How I Nurture Myself and My Practice-I Create My Garden

In a very few weeks I will share with you pictures of my beautiful flower garden that I create annually on my balcony.

You have already seen several pictures from my past gardens on the  website.

Today I thought I’d share a few pictures of my work in progress garden.

On Monday I completed planting all of my flower plants into containers.This year I took my time to complete the planting. I have had the  best time getting to know each and every little plant. I have never loved them more.

This is what my balcony looks like before I have arranged all of the pots and the rocks in the rock garden part of the space. The flowers are at their freshest and healthiest young state.

It is such a joy to look at them and care for them.

I hope that you enjoy the mini-show.

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2 responses to “How I Nurture Myself and My Practice-I Create My Garden

  1. Your plants are beautiful, amazing and truly thriving in a city environment. I am totally blown away by the beauty of your flowers.
    You truly have a green thumb.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and for enjoying my new flowers… Please come and visit again to see the garden when it is finished and to see how it grows through the fall. Thank you for sharing your comments.


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