What You Have Been Missing- Joie Jacobsen’s 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance

Here is another message from my Inbox to share with you.
Sending you all love, light, laughter  and blessings,
PS. Tune in Next week for more from Marc David and Glorious pictures of Central Park in Full Spring Bloom.. ( Wisteria and Lilacs are here!)
Membership in the 100 Days is up 15% since Day 1.

For just a dollar a day…


I’ve had a number of inquiries about whether it’s too late to join the series, so I thought I’d let everyone on my list know that


The group that has gathered for this 100 Days is serious about change and we’re going DEEP. Already in the first 14 days we’ve cleared issues of not feeling safe, issues around letting go, disaster thinking and other negative habits of thought. We’ve worked on forgiveness and releasing shame throughout our entire energy systems. We’ve cleared old outmoded beliefs and created new positive coherent beliefs to take their place.
If this sounds like work you’d like to receive I strongly urge you to
join our group now.
For more information or to join follow the link below:

In the 100 DAYS OF PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE PROJECT a session is done each day on behalf of the group. This is called a proxy session and is much like receiving a distance healing. Becoming a member of a proxy group is a convenient, accessible and affordable way to experience the benefits of receiving daily transformational healing sessions. The more sessions we receive the more we spiral up towards our highest potential. The brilliance and convenience of participating in a proxy group is that you get to go about your daily activities while your intentions and the power of the group work for you.

Thank you for reading about the 100 DAYS OF PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE PROJECT. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in joining the group, please pass this email on to them with my gratitude and appreciation.

Joie Jacobsen

Holistic Practitioner

Resonance Repatterning®, VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing,
SOURCE Integrative Heart Awareness,

YOUR Story: Allegory Healing Meditation, and Tarot


2 responses to “What You Have Been Missing- Joie Jacobsen’s 100 Days of Prosperity and Abundance

  1. Thank you for sharing this Meryl. We’re continuing to go deep, to clear, to shift and each day there’s more coherence. Feels good.

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