More New York City Nightlife- More Jazz

In the past I’ve practically waxed poetic about Dizzie’s, raved about Mose at Jazz Standard. But I’ve never told you about the small, intimate musical conversations that fine artists have at the Kitano Hotel’s Lounge.

It is the one venue that feels like the artists are in your own living room because you are in such close proximity to them. The audience is advised that the house has a policy of total silence in the audience during the performance.

Last weekend my friends and I went to see Peter Washington, on double bass, Lewis Nash on drums and George Cables on the piano performing for the first time together as a trio.

The joy and expressiveness of the interplay between the three of them was so outstanding that we went back for another set the next night.

One of the members of Saturday night’s audience wrote a great article Really Listening To Each Other on his blog Jeff’s review of the performance from the perspective of what is makes excellent communication in all aspects of life, is really worth reading.

Here is a picture of Lewis Nash taken from Jeff’s blog post. Pictures of another trio performing at the Kitano, individual pictures of Peter Washington and George Cables, were taken from various googled sites.

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2 responses to “More New York City Nightlife- More Jazz

  1. Really great post. Since my husband and I love to listen to live Jazz, this is a great lead to a great place. Also appreciated, is the connection to Jeffrey Levine’s blog. Reminded me of one of the reasons we love to watch live Jazz. It is delightful to watch the way the musicians “play” with each other and pick up the cues. Especially good analogy between being musically attuned to each other with deep listening in relationship. Since we recently had a communication glitch, this was a powerful reminder to be sure to listen to each other and tune into the interplay. Our communication opportunities can be as enjoyable as listening to Jazz!!

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