Favorite Attractions to Visit Before or After The Seminar

This is an on going list not only of some of my favorite places that are really a great part of New York, but also places that other members of our community and our out of town visitors have enjoyed.

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To start the ball rolling anyone who has visited my website might have noticed that I love Central Park. This is one place that I walk to almost on a daily basis. Being there opens my heart and fills me with gratitude. One of my favorite experiences there when I’m not having my walk is to have a leisurely lunch or brunch at The Central Park Boathouse restaurant http://www.centralparkboathouse.com These pictures are taken inside the park and also show inside the restaurant overlooking the lake and across from Bethesda Fountain.


2 responses to “Favorite Attractions to Visit Before or After The Seminar

  1. Thanks Joie, I had such fun taking them!
    Love to you,

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