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What Happened in June and September 2014 Group


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Happy October Everyone!!!!

Isn’t it just amazing how accelerated time has become?  It has been two weeks since we had our September Group and almost four months since our Group in June!

In our June Group Kim, Carol, Gladys, Merrill, Lillian, Harriet, Veronica and Paula were counted in.  In addition to the paired exchanges of sessions, Veronica masterfully completed her first observed session and we did an unusual Group Repatterning.

The June Group Repatterning  included an unpublished 2002 Repatterning created by Janene Sneider and myself named  Reconnection to Fulfillment- The Feminine  Principal Repatterning. The modalities used to shift the resonance of the statements was Infinity Healing and Harmonic Overtones.

At our  recent September Group Minh, Gladys, Harriet, Veronica, Merrill and Lillian were present. Paired sessions were exchanged and once again Veronica did a beautiful session to demonstrate her mastery of the Intentions For A New Possibility component of Resonance Repatterning. Brava Veronica!

One of the statements Veronica used in the session was new to many Group members as it only appears in the newest edition of the Rainbow Book of Resonance Repatterning.

On the second page of the Intentions for A New Possibility segment is a new Commitment statement written by Chloe Wordsworth. It is “I am receptive to the field of limitless energy that makes all things possible”.

I particularly love the energy of this statement. For me is accesses the field of infinite possibilities, which is the very space and energy of creation itself.  Wow!

Our Group Repatterning utilized The Triple Heater Repatterning by Chloe Wordsworth from the Advanced Meridians Repatternings. Our modalities were  Infinity Healing energy with Harmonic Overtones and a particular new energy that came through me in August that is of a color we can not yet perceive- the x-factor color energy.

We decided that our full day October Practitioner Skills Development Class will be held on Saturday, October 25th.  10am-6pm.  There is  room for three Student Practitioners to participate in receiving feedback for their work and all other members of the Resonance Repatterning community at large are welcome to attend.

Attending this day will give all participants

  • 8 Continuing Education Units for use with the RPA.
  • Skills will be sharpened by both novice and experienced practitioners
  • Individual  sessions will be received.

These are three great reasons to attend.

The cost is $225.00 for anyone who is to receive feedback and $200.00 for all other participants.

Final payment for this class is due on Tuesday October 14th.  To reserve your place RSVP ASAP.

Sending you all much love, light and laughter,

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P.S.  I forgot  to mention that Clear Stream- Girls Night In will be broadcasting live on Monday night October 6th 6-6:30pm. You can access that call and all of the ones archived by clicking on the Clear Stream picture in the next column on this blog.

Come and join our discussions, explorations, transmissions and activation! It’s a lot of fun!


My Rosh Hashona – And- Group is Happening on September 29, 2013

As many of you know I love to cook the Jewish Holiday feasts for the first nights of Rosh Hashona and Passover for my family. Since I move in a leisurely pace in the kitchen I make two or three dishes each day in preparation for the feasts.



The food amazingly gets better with each meal. I have no modesty about my cooking because I love to eat my food.  I  use the recipes of  my mother, grandmother and aunts along with my own variations of traditional Jewish holiday food in my family.



It started nineteen years ago when  I moved into my current, large apartment. My sister no longer had to host all of our family holiday meals.  I made Matzoh balls and got rave reviews. So I branched out. Each holiday I began to do more until I got to my standard holiday meal.



In addition to the matzoh balls I  cook my mother’s brisket, my grandmother and Aunt Pearl’s sweet potato, carrot with  matzoh ball “tzimmes” ( stew) , my aunt Harriet’s sour cream coffee cake with my own modification, potato pudding and my own unique noodle pudding. Yum!



I love to make the cake using my Aunt Pearl’s Kitchen Aid mixer. I joyfully feel my connection to my mother, grandmothers, and aunts as I cook with love.



In preparation for the feast the windows get washed, my window crystals cleaned and put up again and my finest formal table is set for the first night. I love using my maternal grandmother’s table cloth, my paternal grandmother’s china and my mother’s silver.



On the second nights of these holidays I most often invite friends in for the “left overs”. For the second night I put away the silver,  most of  the  china and set another, more casual holiday table.



This year  I can show you what the second night table looked like after all the dishes were done.  Included in this slide show are some pictures of my beloved flowers in my outside and inside garden, and one picture of the morning glories in Central Park .



I find myself closest to God through experiencing beauty and when I am a channel of light for healing and love.  I feel God breathing me and I feel the Universe within me as I focus on how much I love the colors, variations, combinations  and forms of the flowers.

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On a different note, the proposed Practitioner Skills Development Day on September 28 will not be happening as too few responses were received for the event to take place.



But,  I am happy  to announce that our September Group will be happening as Harriet, Kim, Paula, Joie, Merrill and Gladys are planning to attend! Yay!!!!



Group will begin at 12:45 and end at 4:45pm  on Sunday September 29, 2013. If you would like to join us, please do so and let me know to expect you.  Payment is due by September 23rd.



For those who would like to be included by proxy into the Group repatterning, there is a Group Repatterning fee of $45.00, payable by check or by using this link for paypal  http://www.beyourbliss.info/fees-insurance.html



I expect that Group this month will be extra powerful not only because of the frequency changes we are all experiencing on planet Earth, but also because I will be returning home from a consciousness weekend  earlier in that week. Whoo!!!!



Sending you each love, light, laughter and gratitude,

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Update: September Group and Skills Development Class Dates Changed

This week’s message is very short.

I am happy to announce that there are available places for a special one day Student Practitioner Skills Development Class on September 28, 2013 and that the following day, Sunday September 29, 2013,  the four hour Practitioner Skills Development Group is being offered as well.

This one day Practitioner Skills Development classes designed to accelerate the certification process for Repatterning Student Practitioners.  It is also available to Certified Practitioners who wish to receive continuing education units.

The class is limited to four Student Practitioner tutorial participants to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate and receive feedback for up to three of the required competency areas mandated for Recommendation for The Repatterning Practitioner Association Certification.

The investment is:

    • $225.00  for all participating Student Practitioners
    • $175.00  for all non-tutorial participants.

Participation in the day counts 8CEU’s towards the fulfillment of required Continuing Education Units for both RPA Student and Certified Practitioners.

If you are interested in receiving a tutorial observation in this class, please contact  me as soon as possible to ensure your place. The final registration date is Friday September 6, 2013.

To register and plan your individualized participation, call me at 212-628-8260, or e-mail me at meryl@beyourbliss.info.

Click here  for credit card payment after your consultation with me.


Due to the limited class size, there is a $100.00 per day non refundable cancellation fee as of the final registration date.