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Lee Harris’s November 2013 Energy Forecast

Once again, Lee Harris’s Energy Forecast  has taken awhile to really percolate in my system. I found this month’s message to be really relevant to what I believe my approach in life has been for a very long time.

I emphasize the feminine,  heart centered part of myself as the platform I most resonate with.  Along with this I find that I link my heart to my intuitive, “right brain” conceptual thinking rather than anchoring myself in logical sequential thought.

I have also found that as the energy has shifted and changed I am even less linear in my thought processes and holding on to concepts of “when” and “time” is more elusive to me than ever before.

We are living in such an exciting time and the possibilities for our expansive ascension are becoming more and available to us, especially if we slow down, center ourselves and feel the intrinsic peace and calm that lies within each of us as we allow it to flourish within.

Sending you all wishes for a joyful week,

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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

November Energy Forecast – Where the Feminine Impregnates the Masculine…

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message)

Hi everyone and welcome to the November Energy Forecast for 2013.

Time is crazy. I can’t believe it was 11 months ago that I stood here to do the December Energy Forecast. That was an auspicious forecast, because it was December 2012 and people were divided between whether the world was about to end, or the spaceships were going to land, or something massive was going to shift.

As I and many people said at the time, the knowledge that we’ve had for thousands of years is that it was always a marker point and it was always going to signify a change in consciousness. And in the same way that for most people, the energy body (and our emotions and thoughts) can change faster than the actual physical body can; it’s the same with this shift in consciousness. It will take time to ground.

Many people are still in the aftershock of, “Well the spaceships didn’t land” or “We didn’t get saved.” Many people are still a little bit confused about the structural changes of our world. Yes, everywhere you look banking systems, government, all of those aspects of society that we knew would be under review or question, it’s all happening. It’s just taking a longer time to play out in a big way than most people would like or expect. And it’s important to remember this to keep yourself centered.

Many years ago I was channeling and what came through was that the shift period was going to take a much longer time than anyone anticipated; and that 2013 to 2020 were going to be the years where a lot that had been stirred up around 2012 would play out and take place.

It’s important to remember this when we are surrounded by the chaos that we’re surrounded by. The amount of flux in the world is high right now and also, a word that came up this morning with Marc, the videographer, is the word ‘fragility’.

It seems many things are very fragile at the moment, whether that is you and your personal state feeling fragile, or whether it’s things that you are trying to turn into action in the outside world have a real fragility around them as to whether or not they will work. So many people are having technical problems or issues with technology. People are also noticing problems with general flow in life.

And the gift of this, of course, is that we learn to become more patient. We learn to not always need to have it go the way it used to go. And this is true for us as individuals as much as it is for things that we are creating or working on in the world.

I just returned from a month spent in Europe, mostly in Slovenia. I had to take three plane rides to get home. On the final flight I sat next to the most amazing lady called Linda. She was 81. I’m fascinated with older age and I always have been. I’ve always been interested in older people and if you live that long, how must it feel to go through 80 years of change? Because even at 37 I can feel so different in myself to how I felt 5, 10, 15 years ago.

The thing that hit me about Linda was her gratitude. It shone from her eyes. We were talking and I asked her, “What is it that you’ve experienced having lived 81 years? How does it feel? What is that like?”

And she was so immediate in her reply. She immediately just said, “Well, I grew up in a small Kansas town”, and she said “The fact that I’ve got to just visit New York to see my kids and grandkids and to get to see a play on Broadway, that’s amazing to me.”

We talked about her losing her husband and health things that she was going through, but she didn’t focus on any of that when I asked her the question. In the moment of me asking her that question, her eyes lit up and she just shared her gratitude and wonder. And she lit me up. My reaction was, “Wow!” I would like to be like this at her age or sooner.” For me, Linda was the ultimate spiritual truth – someone who is alive in this body, having this crazy and diverse experience down on Planet Earth and making the best of it with gratitude. And because of her energy of making the best of it, you should have seen as we walked through the airport – I walked her down to where she was being picked up to collect her bags – the amount of people who were interested in talking to her and gravitating around her because of what she was able to just hold in herself and give off.

So, all of this ‘work’ that we can do around self-development, transformation, spirituality – the kind of cosmic joke for me about all of it is, ultimately there comes a point where you don’t need to do any more work. You don’t need to read another book. You don’t need to hear another piece of philosophy about spirituality and that’s the place that everyone is looking to reach. That place where you hit a bigger level of flow in your life where what you are able to do in the world and experience in the world magnifies wholeheartedly. And this is what everyone’s looking for. A sense of connection and flow.

So I spend a lot of time in these forecasts addressing the mind, because the mind is one of our ‘dis-eases’, in society. Over-thinking, and neurotic thoughts that are allowed to play out because the emotions are off balance are signs of a mind in dis-ease. We’ve forgotten how to use our inner connection to connect with what is going on inside us, which would calm the body and senses and ultimately, the mind.

I shared this at a recent event, but if you’re able to do this with me now this would be a good thing:

Wherever you are right now if you are able to stand up, please stand up. And when you’re standing, start leaning forward as far as you can until you start to fall over. You can stop yourself before you fall over, but if you just keep leaning to the point where you’re going to lose your balance, and notice that feeling in your body.

If you were to try walking down the street like this, you’d be constantly falling or nearly falling and you wouldn’t be getting anywhere very fast and it would be frustrating for you. This is what your mind is doing to you all of the time when you have thoughts going on a loop. You’ve basically come off the center of your body. You’ve come away from your emotional center, your happy place or your centered place, whatever it is for you, and you’ve started to over-think because something is off balance in the body. If you can just remember in these moments, this physical demonstration of what you are trying to do if you keep letting that mind run away with itself it will help.

The reason I talk about this so much is it’s one of the things that, with the exception of a few people that have enlightenment experiences where they are popped beyond the mind – and that doesn’t happen to many people on Earth, most of us have to go through the process of rewiring our own pattern. So becoming aware of it when it’s happening is the first key. Being able to go into your body and, as I’ve said before, put hands on your body, center yourself, put on good music, change something in your environment to change the energy.

But we are a very mind based society. So when people are very mental or very in their mind, and they’ve got mind loops going on, if you get near them and there are too many mind loops playing in them, you’re going to start to feel a little off balance unless you notice what is occuring and use your awareness to observe and be present with what is taking place.

So this ‘overbalancing’ is just a principle you can remember to help you reset when too many thoughts occur.

The big thing that we forget a lot of the time about life when we’re striving to achieve something or striving toward a goal is: life is a wave. And the best thing that you can do as a human being is learn to swim it every day and learn how to do front crawl, how to do backstroke, how to tread water – because all of it might be needed depending on what the ocean is like on any given day.

I’ve given several short tools in these forecasts over the last months, which are designed to help you shift out of areas such as self-limitation; self-doubt and I’ve spoken a lot on boundaries and the energetics of others and how they affect us. So if any of these areas are current themes for you, go back and look at the last few forecasts, from July through October.

What I will say today is more of a general message about the energy of our time and what we are about to move into.

There is a beautiful vulnerability that is now taking place in a far more grounded and set way than before on Earth.

Many months ago I said you’ll find people are more heartfelt; more open, more willing to connect. Now you’ll be getting used to seeing that around you, it more and more becomes true. And as this starts to become normal, it allows the feminine to take a bigger hold in our way of being.

So the feminine side of us is more accepting, more flowing, and more able to move with the changes than our masculine. Think Linda, the 81 year old, on the airplane. She was very in her feminine. She was using her masculine to think about logic or what she needed to do get her luggage etc, but she was mostly just flowing and open hearted and thus carried along on that wave for much of the time. And that’s the new energy that we are grounding as a human race on Earth right now. And it’s going to take a few decades for it to really ground in the people, and to not be reacted ‘against’, but thats what we are currently absorbing and becoming at this time.

So, some of you will be having some strange moments and reactions around that experience. You might be getting very fixated in a war with somebody about their opinion or your opinion – and that’s just the masculine shouting around a little bit, going “but it should be this way!” The old masculine part of you is trying to adjust to the fact that there is no ‘one’ way anymore – there shouldn’t be “a” way – there are always multiple ways. The more you start to get less attached to something being fixed in one direction or on a certain timescale, the easier this time will be for you. The more you want to fight it, the harder it’s going to be and you’re going to process a lot of emotion through the fight.

So over the coming months we will see a wave of this feminine energy reinvigorating the masculine, and supporting all sorts of projects and humanitarian movements on Earth. There will be a continuation of global discussion, governmentally, economically, environmentally all of that is going to keep going.

And to add to it, there is now a really potent; I want to say potent pregnancy available on Earth. And pregnancies are available all the time energetically. Creators know this, especially if you create something every day, you know that you’re pregnant in the morning, the baby’s out by the evening and then you start again the next day.

But on a world scale there is an incredible power rising now around heartfelt community based humanitarian intended projects. And these things are going to get stronger and stronger. 2014 and 2015 are the big emergence years. There are people right now planning and creating things that we don’t even know about, that are going to come out into the world next year and the following year and be real game changers around future society, future economy, everything.

So, the new vulnerability that we’re getting used to is good, because it takes us out of what was the old masculine paradigm and allows us to start living in a new way.

So just be aware of that feminine/masculine dance within you. Are you in an argument with someone? Are they allowing flexibility? Are they allowing things to just be? Are you? And how much are you appreciating every single moment?

I said it in the last forecast, that being here in Colorado during the september floods, we really experienced how death and loss can be a second away at any time. So, appreciation and gratitude for life and what you have in every moment is a vital life force – a choice that is good for the planet and good for you.

So, that’s all for this month – thanks for tuning in.

I am doing a live event in America in December which has just been decided. I’m doing this in Boulder, Colorado. So if you’re in the Boulder or Denver area it’s December the 14th, we will put all details at the end of this video.

Then on January the 4th, I’m doing ‘Open to Your Highest Potential’, the same event, in Amsterdam where I haven’t been for a few years.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing some of you live. See the rest of you in The Portal for the monthly Q&A.

Lots of love everyone; see you in December.


Lee Harris’s October Energy Forecast

I loved reading and hearing this month’s Energy Forecast because, once again, Lee has mirrored my own process.

In the past few months I have made a definite and stronger commitment to be more of my Actual self, my larger light body being, in each and every moment so that I can fully activate the channel of light,  love and God energy and information that I Am.

I am learning to be my Grounded Bliss self ever more in each moment and to hold my expanded, centered presence with each situation and person I encounter.

I loved Lee’s comments about how we intuitive , empathic and  sensitive people have in the past shrunk ourselves to disappear around difficult energies we are presented with. Now, he offers tools and statements to remind  us release that which is not ours while maintaining our centered presence.

Also resonant with me are his comments about the positive happenings not covered in the media about even the worst scenarios of the Colorado floods. Once again we are all reminded that there is so much positive that is occurring simultaneously with all of the negatives that the media will over emphasize in their  attempts to  manipulate the public into frenzies of fear.

Love is all around us and available to us in each and every moment- no matter what!

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message)

Hello and welcome to the October Energy Forecast – “Diversity, Up Close…”
Behind me you can see the rocks and the mud which were part of a landslide that happened here in the Colorado flash floods in September.
At the beginning of the September Energy Forecast, as a few of you emailed me to point out, I did mention that we needed water energy in September to calm down some of the fire.
While that wasn’t quite what I had in mind for where I live, it certainly is what we experienced. And for about 3-4 days we were in a state of emergency here in Colorado and in Boulder. People that we know were evacuated and some people lost their homes. There were a small number of deaths and a larger number of injuries.
It was a very interesting experience to live through, in terms of seeing how brilliantly everyone rallies around and very quickly adapts to what is needed in a state of emergency, and community comes together. But also to see and feel the visceral power of nature when it’s at work. To see this rapid water rushing down a hill and to stand near it and to realize if you were in that water with all of the rocks, you would be gone, just like that. It was very humbling and also very real.
And to me our experience feels metaphoric to what we are going through as a world now. Wherever you look there is a new challenge to go through and, like anything in life, there are many contrasts to that challenge.
Those of you who may have seen about the Colorado floods on the media would have just seen the worst pictures; you would have just been shown the extremes. The irony of being here was that because this area of Boulder is so hilly; it was very, very varied as to whether or not a certain street was affected. So one street was fine and the next street was decimated. This ‘diversity up-close’ is very much the new normal for Planet Earth 2013 and beyond.
So we all know about the chaos that we are experiencing as a planet. A new level of perceived chaos in everything around us, and also internally a new speed of the movement you can go through in your own feelings or your own thoughts.
The chaos energy will continue. I don’t see any sign of that letting up for the next couple of years in certain ways, as we go through all of these transitions and all of these debates in our world about what is needed for the future environmentally, governmentally and in many areas.
But to touch on the chaos energy for a second, one of the things that many of you will be finding is if you really do your internal work at the moment and stay centered, there are incredible opportunities for growth, connection and the power of the human experience at an all new level.
So, I hike this hill I’m standing upon, 5, sometimes 6, days a week and the interesting thing to experience as I walk here now is that where the land has been stripped away by the rivers rushing over it, the energy of the Earth is so palpable. 

I’ve spoken about the power of the energy of the Earth many times in the last few months. But where that top layer of soil has been stripped away by these rushing rivers, a whole new energy vortex has been revealed and created in the land. And when you stand by these landslides, and their freshly revealed land, the energy is so alive and palpable.
So the shadow side of a flood is the loss, the destruction and all that people have to repair. But what gets revealed via the process of land changing shape, is a whole new terrain that you then get to play in.
This month is going to be interesting. Because as I tuned in this morning and asked for some higher information about where we are at as a world this coming month, what was explained was that the last few months, even though there has been a lot of energy and certain people have felt lifted or that things are going in a good way for them personally, there has been contraction in the world. There has been tightness energetically and problems and issues.
In October, certainly from around the 7th onwards, there is going to be an energy lift. And we’re going to feel a lot more ‘height’ available to us in October and a lot more room for opening, connection, flow and collaboration. 
And this is something that will shift again in November.
But it means while there is now this ‘opening’ energy in October, many of you who have felt a little down, or suppressed should be able to shift forward. And those of you who’ve been doing well should continue to see yourself making connections and building new things with people that you wanted to have a rich relationship or a collaborative relationship with that is going to enhance your world and the world of those around you.
So just to talk about ‘dealing with chaos’ for a second. Here we are living physically in the human body but our energy fields extend all around us and beyond the body. 

So let’s just take an example for a moment that in this moment today, my energy field is extending to here (Lee extends arms to demonstrate circle around him). 

If I were to now meet somebody who is feeling pretty chaotic in life – which can happen to any of us at any given moment depending on our circumstances – but let’s say this person’s having a hard time, they’re pretty chaotic and they come into my energy orbit and are like, “Aaah”. I talk to them for a few minutes, I walk away. Even if I manage to be centered and contained in here while I was talking to them, a little bit of their chaos would have overlapped with the edge of my energy field.
So as I walk away, this little pocket of chaos is left sitting here at the edge of my energy field and I’m walking away with it hanging there at the edge. This is where incredible diligence and sensitivity around the energy of others and how it affects you at the moment is really important.
I just recorded and released this month and audio guide to “Boundaries” And in that, one of the themes that I explained was that we get a little confused about boundaries being something that we use to push others away or to keep others at bay, and it really isn’t about that. It’s about holding your own center and it’s about taking your energy space. Because so often people will be in deference to the chaotic person and will pull back and will go, “Ooh, that person’s chaotic. I’ll contract, I’ll step back.”
But imagine if in front of a chaotic person you took your space, and you held your space and you held a space of love or compassion or strength for them. It’s going to give them a different energy to alchemize with.
So for many of you who are sensitive you will say, “That’s too much for me. If it’s a chaotic person I can’t handle them today.” This is fine but if you are not able to take your energy space, make sure that when you’re leaving this chaotic person or this incident that you go through that’s a little tricky, that you just use your words or your focus to reclaim your own energy for yourself. If you contracted in their presence, some release of their energy will most likely be necessary.
It’s very important at the moment that you are renewing yourself as often as you can and releasing the energy of others, as it will feel heavier than usual at times (partly because it will be easier for you to feel your own lightness).
So for example, to quickly direct a release and renewal, you might simply say:
“I release that which is not mine.
I release that which is not mine.”

You may even be a bit more specific:
“I release all from my energy field that I do not need to hold onto.”
Simple words, but very effective to do and give you an opportunity to keep letting go, letting go, letting go.
Don’t forget, you can create your own affirmations using your own words at any time, and the effect will be very powerful to your state of being, and then by turn, everything around you.
The reason it’s more important than ever to do this kind of release faster than ever before is because emotions and issues are coming up faster than ever before for people. You can go through 9 different states of being within a few hours at the moment compared to how it was before.
The other thing that you will notice, and I’ve touched on this over the months, is that you will see more heart opening in more people than you’ve ever seen before. And this shows up in different ways, but it should allow you to have softer moments with people who maybe normally have a hard edge in your life and perhaps you’re used to them ONLY having a hard edge. 

But don’t forget to let people be out of the boxes you might have put them in in the past. And maybe for good reason in the past, maybe in the past this person was consistently difficult to be around. But remember we are all changing very rapidly so this difficult person might too be changing very rapidly. If in doubt, investigate and see, but be willing for fast openings and transformations in others. We are all being affected by these energy invitations to rapidly change.
This is particularly important to remember for those of you who have some dense or heavier family/group dynamics around you that you are perhaps in every day. Take your space more, and see what changes occur when you do.
It’s very easy to point the finger at someone else’s behavior or to be unhappy with the way they’re behaving without ever taking into account, how am I being to this person? How is how I am being to this person influencing their behavior? How can I change, how can I show up differently?
One of the things that sensitive people, people who are empathic, have often spent a lifetime doing is taking up as little space in a room as possible and being very aware of everything that everyone else is feeling, but often very much going into the observer role and standing at the back and letting everyone else take up the space.
How would it be if you were ready to be here and take up the space?
It’s very important. It’s not taking space from anyone else. It’s just you very much being here. 

Whether it’s you committing this month to doing more work on behalf of the environment, taking your space in that way, or whether it’s you showing up more for a friend or putting a boundary there for someone who you need to give a boundary to.
Take your space.
When I stood next to this raging river with these rocks in it and I was just a meter away from it, and I knew that just a few steps in that direction, if I was in that river, bang – that’s it – you’re gone. It’s wonderful to be that close to the truth of how quickly this can disappear.
And so this is a time on Earth for people to act and people to be. And we have a lot of urgency going on. But why not show up in that urgency and be as much of yourself as you can be. And live as much as you are able to live.
So, I hope you all have a good month.
If any of you are in Europe, I will be doing live events in Slovenia and Berlin in October. I think the dates are the 13th and the 19th. We will put them at the end of the video here.
And for those of you who are members of The Portal, I’ll see you at the live Q&A in a couple of weeks.
The “Boundaries” audio guide I mentioned is in the store, or it’s free to Portal members until the middle of this month.
So lots of love everybody.
Look after yourselves; look after each other and I’ll see you next month.

Lee Harris’s September 2013 Energy Forecast- Pyramids of Peace

No matter where I am in my life and myself, Lee’s forecast always speaks to me in some way.

This month I most related to his remark about the illusion of our ability to hemit away from others and affairs of the world.  Since we are increasingly aware of the reality of our oneness, the illusion of being able to isolate ourselves is really running very thinly.

This is especially so for all of us who are energetically sensitive creatures. It is impossible to completely shut out the world in our own private retreats because, as Lee mentions, energy travels right through walls!

Lee’s comments about changes in how his memory is working also runs true for me. I feel like I’ve surrendered to this new aspect of life , even though I run the risk of appearing as less than I truly am in the eyes of others.

My very favorite part was when he stated “And if you are going through lots of conflict experiences in yourself, focus on things that bring you peace and expansion. It’s not avoidance to do this. It can elevate your whole experience.”

I have  been experiencing how my conscious desire to live peacefully within myself has been amplified lately by my  increasing the tangible viseral feeling of love in my heart by focusing intently on that which stimulates the pure feelings of love, bliss, peace and spiritual connection within me.  It works!

I hope that you enjoy Lee’s forecast this month.!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September Energy Forecast – Pyramids of Peace

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message)

Hello and welcome to the September Energy Forecast.

It has been two months since I did a forecast and I’m not kidding – I can’t remember how to do these forecasts! I’m going to get there, don’t worry. But I’m sharing that because I think that this is a common theme for many at the moment with something that they either haven’t done for a couple of months or even a couple of days. Memory and getting back to ‘where you were’ are seeming more distant than ever before for many people, because things are hurtling ahead at such a rate; both personally and also collectively.
 So today, (Lee points behind him to a lake) we have this amazing body of water behind me, because we need some water energy at the moment. It’s very fiery on the planet and it’s fiery within the collective. The energetics are strong and fire is the element. It seems to be that 60% of the time, energies are strong and pushing forward and then they retract the other 40% of the time.
So many of you will be finding the world a little chaotic right now (understandably). This is especially true given everything we are now examining on a world level; 

Conflict, War, Power, Society, Societal leadership and Authority. 

All of these themes are coming up on a world scale.  So whenever anything is going on a world scale, it’s affecting everybody personally too so you can translate these themes to the personal also. Take it from the macro to the micro.

Many of the comments I’m hearing from people, and the experiences that people seem to be having are confusion, wanting to completely change the way they’re living their life and let go of any shackles/restrictions they feel. Wanting to do something very different, feeling lethargy, less energy than you usually have to do the ‘stuff of life’ – especially grounded aspects. Many people are having more trouble doing grounded, detail-based work versus more energetic, creative, expansive work.
If you look at what’s going on in the world, we have very old systems of power currently being abusive, and the abuse being questioned by other countries. Then you can also look at what’s going on in governmental opinion – what’s abusive to another country and what’s helpful. This is the argument that is going on right now. And so what you have to ask yourself is, when anyone is going to take authority over another being or country; what are of the motives? Are the motives completely clean and they are going in to help elevate things and the elevation is what will take place?
So there are so many questions. And if you had 10 people sitting around the dinner table right now, there would be 10 very different opinions about what’s going on in the world and what should be happening. This is why the mind is proving itself to be a tricky place to hang out right now, when in contact or communication with others – also when with yourself. If you’re alone and you’re reflecting on things, it won’t always mentally make a lot of sense.
I’ve said this for a few months, that things either won’t make a lot of sense anymore if you try and work them out too hard, or if you find yourself going round and round in circles. This is due to the emotional pain or constriction that is underneath those mental thoughts that just keep circling. Until you deal with that, the thoughts are just going to keep going round in a dead end circle.
I’ve used before the metaphor of a wine bottle. If you think of a wine bottle, the neck of the bottle at the top when the cork resides is like our mind in its relative size. The body is wider and a lot longer.

So you have this incredible being that you are, with all of these feelings that you have carried through your life, developed and changed through your life and then, added to that (and on a daily basis), you are being affected by everyone around you and the sea of energy that we create as a society. Add to this the sea of energy that comes from the Earth itself, and you see how we’re all in a constant energy relationship.

So Chaos is speaking louder at the moment. It means you will find people coming up to you and being a bit more headless, and that’s okay. You don’t have to get angry at them; you just have to know how to deal with it for yourself.
So for example, if I was to come up to you and was pushing you to do something, for example saying,  (Jumping up and down at the camera) “You must come and do this project with me next week and we’ve got to do it now,  we’ve got to do it now!!!”
There are two things in what I just did, there are my words and there is my energy. My words are quite simple, because they could also come out like this: (Casually) “Oh, you must come and do this project with me. We need to do it right now.”
The second one gives you plenty of space to consider, and you think, “Hmm, do I want to do that project right now?”
The first one, for many of you, is intense and will result in many of you getting drawn in or off centre.
So if someone comes up to you like (big energy at camera) “Aaahh!”, you can sometimes go (pulls back) “Whoaa!”, and either start going with them in their leadership or at some point question your actions,  “Why am I saying I’ll do this?”
So really check how people are coming up to you at the moment. Because a lot of people, when they are confused or desperate, will be running a lot of energy out of their own body if they haven’t yet figured out how to resolve it or feel it in their body. And this is understandable as we will also be going through it ourselves, in our own way at different times.
So the sensitive among you who may have hermited yourselves away at the moment, you will find that just keeping a real eye on the balance in the energies around you and how you interact with or respond to those energies is going to be very important.
So let’s take it away from the personal for a second and go macro.
We have a real opportunity as a people to review conflict, war and power right now. And that conversation is raging hard across the world, and rightfully so, but what is interesting is it’s a different conversation to any conversation that we’ve ever had before; and we’re influencing it in every moment. That is not to be underestimated.
So I just to ask you to go ‘energetic’ with me for a moment and to create an intentional energy; if you feel to do this, please just take a moment to either say out loud or inside yourself:
 I intend for peace, grace and ease on Earth at this time.
 I intend for peace, grace and ease on Earth at this time.
Us doing that has an effect. It will have an effect on the Earth and the planet because you’ve set that intention that’s going to emanate from yourself. It will have an effect on what you’re doing and what happens.
It really is time for change.
We love to talk about change.  We go, “Oh yes, change would be nice.” And we like to plan and sometimes even make a list. But do we actually step into change?
I’ve talked over the last few months’ worth of energy forecasts about the rise of intimacy, the rise of connection in our world. And as these structures and forms we were held in; our jobs, our relationships, our ideas of what we thought marriage was, what we thought a friendship was, who we thought we were, are changing, so too is it allowing you to be more present and more intimate in your life.  
And as people are doing that, of course, there is a lot that may move through you; guilt, shame, fear of hurting other people, as you take steps to put yourself into a position feels better to you more of the time than you are used to. There can sometimes be a sense of “I’m letting this or that person down”. I would argue you’re letting people down by being present with them and not being fully present.  And that comes from someone who can cite many examples where I’ve done that in the past with people. So I’m not judging you and I’m not judging me and I’m not judging any of us.  I’m just saying that actually the new paradigm for people is how we want to live in a truer, more connected way.
This is a really crucial time in Earth’s history in terms of how do we, or do we transition as a people into this new world.
So there are two things that come up for me personally there. There is the personal responsibility around the world situation and how much of my time am I putting to that, and then there is also trying to remember that we are just simple human beings who have arrived here for the experience that were having – and we never know what’s coming tomorrow, so live today to the best of your ability.  

Because the more you can live from and exude that energy in the world, the more you will feel centered and the more you will actually be able to flow through life and make a difference. All very naturally from inside yourself, without forcing anything, without fighting anyone.
There is a lot of fight out there right now.  So, some of you will be using this time and it’s energies to resolve past conflict energies in yourself. You might be having remorse about the past conflicts you’ve had.  You might reach out to a person you haven’t spoken to for years to make peace. Conflict is under the microscope. So if you aren’t dealing with it in the outer world and you’re staying very alone, be aware you will still be processing that energy as it moves across the planet as a focal point.

And if you are going through lots of conflict experiences in yourself, focus on things that bring you peace and expansion. It’s not avoidance to do this. It can elevate your whole experience.

It’s also important to remember that if you feel stuck and going round on a mind loop when you aren’t in community (when you’re isolated), you don’t run energy in quite the same way as you do as if you’re among people. This can be great for bringing you back to center and balance, but if you are sensitive and experience the world energetically (and that’s why you have retreated), don’t forget that this stuff comes through our walls; it comes from under the Earth. We have an illusionary belief that when we shut away in our room we are shut away from the rest of the planet, and of course we’re not. We’re on the ground with walls around us and everything outside those walls.
So make peace with yourself this month.
Find those areas in you that you are not at peace with. Whether it’s that you haven’t made changes you want to make or whether it is that you’re judging yourself, make peace with those areas and see what you can do to bring change to them.
Finally, whenever there are death or destruction energies threatening or strongly around you (as there are on our planet now) there is always the counterbalance of an enormous life/birth energy. This is the wheel of life and how it works. 
So a great many of you will feel a real surge around creativity and passion that you maybe haven’t felt in a while, and also by retreating somewhat from the chaos out there, you will find the space to be creatively productive. Whether that creation is something you are doing to help the environment, whether that creation is your family, or something you are doing to help people grow, entertain people, it doesn’t matter – if you’re bringing life to yourself and others through your body, you bring life to the planet now, which helps balance everything at the moment.
So lots of love everybody. I hope you have a great month and I’ll be back with the forecast in October.
And for those of you who wish to keep up with more of what I do, The Portal is a membership club that we launched a few months ago. It’s been a fantastic experience for me and the team and also for the people who are in there.
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So hope to see some of you in there and otherwise I will see all of you in October.
Lots of love.