The Month Of May- Lee Harris’s Forcast In Retrospect

It’s the last day of the month. Time to put away the financial records of the month, hopefully finish lingering projects and have a sense of completion.

This completion allows me to energetically move into the new month with fresh new possibilities, deepened commitment to my goals and it gives me room to dream and imagine. There is space for the Divinely inspired unexpected to enter my life again.

Several months ago I subscribed to Lee Harris’s newsletter to receive his accurate, insightful energy forecast for each month.  The newsletter didn’t arrive in my mailbox and Joie Jacobsen reminded me to read it.

When I read the May forecast I found it to be quite reflective of my personal experiences, the issues my clients brought to sessions and those of my friends/family  this past month.

I hope that you enjoy the article and that you find it of value to you.

May Energy Forecast – The Flush, The Birth, The Rising Heart


The energy of May began with a bang. January 1st 2012 was the last time we opened a month with such strong energy of new potentials. This May 1st Birth Energy lasted a few days, and has now quietened again as I finish writing this forecast on May 5th.

Many of you will have deeply felt it, been catalysed by it and felt a resulting surge of energy in you that was clearly new life emerging. Throughout May this birth energy will continually resurface, and so the experience of May will be of (faster than ever) expansion and contractions.

These are the labour movements/pains for us as a changing planet and people, as the baby is getting closer to its birth now. The baby being our new world. This means the contractions will be felt more deeply by those who were unaware they were birthing. So challenges for everyone in various areas of life are an ongoing theme, but if you are used to this theme and learning to stabilise it, you will easier breathe through the contractions and harness the heights available in the expansions.

In the expansion lies the energies of excitement and anticipation – an ever closer sense of the baby’s arrival. This can also lead to the feeling of wanting to prepare and organise areas of your life. May will see many of you organising, tidying, and de-cluttering, to get your space fresh and ready for the new. This practise will lead to stronger manifestation so de-clutter with love and intention, for the highest effects.

Excitement and feeling truly alive in your heart center will be stronger than ever in May, as June will usher in a wave of greater heart energy than we have yet seen on our planet. So those of you who have already experienced the miraculous moments in recent months (synchronicities, heightened telepathic and sensory experiences, deeper sense of love and oneness) can expect a growth of this. And the better you get at supporting yourself through the contractions, the more regular the miraculous will become.

The contractions I speak of do serve us, even though some of you may be struggling to welcome them. They serve the need for us each to flush out what is dense and and out-dated in our lives. This ‘flush’ theme, which has been strong since 2012 began, will rise to an intense peak in May, with the 15th being indicated as a high point.

Many of you have completed this phase already and cleared through so much of the past. So for you, May will mostly be about new foundations for your future appearing to you, and being consciously built and directed by you.

More than at any time in our generation’s history, these new foundations will be nothing like your previous ideas for life – perhaps even nothing like what you were planning to do as recently as 3 months ago. Trust this if this is your reality, as you are truly not alone. You are part of the world shift right now, and many others are riding the same ‘sudden change’ crest of the wave that you are on.

Where previously the parameters of our societies would bind and keep us herded, we are in a rapid ‘out with the old, in with the new’ period. So a desire to implement sudden change or taking impulsive action will reign more than usually for a lot of people. You may experience nervousness with this new boldness, and uncertainty about your choices will be a mental symptom from time to time. But know that these symptoms are part of the journey of your deeper awakening. You are stepping away from the road well travelled, and onto the road your intelligent body (rather than your mind) wants you to walk.

So remember, if you feel off centre or emotional at times (which is highly likely during these release periods), you can connect up into your higher self, or the greater spirit to re-empower yourself. Just close your eyes and imagine a column of light extending from the top of your head, up into the sky. Feel that connection and remember you are not alone. This column connects you to the universal life force, and can calm the body when it becomes too invested in what is going on horizontally on Earth and forgets that you are connected to everything.

For those of you who didn’t experience yourself ‘flushing’ the past recently, the flushing experience may now be intense for you, and come in pulses. From April 29th onwards, a pulsing energy has been present universally, preparing us for the birth of June’s greater heart energy. This energy ushers in a deeply creative and innovative time of renewal for the individual and the planet. This period will see a new and rapid phase of our society freeing itself from so many existent shackles. So there is a lot on the way, and we can all feel it.

Breathe. Remember to breathe.

You will know you are still flushing if challenges are manifesting regularly. These challenges take the form of pure feelings (feeling emotional or off balance with no identifiable external cause) or triggers in your external circumstances (something in your life which causes sadness or anxiety to rise in you).

The emotional journey of the flush is overcoming painful or difficult feelings from your history at rapid speed. This is often coupled with mental overactivity, as the mind tries to reassess previous actions and experiences, in order to resolve and move on.

Surrender to releasing the feeling, connect regularly with your higher self (your connection to everything and everyone), and physically nurture yourself at moments of greater stress or intensity. Thoughts are only thoughts, however persistent they may be, and an overactive mind is a response to an emotional energy field that is out of balance in the body. So dive into the body and the feelings to allow the rebalancing process. Several of these techniques may help;

  • Meditate (to clear the mind)
  • Sit or lie down and focus on breathing deeply and consciously into your belly, for at least 10 minutes at a time
  • Exercise physically/do yoga or similar energy practises
  • Feed the body with good and light nutrition and plenty of water
  • Create (paint, write, cook, sing, dance, build…the list is endless)
  • Communicate what needs to be expressed from within (write out your thoughts/feelings/reflections on paper)
  • Seek the company of good and easy souls, for playing or just being together

These methods will all help get you into the body and release an over expressive mind, particularly when choosing to practise several of them daily.

New life is birthing and in these first days of May, some of you will experience the rapid intensity of giving birth. Pre and post-natal depression or fatigue will be a symptom for the creative among you, so remember to rest between times of output. Output that will feel compulsive for many creators among you, as you will want to ‘do’ with the energy that surges through you.

This surge is also because the future, which in recent months held more of a blind spot than usual for many of us, is starting to open up again. The visionaries among you will feel as if you can see further ahead than you have in a long while, so dreaming and intending for the most peaceful planetary shift possible, will be a wonderful way to support our world and your personal journey right now. This intention will also be a wonderful support to the rising ‘creator energy’ on Earth, which is working to pave a new heartfelt road.

Finally, regarding communication in relationships, be conscious of the energy of war in relationships in May. Communicate through your friction points with others only when you absolutely feel you need to, as many of you will be in ‘the flush’ and simply replaying past situations and events in your life.

It will be better to try and clear through the unresolved memory or feeling in yourself before playing it out with somebody else. 2012 emotions are very heightened, as we are each moving fast through multiple timelines in ourselves, yet rarely at the same place as each other at the same time. Clashes can easily occur because everyone is feeling more passionately, yet we are all also more in our own worlds and personal timelines than ever before. So trying to replay the past with other people, in order to seek resolution, can spectacularly backfire on you in times like these.

So if you feel to play it out with someone, first ask yourself what will it achieve? If you are trying to resolve a lingering emotion inside yourself or a judgement on ‘what happened’, remember that the past is gone. So even if your mind insists that you were provoked by another, only you can help yourself by letting the lingering feeling flush through you. When someone has been on the receiving end of violence from another person, they do not go back to that person and ask them to heal the bruises they inflicted. They retreat and let the body do it’s inner work. The same principle applies here for peace.

These memories resurface to teach us so we can let go for the future. They are not here to teach us that we got it wrong in the past.

Finally, laugh and smile as much as you can. We are manifesting new life on Earth, so let’s infuse it with passion and positivity, for energy creates.

So choose what energy you want to birth in the world, and focus on becoming it. The potentials within you are infinite and the universal power within you, is being remembered.

And that is a very good thing.

In peace and love


Affirmation for May:

I Am Birth

I Am Birthing

I Am Birthing Light

I Am Creator

I Create

I Am Creating Light


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  1. Just another lovely reminder that all things are in Divine Order and they show up just when we need them to.

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