Notes for The 2011 Seminar Series Students

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are as excited as I am that we only have to wait until next weekend to be learning more with each other again.

As you can see in my announcement to the Group, our new books are already here so I am starting to prepare for our class.

During our next seminar we will be expanding what we know about the Feeling Pause and what we already know about finding the note, or frequency associated with a new Intention and its positive related feeling.

In preparation for the expansion of finding the note you’ll learn next weekend, make sure you are thoroughly comfortable with what we’ve learned to do already on p.35.c, or p. 60.F, or p. 71.G., or p.82. G or  p.91.G  in Fundamentals.

This week and next week, spend a little time practicing the “Feeling Pause” (first written on p. 57-58.D and in each of the repatternings),  with a pillow or a stuffed animal as your client.

Notice that the first phase, the slow relaxed nose breathing that you model for the client and tell him/her to use, is the prime action that ensures that the client relaxes him/herself into their body.

Once they are back in the body, we first ask them to become aware of the sensations they are feeling and then to associate these constricted sensations with the emotions they are feeling.

Next, we ask the client to communicate their emotion. We communicate that we heard the client say ” I feel _____” by looking at the client with our soft focused gaze. We underscore their communication by telling them we are standing in for an ideal person who hears them, accepts them and loves them.

The next part is the physical release of the residual bodily sensations and emotions and tensions that have been held in . In the Katsugen, the unwinding from the inside of the body takes palce.

Finally, the process is finished with a silent pause for the person to integrate the changes.

Have fun with your practicing this week and if you can come to group this week, you are more than welcome!

With love,light, laughter and gratitude,



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  1. oooh, very nice synopsis…

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