Clear Steam Girls Night In- Boys Welcome Radio Show

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM2-18-2014-2.56.51 PM

For those of you who haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience my new blogtalk radio program, I am happy to announce that we will be broadcasting live on Monday, March 24th 6-6:30 pm Eastern Time, 3:00pm Pacific Time and 11pm Greenwich Mean Time at and accessed by telephone- 1-(347) 838-8703.

Our new website is where you can find more descriptives and a link to the actual blogcasts and recordings.

The Facebook page is

Hosts Michelle Gee, Lisa Warner and yours truly will be discussing the topic “Love Mode- What Does Everyday Life Look Like Here?”

Although we have a topic to organize our conversation, so far in our other programs we have conversed ,  had energy transmissions and experiences in expanding our consciousness in the wonderful world of living through energetic awareness.

I hope that you will join in our fun live, or listen to our recording afterwards!


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