Some Questions About The Negative Thoughts Repatterning

In case you missed Carol’s comment last week, here are some issues she and I discussed about the negative mental state “Desire” in Chloe Wordsworth’s Transforming Primary Patterns.

Hi, Meryl, and all,
I was working in my new Primary Patterns book with a client who needed the Negative Thought Repatterning when I came upon the new (to me): E. “Own the feeling energy of the desire” in where the client is supposed to wear the color filter lenses (“ColorYourWorld Glasses”) and “Move your focus back and forth several times between (the object of your desire) and (the positive feeling of having the desire) (Da) “Encourage client to feel the desired object strongly. and mcs “I own my own powerful energy seperate from the external object I am presently giving my energy to” (will be off/umb off).


Without ever having done it before, I was quite confused as to where the client was supposed to be looking and which desire this modality was referring to, because prior to this in the repatterning, we have been identifying several desires, needs, and “what you want instead”


…so Meryl explained the client is moving their thoughts as they move their eyes. (I find kind of tricky and complex without identifying some location that might represent the different desires ahead of time, but maybe it is just me.)


It isn’t until this minute that I understand what (Da) was referring to – obviously, it is the desire that causes the client “conflict, pain, or distress” in I. Desire A. “Identify the desire” and the second location for the eyes is actually having this desire fulfilled with no detriment – only the positive feeling of the desire fulfilled. If anyone wants to offer any experience they’ve had in implementing this with the client smoothly, please let me know. Thanks. C


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