NY City Night Attractions- More Jazz

It’s been quite awhile since I shared with you about things to do after class  in New York City.

As you some of you know I am a live jazz fan. In addition to my favorite Jazz at Dizzie’s Club, jalc.org/dccc, I also enjoy going to  Jazz Standard jazzstandard.com. It’s located on the East Side of Manhattan in the Murray Hill neighborhood.

Jazz Standard is housed in the basement of the great restaurateur, Danny Meyer’s BBQ restaurant  Blue Smoke www.bluesmoke.com .  Not only is the food quite wonderful at Blue smoke and Jazz Standard, but for those who are gluten restricted, it has a delicious gluten free barbecue menu.

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Last week I saw Mose Alison and the Mose Alison Trio perform here. http://mosealison.com I’ve been listening to Mose Alison since the 1960’s. He’s now 84 and still going strong.

Here’s a clip showing him singing and playing the piano- not at Jazz Standard. I hope you enjoy the minute show!


One response to “NY City Night Attractions- More Jazz

  1. I’ve always like hearing Mose Alison’s music on the radio but never knew he was white! Thanks for the education!

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