The Time for TUPs is Almost Here!

Dear Seminar Series Students,

Welcome Yukine as a re-taker to our class.

The day is almost here for us to begin TUPs. Gladys and I were busy on Sunday getting your books ready so that we can enjoy lots of practice, demos and experiential learning this weekend.

You will need to bring:

  • A baby picture, or picture of you at age 7 or younger – (re-takers and coaches too),
  • Your Primary Patterns book
  • Your Modalities book
  • Your Rainbow books (if you’ve gotten it already,.. and if your revised ECR sheet is not already in your Rainbow book, bring it too!)
  • Your water bottle
  • any modality supplies you have- pitch pipe, color filter torch, colored lenses
  • Your notebook and Green handout folder
  • Your favorite pencil
  • Re-takers and coaches- your class card for me to sign for your CEU’s

If you don’t have access to a baby picture, draw, preferably in crayon or colored pencils, a picture of yourself as a young child and bring it along with your questions, your experiences practicing, and please especially practice the ECR and the earlier experience part of the Repatternings.

We will definitely need every minute of our weekend so we will start Orientation by 9:10 at the latest! We will try to have lunch around 1 or 1:30 at latest.

We have at least two wonderful coaches to join us. On Saturday, Certified Practitioner Donna Bruschi is joining us, and on Sunday, Certified Practitioner Joie Jacobsen will be with us again. Certified Practitioner Gladys Murphy will be joining us some of the time as well.

This is my favorite course to teach so I am extra excited about doing it with you all.

Please let me know that you have read this message by e-mail or comment here on the blog.

See you Saturday.. 9am

Sending you each love light, laughter and gratitude,


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