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Proposed Next Group Date- June 8th, 2014

Despite the fact that it was really really cold this morning, Central Park is showing signs that Spring is actually on the way.


The three pictures above show the brave efforts of the crocuses to emerge through the debris of fall and the mulch of winter.



I can’t resist mentioning that like the crocuses’ absolute determination to fully emerge and bloom, so it is with we humans who  ( regardless of what our thinking minds say and our self judgements deny)  are all on the path to our full emergence and bloom whether we are aware of it or not.


Those of us who are aware and have been clearing the mulch and the leaves of our past entanglements in the dream some call reality-  merely are making it easier for all humanity and creation on this planet to burst free along with us.


That said , we look forward to the lovely warm June breezes that we will  be enjoying when our next Group happens.


The proposed date for Group is Sunday, June the 8th. You all know the drill– if  at least four people commit to coming on that date, then I will announce that Group will be happening in June 2014.


Please let us all know ASAP because time is really accelerating and June will be here shortly.


Sending you all lots of love,

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM7-10-2011-3.31.02 PM


What Happened in Group March 2014

March 5 2012 005

Happy Happy  Spring Equinox Everyone!

The weather in New York cooperated today by giving us a taste of things to come with a 50 degree, sunny day .  Yes, Spring is officially here. The flower beds are showing signs of the bulbs starting to pop out of the earth and the buds on some trees are visible!  Yay!!!!!

We had a wonderful Group on Sunday March 16th. Present were Veronica, Merrill, Paula, Gladys, Lillian and Harriet.

We had enough time to have two full  session exchanges, an energy healing  circle for friends and loved ones who were not present with us and we had a long and wonderful Group Repatterning at the end with Infinity Healing as the final modality.

The Group Repatterning used the material authored by Gail Glanville in her Goldilocks Principle. This material  is available to one and all by clicking on the picture right here in the Newsletter.

We helped to clear all of our Rejection issues.. It was a great clearing.

Our next Group will be in June and I need to know ASAP whether Group members can come on Sunday June 1st or Sunday June 8th so we can set the date early this time for everyone.

That’s all for now!  Enjoy our new season.

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Clear Steam Girls Night In- Boys Welcome Radio Show

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM2-18-2014-2.56.51 PM

For those of you who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience my new blogtalk radio program, I am happy to announce that we will be broadcasting live on Monday, March 24th 6-6:30 pm Eastern Time, 3:00pm Pacific Time and 11pm Greenwich Mean Time at and accessed by telephone- 1-(347) 838-8703.

Our new website is where you can find more descriptives and a link to the actual blogcasts and recordings.

The Facebook page is

Hosts Michelle Gee, Lisa Warner and yours truly will be discussing the topic “Love Mode- What Does Everyday Life Look Like Here?”

Although we have a topic to organize our conversation, so far in our other programs we have conversed ,  had energy transmissions and experiences in expanding our consciousness in the wonderful world of living through energetic awareness.

I hope that you will join in our fun live, or listen to our recording afterwards!