How I Nurture Myself and My Practice in NYC

It happens every year.

Every year I look forward to the precious few days, sometime a week, or if we are really lucky, two weeks sometime in June when all of the Linden trees have their blossoms in bloom.

Imagine our wonderful city infused with the heavenly, unique scent of Linden flowers.

Linden trees, along with the lovely Ginkgo trees, are the hardy, steadfast trees that most line our sidewalks in Manhattan.

Since Sunday the scent has been so strong that I have felt completely enraptured in several spots on my Central Park walks.

Here is a picture I took with my cell phone of the lovely Linden blossom.

The Linden Blossom

Another very powerful source of nurturance that fills my heart is participating in Virtual Retreats with Mark Silver, On Thursday I will participate in my third one with Mark since November 2010.

Since the first week in May I have been extremely blessed to have participated in his Heart of Money Transformational Journey.  Tomorrow’s retreat will help me to integrate some of the profound changes I have experienced within myself as a result of the internal work I continue to do based on this course.

Although I would love to share with you some of my learnings, it is too soon for me to do so. Keep tuning in to the blog because as soon as I am able, Mark has given us all permission to share what we each have learned from our experiences together and I would love to share what I have learned with you.

Finally, there’s a new entry that I made on the Sharing Successes! page this week. Take a look if you get a chance and remember to keep adding your own successes.

Thank you all for your continued support.

I send you much love,


2 responses to “How I Nurture Myself and My Practice in NYC

  1. Trinket Walker

    Dear Meryl, Thank you for communing with the linden trees– they are
    the trees of the Soul! And I have also immersed in their fragrance.
    They soften the ground when the flowers fall and in France they have a tea called tilleul (tee-yull–also called lime blossom) which is calming. Good for sorrows. They also make soap which smells fabulous. love and hugs, Trinket

    • Thanks for the extra info on the Linden tree. In Germany they also make Linden blossom tea and the company PRE de Provence makes a fabulous shea butter Linden soap. You can get the soap at any Ricky’s or the Essentials cosmetic store on Zabar’s block ( Broadway and 81st St.) carries it.

      Sending you much love Dear Trinket,

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