Happy New Year and What Ever Happened in December Group?

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM1-4-2014-3.27.37 PM

Dear Readers,

Wishing you each the most joyful year ever!

With the beautiful, powdery crunchy snow gracing our city streets I thought that this Google obtained image most represents my internal feeling tone for this new year.

I am feeling a certain ease, excitement and glistening inside myself about the opening opportunities that our new year provides. It seems that something very new is being ushered into our experience of life on planet earth this year.

Yesterday, after the snow stopped falling,  the sun was shining brightly while I sat next to my kitchen window. Outside it was really really cold and blustery.

The wind was driving snow drifts. As  tiny flakes flew in the air by my balcony the light of the sun glinted off their structures.

It reminded me of  miniaturized fireflies in summer night skies- in reverse. Here were specks of bright white light illuminated by the sun’s reflection.

Wow.. It was gorgeous!

Left over from the old year is a short account of what during our December Practitioner Skills Development Group.

We were delighted to include a new Group member, RPA Student Practitioner  Veronica, who recently completed her basic Resonance Repatterning™ coursework with our wonderful teacher in Mexico, Karine Bourcart.

Other Group members who were present were Minh, Merrill, Gladys, Harriet, Paula and Shyama. Lillian was present by proxy.

After our paired practice sessions, we had a Group Repatterning. It was the Nun Karma Repatterning which is authored by a group of Certified Repatterning Practitioners.

Our healing modality included Harmonic Overtones with the energy of Infinity Healing.

The next Group session date will be determined a little later on. It will be either March 1st, or March 8th.

If you have a definite preference and would like to be with us, please let me know soon so I can publish our proposed March Group date.

Sending you each love, light, laughter and much gratitude,

Capture3-16-2011-9.48.04 PM7-10-2011-3.31.02 PM


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