Nourishing My Heart With Early Spring Views of NYC

I enjoy living on the East Coast because I love the changes that each season brings.

In the past I’ve shown you views of gorgeous autumn and winter holiday dress up windows (not exactly weather related.. next year I’ll show you Central Park after this year’s blizzard). On my website and the main photo here are of NY deeply into Spring.

My most favorite time in Spring is just when the tiny leaves are glistening in the sunlight like peridots and when there are still blossoms on some of the trees just before they have their leaves.

Just saying the word “forsythia” transports my heart to a place of pure delight because the appearance of that cheerful shrub is the signal that soon I will view cherry blossoms, pink magnolia laden trees contrasted against new, spring green.

To celebrate this moment of early Spring, (and to celebrate Frederick Law Olmsted, the co-designer, landscape architect of Central park whose 199th birthday was on Tuesday this week) here are photos of Central Park ( starting from views of The Plaza Hotel ( located just off 5th Avenue and  West 58-59th Streets.

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Here are other early Spring views of: the Park Avenue rose sculptures; street views on the Upper East Side; and of a neighborhood restaurant, Grace’s Trattoria ( where great pasta, thin-crusted pizza, and overall good food and nice ambiance are found.

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I hope that you enjoyed the show!


4 responses to “Nourishing My Heart With Early Spring Views of NYC

  1. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing Meryl.

    • Thanks Joie,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the show… Sorry that the technical part didn’t quite work.. I had ordered the show to be two separate ones but it didn’t work that way at all!

      Sending you much love, light laughter and gratitude,

  2. Meryl what fantastic pictures of NYC! It is great to see the greener side of New York than the crowed streets you see on TV (my only context for NY since I live in Toronto). Your central park has many similarities to our west end High Park. I feel right at home in your neighborhood!

    Now I am inspired to go take my own spring photos

    Much love


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