Once Again- New 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance Project with Joie Jacobsen

Here is a re-posting of the e-mail that Joie sent me . It seems to have disappeared when being published first time. Mercury is retrograde again!

For just a dollar a day…

The next 100 DAYS OF PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE PROJECT begins on Sunday April 1st 2012

Having offered this series three times over the past few years I’m beginning to think it ought to be called: 100 DAYS OF EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME!

The three previous series taught me that in working on prosperity and abundance we work on the full spectrum of life itself. I now understand why some previous members indicated that, though they didn’t have any significant issues around prosperity and abundance, for some reason they felt deeply called to participate in the project. The depth and breadth of the work that can be accomplished in 100 days, with the energy of a large group, is pretty astonishing. Although I was sometimes surprised by what came up in a session I was also filled with awe and wonder. Our complexity and our interconnectedness with this bountiful universe reinforce the knowledge that we are all extensions of Source Energy vibrating together in common cause. Choosing to become a member of this group brings daily mindfulness to our Source connection.

I’ve also learned that this work either calls to you, or it doesn’t. If you are one who hears the call, feels the tickle of possibility or is moved to find out more, please visit my website for more information about the series:


If you’d like to read what others have to say about the series please click the link below:


In the 100 DAYS OF PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE PROJECT a session is done each day on behalf of the group. This is called a proxy session and is much like receiving a distance healing. Becoming a member of a proxy group is a convenient, accessible and affordable way to experience the benefits of receiving daily transformational healing sessions. The more sessions we receive the more we spiral up towards our highest potential. The brilliance and convenience of participating in a proxy group is that you get to go about your daily activities while your intentions and the power of the group work for you.

Thank you for reading about the 100 DAYS OF PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE PROJECT. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in joining the group, please pass this email on to them with my gratitude and appreciation.


Joie Jacobsen

Holistic Practitioner

Resonance Repatterning®, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing,
SOURCE Integrative Heart Awareness,

YOUR Story: Allegory Healing Meditation, and Tarot


PS. Is there someone you care about who might benefit from receiving 100 daily healing sessions focused on increasing their prosperity, power and success? You may want to consider a 100 Days membership as a gift


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