Holiday Tasks and Nourishing Myself with the Light of the Eclipsing Full Moon

I remember a time when I received holiday cards or calendars from every professional person who considered me their patient. It is a custom that seems to be dwindling, or is being replaced by e-cards and I am a little sorry that this is happening.

I felt appreciated when I went to my mailbox and received the cards. So, I follow the tradition and send out cards to my friends, acquaintances, members of The Group, and happily to my clients.

I usually find the prospect of the huge number of cards to buy, label, stamp and hand write messages in rather overwhelming. I also hand write messages to another thirty people who work in my building.

This year I had a wonderful surprise. My computer quickly printed my labels without a glitch and I did some modalities before starting to write the cards.

In particular, I grounded myself in my tenth chakra, used the Remembrance process, put on Turner Classic Movies for background. To my delight the huge task was finished smoothly and with my remaining connected in my heart.

All of the cards were mailed on Monday. I hope that all of my clients, students and Group members experience something positive when they get their card. I hope they receive my gratitude and acknowledgement.

In the wee small hours of the next morning I bundled up, stood outside on my terrace and felt the quiet peace of a cold city night. I took a few shots of the full moon as it was beginning to be eclipsed. The sky was cloudless for the first half hour.

I stood outside until about 2 AM. I focused my eyes on the light of the moon and I felt subtle but powerful energy buzzing under my feet. While watching the event I felt like I was bathing in the wonderful light as it touched my bare face.

Unfortunately, I was tired and cold and it promised to be a long process.  Here is one of the pictures I took.

More about the full moon eclipse will follow in another post.


2 responses to “Holiday Tasks and Nourishing Myself with the Light of the Eclipsing Full Moon

  1. I did receive my card, Meryl and it did give me a warm feeling of love and appreciation. Thank you for taking the time to do this!


  2. Thank you so much Donna for taking the time to respond here and to read the articles. I hope that your Christmas was really great for you and your loved ones.

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