New York Shops Adorn Themselves for the 2013 Holidays

This year was overall one of the best end of the year season I have experienced in a really long time.

I am delighted to report that aside from the windows at Barney’s the quality, detail and dazzle at Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord &  Taylor was really exceptional.

The first  six pictures  in the slide show are the silvery sleigh ride windows at Barney’s and the star in the middle of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street.

Next are twenty-one pictures of Bergdorf Goodman’s windows. There are several different types of windows that BG  dresses. The three large 57th Street  windows have shoes, handbags, dogs, holiday trees in white with colored accents and there you’ll see the Bergdorf Goodman book on their windows.

The windows on Fifth Avenue include Arbor Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, an upside down April Fool’s day, July 4th. I especially loved the pink Valentine’s Day with its textured background of flowers ( what a surprise, Meryl loved some flowers!)

And lastly, on 58th Street are the glamorous glittery evening clothes displays.

I really loved the holidays themed  windows for their complexity, beauty and details.

( Unfortunately , I couldn’t get the pictures completely synched- The Bergdorf/Tifffany sequence turns out to be Bergdorf/Tiffany/Bergdorf- ah the wonders of technology!)

Across the street from Bergdorf is Tiffany’s. This year the entire outside surface of the building was covered with giant silhouette stencils. They were giant versions of the tiny silhouettes in the miniature windows of the displays.

Each window featured a different configuration of snow covered city buildings with silhouettes of pets, children, couples dining, kissing, people playing instruments, etc shown in the tiny windows.

Added to the mix are the details of the buildings themselves, the snow covered lampposts, Santa’s sleigh with miniscule wrapped gifts, actual Tiffany rings, earrings, jeweled pendants to delight the viewer’s eyes.  Wow!!

Next comes the picture of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

I completely fell in love with Saks’s windows and light show. First was the light show, captured beautifully for your delight on this u-tube presentation. When I saw it projected on the entire facade of the 5th Avenue side of Saks I was jumping up and down like a child in sheer delight.

Then we saw the totally enchanting saga of the Saks Yetis.  The first window showed the Yeti village with a changing projection of individual snowflakes with names. Among the snowflakes are ones crafted by Marctic Rockefurrer, Icemerelda Hairris and Aunt Artica Noel. The Yeti windows have details refurring   ( hope you like my little pun here-) to hair and fur. So that for the subway scene window I’ve taken lots of pictures so you can see Doc Y’s ad for beautiful , clean fur!  The intelligence and humor is so outstanding in all of the details of the presentations. OMG I wanted the store to be open so I could run to their 9th floor to see all of the Yetis inside!

There are two pictures showing  inside the gated front door of Saks and two extra pictures of the super gorgeous evening clothing in two of the other Saks windows.

On to our last stop, Lord and Taylor. There are lots of pictures here that need to be seen in very slow motion because the beauty of the display this year was that there were stationery parts with moving parts inside.

One of the first examples of this is the staircase with the mother and two children. What appears on the top of the stairs keeps changing. There is also one fashion plate cut-out doll who keeps completely changing her clothes. I’ve also included  pictures show the sequence of the appearance of a dance floor with couples dancing and how it becomes more visible.

I especially loved the miniature Viennese pastry buffet table because I collect intricate food miniatures to gift to a very close friend of mine. The juxtaposition of the Duke Ellington Jazz band silhouettes with the more Victorian details was also interesting to me.

I sincerely wish that you enjoy this show as a prelude to your New Year celebrations.  Happy New Year blessed readers. May 2014 be the very best year that all of humanity has yet experienced.

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