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How I Nurture Myself and My Practice in NYC

It happens every year.

Every year I look forward to the precious few days, sometime a week, or if we are really lucky, two weeks sometime in June when all of the Linden trees have their blossoms in bloom.

Imagine our wonderful city infused with the heavenly, unique scent of Linden flowers.

Linden trees, along with the lovely Ginkgo trees, are the hardy, steadfast trees that most line our sidewalks in Manhattan.

Since Sunday the scent has been so strong that I have felt completely enraptured in several spots on my Central Park walks.

Here is a picture I took with my cell phone of the lovely Linden blossom.

The Linden Blossom

Another very powerful source of nurturance that fills my heart is participating in Virtual Retreats with Mark Silver, On Thursday I will participate in my third one with Mark since November 2010.

Since the first week in May I have been extremely blessed to have participated in his Heart of Money Transformational Journey.  Tomorrow’s retreat will help me to integrate some of the profound changes I have experienced within myself as a result of the internal work I continue to do based on this course.

Although I would love to share with you some of my learnings, it is too soon for me to do so. Keep tuning in to the blog because as soon as I am able, Mark has given us all permission to share what we each have learned from our experiences together and I would love to share what I have learned with you.

Finally, there’s a new entry that I made on the Sharing Successes! page this week. Take a look if you get a chance and remember to keep adding your own successes.

Thank you all for your continued support.

I send you much love,


Part 2 of Roses’s Second Set of Questions

Here are the rest of the questions from Rose sent to me just before the Chakras and Meridian seminars.

Parental Repatterning

(D) #4 on page 97 TUPS-the statements are “I….”.  Is that right?  All the other statements are “My mother/father..”?

Good point Rose. Yes that should be: a. My mother/father fails to be patient with me on a consistent basis; b. My mother/father is consistently (●impatient ●angry ● reactive) with me.

(D) #9b I find the options very confusing.  How many options are actually there?

 There actually are nine of them. There is a misplaced parenthesis after ridicules me which is what adds to the confusion.

(L) & (N)- Should these statements be past tense or present tense?

In L. a.   it’s ok to be in past tense.. L.b. in present tense.

In N. we take the past , and then use it in the present in the “I ( name purpose, etc in {a-   d})

Integration for Growth Repatterning-

G) on Page 129 TUPS and (J) on page 131-When we use these options, we use only the  non-coherent options (the “a” list on pages  84-92) for (G) and the “b” list for the coherent in (J), right?  One statement for each?

That is correct, one statement from each of the planets needed, and, you can have more than one planet involved and the non-coherent planet does not have to correspond to the coherent one.

How do you explain (N) on page 133?  Does it indicate a present deficiency? (For example: Option N8-B vitamins, etc.)

I see all of these as ways to reinforce, strengthen and maintain new levels of coherent being. I always present something like this as the energy of… that the client needs to resonate with. I never use it as a must do or Rx for myself or others.. rather, that we are resonating with the energy of committing to the energy of doing/ taking/ having what is listed.


The Modality Page in the ‘Rainbow Book’ doesn’t match up with the Modality Book–(D), (E), and (F) are in a different order. Which list should we be oriented to?

Now that you have completed the basic six seminars, you have been familiarized with most, if not all of the modalities in the Modality book. Use the pages that are the easiest for you to use and change the pages that do not correspond correctly. It doesn’t matter which list you use as long as you can find what you need.

Will Modality D #20 be in our Chakra’s Bk?

Yes, they are the Chakra movements.

I had the Lion Pose (D23) come up in a practice session, but there is no page # and I couldn’t find it in the Modality Book?

Here’s a picture of what it looks like and a U-tube clip that talks about how to do it.



If we don’t have the needed fragrance for (G) and the person doesn’t know the smell, what should we do?

If you have the fragrance, you use it as is indicated by your muscle checking in proxy for your client. If the fragrance is not something that the person can relate to and you (mcs)   that the person needs to inhale a fragrance, (mcs) if a household fragrance, that is available, could be substituted, or made proxy for the most optimal one. For example, common scents like vanilla, lemon and cinnamon could be used.

I would appreciate any advice about writing statements. I feel inadequate when it comes to the best way to put the ‘clients’ feelings onto paper for them.

In writing down the responses to open ended questions, the most important thing in the beginning especially, is to use the clients actual words that they use to respond to the question. If they are not articulate and give you few words, as you hold their space, in your own neutrality, listen for what you are hearing underneath their words.

Don’t be afraid to draw them out if you don’t have a clear sense of what they are really saying. Reflect back to them. “ What I think I heard you say  is _____. Is that what you mean?”

Other times, they may give you clues that they are simply reporting to you what they have discussed with one therapist or another. They may say “I think” and you can redirect them by saying “What do you imagine is the feeling.. what do you imagine you believed,?’ etc.

It takes time, practice , careful listening and remembering to muscle check as to whether or not it is in the client’s best interest to hear what your intuition is saying.

When getting a statement it is useful to muscle check for the actual words and phrases that you have written to learn what is essential and useful.

And, the most important thing is to practice, practice, practice.

When do you know that it’s the right time to start charging $ for sessions?

When you have done every single Repatterning many times over on yourself and you are fluent and proficient in the process is a minimum starting place.

If you are charging money, you are stating that even though you are a student practitioner, you are at least to some degree professional in your practice.

You need to be able to handle and put the needs of your clients above your own even when the material they present triggers your own past issues and reactivity.

As a member of the Certification Board, I would say that after you have had at least one observation to ensure that you are on tract in your process.. but that is my opinion.

How do you transition from practicing to a business?

Most of the practitioners that I have worked with who were not trained as counselors, social workers or psychologists, transition gradually while they are doing their Certification work.

The Certification journey is one way that a person can use the system for their own personal growth as well as a way to grow their practitioner skills.

All have reported a tremendous, quantum leap in their skill and confidence occurring with their completion of their certification process. It is often then that they begin to really build and expand their practices.

Do we need to carry some kind of insurance?

It is of the utmost importance that every single client you see, friend, relative or stranger, sign the Client’s Rights form and receive a copy of this, so that you are fully protected. Of course if a person would like to carry some kind of insurance over that they are free to do so, but the Client’s Rights form and proper practice procedures usually are enough.

Thanks for all of your help! I truly appreciate it!  I know we’re just a few days before class, so I’m not expecting an immediate response. Whenever you get an opportunity to respond will be perfect.


Thank you Rose for all of your wonderful questions. Dear experienced practitioners please  add your ideas by commenting here.

Follow Up for the Chakras and Meridian/Five Elements Intensive

Hi Everyone,

The seminar series is completed now and you are each on your way to becoming proficient in the art of Resonance Repatterning.

Here is some extra information that I wrote about the flow of the Meridian Massage modality.

The Meridians and Five Elements

According to the Chinese – In nature there are the  five textures, Elements,  which color, describe and order the experience of Nature. They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. In the Human body (and in the bodies of animals) there are rivers of energy, each of which is associated with: the energy and qualities of an element; an organ and its specific bodily function; and an associated emotion. Along each river of energy are tiny swirling reservoirs, vortexes, of Energy which are numbered and named. These are the acupuncture points.

Here is the course of each of the twelve meridian rivers described in class.

I-HEARTThe Emperor or Supreme Controller– Inside armpit, “up” inside arm → inside little finger.

II-SMALL INTESTINESThe Sorter- Outside- Little finger, “down” outside arm→shoulder→back of neck→   jaw→ cheekbone→just above earlobe.

III-BLADDERThe Container That Releases at the Right Time– Inside corner of eye→ above head→ back→  outside little toe

IV-KIDNEYProvider of Power and Vital Energy– Top of foot between 2&3 toes→ arch of foot→ inside leg up → clavicle (kidney 27’s)

V-HEART PROTECTOR-(Also known as Circulation Sex) Protects Heart and Allows for Intimate Relationship– Front of armpit, “up” inside arm, back of hand→ front of middle finger ( 2nd finger side)

VI-TRIPLE HEATERRegulates Temperature for Harmonious Functioning– Ring finger ( little finger side) by nail, “down” outside arm, along back of shoulder, up side of neck , around ear→ outside corner of eye

VII-GALLBLADDERThe Decision Maker– Eye side (by hairline), around ear, down side of body→ outside 4th toe (little toe side)

VIII-LIVERThe General of the Army Who Plans– Foot between big and 2nd toe→ up inside leg→bottom of ribs

IX- LUNGSReceives Pure Chi From The Heavens– In front of shoulder (under collarbone)→down inside of arm→ thumb

X-LARGE INTESTINESSupports Letting Go– Second finger ( thumb side) “down” inside arm, across top of shoulder, side of neck → side of nostril.

XI-STOMACHTakes in and breaks down food to provide nourishment– Under middle of eye→ down front→ top side of 2nd toe ( facing 3rd toe)

XII-SPLEENDistributes Nurturing Energy to Where it is Needed– Big toe→ arch→ up inside of leg→ up front→ armpit



For your information, here is what I found on Amazon regarding The Symbolism of Disease that Karine so highly recommended.








Hopefully  you will begin your certification journey very soon.  By joining the RPA as a Student Practitioner you ensure that all of your practice work will count towards fulfilling your certification requirements.                     

The next Practitioner Skills Development weekend is scheduled for July 30-31, 2011, and the next Group is August 14, 2011.

Please know what an honor it has been for me to be your first Resonance Repatterning teacher and that I continue to welcome your questions and concerns.