Sharing Successes!

Has something Great happened as a result of a Resonance Repatterning session you received? Are you so excited about the growth of your client and what happened in a session that you would love to tell the world about it?

Are you jazzed about what happened when you came to Group, or to the Seminar Series or the Skills Development class and you can’t wait to share it?

If this is so, you have landed on just the right page.  If you are sharing about your own personal experience, all you need to do is include it as a comment on the bottom of the page and then it will be published .

When you want to discuss something that happened in your work with others, first, make sure that you have explicit permission to share the success. Then you can tell us all about it  as long as you do not disclose the identity of your client.

This is also the place where we can  share our stories of how our Intentions posted on the Love From NYC have manifested in our lives.

To start the ball rolling here are the first two successes!

“I finally took the Repatterning Seminars this year and decided to do so with Meryl. I thought “It’s New York!” so I planned to stay an extra couple of days.
What made my trip so great was spending time with real New Yorkers, after hanging out with Meryl in her neighborhood I didn’t feel like a tourist at all, I felt at home in the City because I have friends here.”  Josephine ~  Toronto Ont.

“What a haul it has been the past three months!  (Really, the past year has been fraught with health issues cropping up.  2011 is MY year, though.  A year for healing.)  Would you believe it, I had a broken neck.  Seriously.  I had surgery on Dec 10 to repair it.  It wasn’t from a trauma, it was just that 4 vertebral levels in my cervical spine had herniated, and pieces of bone from those levels broke and lodged themselves in the neighboring ligaments, thus causing quite unreal pain in various body parts.  Our spines – so very important, the central highway for our nerves….and mine was all derailed.  Kind of like the bridge that crashed several years ago in California.  I now have cadaver bone in my neck, as well as a plate and some screws.  All of this in my throat chakra, messing my Ether all up!  No worries, I am working on this with my repatternings.  It’s amazing the course they have taken.  It has been so beneficial for my healing.  I did daily repatternings for 2 weeks before and after (weekends off) my surgery.  I cannot imagine going through this ordeal without RR.  It has kept me balanced (relatively speaking) throughout times when I would have previously spiraled down into a dark place.  Hallelujah! ”  A. ~Connecticut


June 20, 2011

Hi Meryl,

I wanted to thank you.

Your muscle testing was right: When I started working with you, I was doubtful that resonance repatterning would work. However, since working with you last week I have felt a noticeable, visceral, and indisputable difference in my energy, my attitude, and my ability to deal with my current challenges.  The anxiety I have been feeling chronically for at least a year is no longer there. I feel much more at peace and my problems don’t even feel like problems — they just feel like a situation.  Best of all, I feel I’ve gotten my intuitive feeling back. This afternoon I had lunch with a work friend and was completely overwhelmed by his anxiety; a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t pick up on this.  The dynamic in some of my other relationships has shifted too, all for the better.  I really don’t understand how repatterning works, but I don’t care — it worked!  So, thanks again.  🙂

Sheryl,  L.A., CA




5 responses to “Sharing Successes!

  1. Merrill Tomlinson Carinci

    My dear friend on the other side of the country has been twisting for months in a difficult work situation. We had been trying to make time to do an RR phone session…..for weeks. I would make time and it wasn’t good for her…she would ask about a day or time and it wouldn’t work for me. …and, we kept missing each other on the phone…UNTIL the other day. We talked briefly on the phone and I was caught up on her current status…she was desperately trying to stay in integrity and NOT cause financial problems for herself. She has been agonizing over writing a letter to her employers. Well, I had time the next day when she WAS available and we agreed to do a session. THE TIMING WAS RIGHT AT LAST…to work for EVERYONE’S highest GOOD! The session referred back to an incident over 20 years ago that was equally difficult and not fully resolved at the time. The session focused on issues of security, faith and trust, and being exhilarated by beauty.
    I got a call from her today and she asked me to “put it in the books” because she honestly believes the session created the necessary shifts for positive resolution to her problem. So I am putting it “in the Blog” instead. She easily wrote the letter and received a letter today from her employers offering her everything she wanted and more WITH an expression of appreciation to her….
    RR works!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful success Merrill!
    Love , Meryl

  3. Harriet Greenbaum

    I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the support , moral and educational, given to me during the group sessions I attended over the months working with RR. My progress has been noticed by others, too, in RR groups. The support in itself, has made it all worthwhile, even without the knowledge I’ve gained. Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Thank you Dear Harriet!

  5. Because of the easing of financial pressure of late, I have been freed up to offer RR to more friends and acquaintances in exchange for finishing up required repatternings for certification. Each time, the “clients” have been amazed at the accuracy of the statements found through muscle checking that applied so specifically to their long-term challenges, and, I believe that the confidence formed in this process helped their receptivity to “a shift” whether it happened as a result of the modalities or their own expanded sense of possibilities. I am glad to hear the “It works” as well.

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