Post Primary Patterns Notes for Students

Hi Everyone,

The first thing I want to share with you is the wonderful book on Chinese Medicine for use with cats and dogs that I showed you during break in class.

Four Paws Five Directions

You can find it easily on Amazon and you’ll understand how to use it better once you have taken Meridians and Five Elements in June.

I went through all of the new Repatternings to break them down into parts that you can use now and those that you can save for later on when you want to add more pieces of the work.

Please remember that the most important thing that you will use when you have your fluency and when you have full access to all the parts of all the Repatternings  is that your muscle indicator is always your guide.

It is important to know how to do all the parts but more important to use your muscle indicator to guide the direction of the Repatterning for the maximum healing potential that is dictated by the client’s higher self, or energy field.

With that in mind, here is what I have come up with as a plan for practicing and learning to use the five new Repatternings. Again, this is not an assignment that you must do, but rather a guide if you should need it.

The Commitment Repatterning:  Do B.a.; B.b;  E and F.  Later (mcs) C and if so, do D.

The Self-Image Repatterning:  Do B.a; B.b; B.c ( #1 or #2); B.d; B.e. or B.f.; D.a.; D.b.; D.c.; D.d.; D.e.; (mcs) for E.  Later do C.

The Creative Self-Expression Repatterning:  Do B; C.a.; C.b.; C.c.; C.d.; C.e. if appropriate; D.a.; D.b.; E.; G.a.; G.b.; H. Later (mcs) F; (mcs) I.

The Negative Thoughts  Repatterning:

Desire- Do all A.; B.; C. (with option C. h.); Do D.;E.

Greed- Do A.; B.; C. (with option C. h.); D.

Fear- Do A.; B.; C. (with option C. h.); D.; E.

Worry- Do A.; B.; C. (with option C. h.); D.; E.

Infatuation- Do A.; B.; C (if a person is involved); D. ( with optional D.h.); E.

Anger- Do A.; B.; C.; D.(with option D. h.); E.; F.; G.; H.; I. (mcs) d-e:

Jealousy- Do A.; B. ( with optional B.h.); C.; D.; E.

Pride/Ego- Do A.; B.; C. (with optional C.h.);D.

Complete all with E.; F. on P. 197

The Appreciation Repatterning: Do B.a.; B.b.; C ( C. with optional C.h.) D.a.; D.b.; E.a.; E.c.; F.; H.;   Later Do B.c.; B.d.; D.c.; E.b.

I hope that you are using one little part of the system every day even for two minutes to keep practicing your muscle indicator and to shift your energy in some way.

Practice as much as you can and have fun!

With love, light, laughter and gratitude,



4 responses to “Post Primary Patterns Notes for Students

  1. emerald trinket walker

    You are amazing, Meryl. Thank you for your ALL. I cannot make it Sunday but please proxy me in. Love to the whole group, and sending the amazing light of the equinox to all — Trinket

  2. Meryl:
    I’m looking forward to seeing you this Sunday. Happy Spring!

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