The Group Repatterning from the June Group

Present in our last Group were Meryl, Merrill and Harriet.  Gladys. Kim, Joie, Carol and Beth were proxied in.

Our Group Repatterning involved using Problems into Opportunities. Here is some of what was cleared.

  • Issues that were raised and resonance was cleared for: overeating; putting on weight; eating willfully instead of mindfully; not releasing egoic attachments; difficulties with making changes.
  • Resonance with negative feeling responses were cleared for feeling: disheartened; inferior; scared; mortified; overly vulnerable; sad; overwhelmed; embarrassed; hurt; ashamed; angry; self important; ungrateful; disappointed; willful and egoic.
  • Released fears included fear of: failure; not being all that we can be; hurting our health; not being worthy – worthy of God; not being good enough; fear of being exposed; of being our best and most visible selves.

We are now resonating with:

  • the need for being still;
  • having peace of mind;
  • having peace in our hearts and surrendering to God’s will and love within us 24/7;
  • being aligned with our highest selves and it is easy;
  • having faith and trust that everything is working out for our highest and best.
  • Since we are nourished and nurtured by our love of God and God’s love we eat in accordance with our body’s physical perfection.
  • We surrender and let go of egoic attachments and egoic relationships in every area of our hearts, ourselves, and our lives.
  • We serve God, Love and Light.
  • Our new possibilities manifest and we are at peace and in God’s flow. We are happy, joyous, loving and free. We are in perfect health and vanity free.
  • We have humility when we relate with others.
  • I consciously create a food plan and stick to it. I buy only the food that I know nourishes my body in some way. I walk right out of the door to my apartment and I leave. I sing to my little girl inside me.
  • The individual doable actions that are our positive actions.

Here’s a reminder that our July Group has been cancelled and our next Group is August 14, 2011.

Sending you all much Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude,


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