’s scary.  


So if your use of the idea of what’s right or what’s good or what’s bad is what got you to evolve up until this point, you might be a little jittery right now about losing those guideposts. Guideposts like ‘discipline’ or ‘right or wrong’, and just allowing yourself to live. To truly live.


You see, we live in energy grids with each other. And these energy grids are built upon agreements. So for example, an energy grid I might have running with a friend of mine is that she always arrives at my house in a mess, and I always help her feel better and then we have fun. And we may have that grid running between us because I have that in my history, playing that role, so I’m resolving something about staying rigidly in that role with her. And she has something in her history about never being taken care of. So she’s having a healing around that. 

But the point being, you may have had some of these grids running in some of your long-term relationships for a long time. And what’s happening now is they’re just snapping open. We are losing the old grids. And they’re popping – it’s quick. And it’s a shock for us because we aren’t used to that as a collective.  


But the more you practice being in yourself and your center and fully being curious about what that is – the better you will feel and experience the world, and cleansing right now will help with that. If you feel a little under the weather, cleanse the physical body. Do whatever you can to give it better foods, Give it more exercise. Try something different. Because I’m aware that many people out there are feeling like they’re being dragged under the water. And the worst thing you can do when you’re in that situation is think you’re doing something wrong or missing something. 


All of us to the best of our ability can just keep trying something different. Each day try something new. It’s a process I’ve been very ‘in’ for a long time now, but especially this last month, I’ve upped the ante on ‘what do I need, how am I?’. Because I’ve noticed how much more there are strong energy fluctuations out there. And actually through doing that, I’ve managed to maintain a core of strength even within some of the challenging things around me. But creating that new way was a process of trial and error for me, and it was a process of focusing. I just had to be willing to focus. 


So, let’s take a breath for a second.

I realise that I’ve just given you a load more information at a time where we’re are full of information – so I invite you to forget everything I’ve just said. (Laughter) 

And if it helps you to remember some of it, I’m thrilled.  And if it doesn’t, forget all of it. 

And if you take only one thing away from my talk, it’s to remember you have to trust yourself. And if you say, “Well I can’t trust myself because of this, this and this” – well then make solving that your most important focus in the next few months because you have yourself to trust.  


You’re here having an unusual and amazing experience on Planet Earth in a very rapidly changing time, which can sometimes make all of us wonder who pulled the rug away from under our feet? 

But the truth is, we pulled the rug away. We always knew exactly the time tunnel that we were going through now. And if you look at the prophecies of the ancients, this time was very, very prophesized. 

And if you actually look at the details, what is occurring is exactly what we expected to occur in the energetics. The problem is we have been so mind-trained to not look at energetics and to instead look at external details, that it doesn’t always make sense if we don’t know what the exact detail we are about to experience is. 


So you see, if you live from detail, you will forever be disempowered. 
If you live from essence, the inner body, the senses, your life will start to come alive. 
And you will empower yourself.


That is the new paradigm we’re now shifting into. 

So spend time with yourself in a sensory way this month – however that looks to you (dance, exercise, creativity, touch). 


I will be back in February with one of these forecasts. 

There will be a forecast in January, but it will be my annual message – which some of you may be familiar with and it is a slightly different presentation.  It will be released by January the 1st, so look out for that. 


And if you would like to be with me live in person, I’m in Boulder on December the 14th doing an evening called ‘Open to Your Highest Potential’ and I’m doing the same event in Amsterdam on January the 4th

Then a full day workshop in Slovenia – Ljubljana – called Living Your Power on January the 19th

If any of you feel drawn to be there, I would love to be with you in person. It creates a whole other energy shift. 


And in the meantime I wish you all lots of love for the final days of 2013. I hope you get good times with good people and I hope you get good times with yourself 🙂


Take care everybody; see you next year.