Love from NYC

This page is based on the idea of Random Acts of Kindness.

How many times have you noticed that when you give something generously from your heart to others the rewarding feeling you get is by far more significant than what you have actually given?  Isn’t it amazing that the seeds of abundance are created by giving something away?

This page may instantly provide that experience for you by your knowing that you have helped someone you may or may not know without their   knowing that you have contributed.

Here, anyone can publish their Intention- a positive, present tense statement that says they already have something that is important to them- and know that another person who is reading this page may decide to energetically support their Intention, someone else’s, or all of the Intentions shown here as comments .

If you are writing an Intention for something you want or need that is important to you,  write it as a comment to this page. If you feel that your Intention has shown up in your life, or even if you feel more positive and energized about that possibility, please write another comment on this page to let us all know.

Here’s what you can do if you are supporting  one or more of the published Intentions.

  • Take a relaxed, deep breath through your nose and into your belly, exhale gently and do this again.
  • Feel your connection to the ground under your feet (you can say to yourself, “send the energy to my feet” and feel heat or subtle energy going out from the soles of your feet)
  • Open your heart wide by thinking of something or someone you love, or of a time when you felt joy or bliss, then spend a moment or two feeling that positive feeling expanding from your heart outward, imagine it moving toward the person and imagine them realizing their intention.

You can be as creative as you want with this,  just be sure that these elements are part of the mix.

I hope that you have as much fun with this as I already have!

Here’s the first Intention that I would love you to energize with me. Remember that the whole point is to give of yourself anonymously. Please do not leave a comment saying you support someone’s Intention or that you have been visiting this page.

  • “The Love From NYC Page is creating a perceptible,  steady stream of positive abundance in all aspects of my life and in the lives of all who participate in its process”
  • January 3, 2011….  ” Everyday I experience deeper, more positive heart and spiritual connection with God. Everyday I experience deeper, more positive heart and spiritual connection with other people. Everyday I experience my deep 10th Chakra connection to the Earth. I am at peace and the beam of the Light of God That I Am Glows brighter, stronger and clearer everyday.”

Here our list of personal Intentions compiled in Group January, 2011.

  • “I feel & I experience my heart connection with God & all aspects of God ever more truly & deeply with each and every breath I take- even in my sleep.”
  • “I gently establish, maintain & communicate my needs & boundaries so that I am at peace with myself, my family members, my life & all Creation”.
  • “I release excess weight & I easily maintain my Right weight and Right size.”
  • “I have confidence & I actually believe God is running my life. I accept God’s will being done through me.”
  • “I trust the Universe to take my hand & be my partner in all areas of my life”.
  • “My Right loving life partner shows up & we welcome and receive each other deeply in our hearts. We grow our loving, committed life and relationship together. We continue our evolvement & continue to discover wondrous new ways of growing ourselves & our love. We are a match. We fit & our lives fit  together harmoniously. We bring out the very best in ourselves with each other. We love our time together and enjoy our separate times.”
  • ” I am aligned on all levels with faith  & connection with the Divine energies so I stay grounded in my tenth chakra, centered & whole through all life circumstances.”
  • “Because I relax & manifest the latter Intention, I am the very best parent that I am.”
  • “I am at peace & I am unafraid of being who I am.”
  • “I release what I no longer need & I revitalize my home.”
  • “I vibrate with the frequencies of Wealth, Health, Happiness & Unconditional Love.”
  • “I love my body.”
  • “I experience my Oneness with the primordial sound “Om”, realizing that “Om” creates the Universe.”
  • “I effortlessly & joyously recognize & bring forth the Light within me and others.”
  • “I prioritize my time, my energy, my desires and I implement clear boundaries so that I easily initiate, build momentum & complete what needs to be done in my life.”

April, 2011 Group Intentions

  • “I have an available, safe, affectionate, understanding, compatible love/life partner in my heart and in my life.”
  • “I feel loved in my life and I am and I feel joyful.”
  • “I completely love myself on all levels”.
  • “I am fearless to love to the depths of my being.”
  • “No matter what I do or don’t do, say or don’t say, pray or don’t pray, God supplies and provides me with my Right, matched loving life partner to share 1:1 Unity Being with.”
  • “We each resonate with having unconditional love for ourselves and others. We receive and give this unconditionally

September, 2011 Group Intentions

  • “All of my relationships are filled with clear, conscious communication.”
  • “I am at peace with and in all my relationships.”
  • ” Although there are differences in values and standards with the people I relate with, there is peace and harmony between us.”
  • “My relationships are alive with connectedness, meaning, intimacy, depth and mutual acceptance.”
  • “My relationship with God and my continual awareness of this connectedness, permeates all of my relationships so that I experience God with every single person.”
  • “Responsibilities in all of my relationships are clearly and accurately accessed and delineated. All persons are in charge of their own responsibility and themselves. Therefore, freedom exists within us all in our relationships.”
  • “All of my familial relationships are harmonious.”
  • “All of my relationships have the potential for fun, joy, love, laughter and inspiration.”
  • “What brings meaning to my life and fills me with confidence and joy is: experiencing my best self present and activated; is my continual confirmation of my continual experience of God in myself, in every aspect of my life and in all of my relationships; is being of maximal service in any given time and place; is being immersed in every aspect of Nature; is being and feeling productive in all phases and facets of my life; is how I blossom during my interactions in Nature; is my experience and awareness of the beauty and inner light I see in others and myself; is the feeling I have when I am fully immersed in the flow of my own life force and Divine Source.”

 Group Intentions October 2, 2011

  • I have a wonderful, loving, healthy, fun relationship with a man who is good to and for me.
  •  I easily stick to my healthy food plan
  • I do my personal practice daily and I easily stay in my feminine as is appropriate- no matter what.
  •  My true love- life partner and I share wonderful times together in our life together.

January 2012- With permission from one of Meryl’s clients

  • I find and live in Self. I live from a place that is grounded and connected consciously and constantly with my Higher Self.
  • I live Peace, accept others for what they are and define myself and my convictions without attacking others.
  • I am constantly observing the part that I play in each situation.
  • I listen to the attacks of others without responding or reacting.
  • I am compassionately defined.

January 26, 2013-The Special Group “Energizing 2013 Intentions”

  • I manifest that which is for my and everyone’s highest good.
  • I help counsel the students I work with in the best possible ways.
  • I have peace in every aspect of my life. My motivation continues and is sustained no matter what.
  • I have a healthy,  passionate, mutually satisfying romantic relationship that grows more fulfilling everyday.
  • My past obstacles and negative experiences are released so I embrace my present supportive, trustworthy, loving, spiritual, meaningful relationships.
  • I have an abundance of spiritual, mental and physical gifts in my life everyday.
  • I have discipline in terms of my supporting and maintaining my good health.  
  • My new job is fulfilling and fully utilizes my talents.
  • I have harmony in my family, myself and my life.
  • I simplify my life and every aspect of it.
  • I am open to and receptive with new and old relationships.  I find myself and others responding, being receptive, open, supportive and accepting in relationship.
  • I jump and I land safely, knowing where I land before I do so.
  • I have perfect precision in accessing truth to utilize for the highest good of all.
  • With God’s help all of my health issues are completely and irrevocably resolved.
  • I easily attract and hold my best loving companion.
  • I talk to God again and again and again and again.
  • I have energy, clarity, and patience to bring forth the elimination of the culture of violence.
  • I let go of the guilt and fear of my past and I do move forward in positive directions.
  • I continue to take care of myself so I am the best mother to my son.  I release my old stories of maternal deprivation.


April 27, 2013-The Special Group “Spring Forward”

  • Abundance-Right needs met in Right amounts. Right Harvest- Right Generosity
  • I experience the generous and caring part of myself. I have a loving willingness to stay present and find the activities and people who bring my talents to life.
  • I transform deprivation and addiction to an abundance of joyous fulfillment and generous creativity. I easily say to other “I’s enjoy your help”.

2 responses to “Love from NYC

  1. I am limitless. I have a feeling of being alive everyday, it is abundant, passionate, joyful & fun. I am full of myself and everything good, beautiful and true in the universe. I share love & kindness

  2. I just checked in to look at the October statements and ended up reading most of the statements from the year. It feels wonderful Thanks Meryl for having this here and available for us to reconnect and reaffirm these powerful intentions.

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