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Patricia Cota-Robles Writes “May 2012 Is A Very Powerful Month”

As usual, I am passing along an illuminating and inspiring article I received from Patricia Cota-Robles.

I hope that you find it interesting.


by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

May 2012 is an exceptionally powerful month, and with all of the challenges going on in people’s lives, it is a real opportunity for us to make a positive difference for people everywhere. Individually and collectively we can utilize this amazing influx of Light for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and all Humanity. At this time Humanity is receiving the maximum assistance from On High that Cosmic Law will allow. That means that you and I now have the ability to increase the Light we are adding to the world in unprecedented ways.

When you focus on the Eternal Moment of NOW, your precious Light is woven into the building momentum of the activities of Light unfolding throughout this month and the remaining months of 2012. At this time your efforts are being amplified a thousand times a thousand fold by your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven. I want to thank you for your willingness to invoke the Light of God on behalf of yourself and ALL Humanity. KNOW that the Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and YOU are that Light.

Please read this entire article with an open mind and an open heart. This is the Cosmic Moment for which we have all been preparing for aeons of time. It is not by chance that your I AM Presence magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness. You have a vital role to play in this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. As you read this celestial sharing from the Company of Heaven, breathe in and out deeply and rhythmically. Ask your I AM Presence to unite your heart and mind with the Heart and Mind of our Father-Mother God, and the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child on Earth.

In one-pointed consciousness, and with Divine Intentions, we offer ourselves as a Cup, a Holy Grail, through which the Light of God will flow to transform the Earth, her peoples, her governments, and ALL Life evolving on this planet into the perfection of our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.

The month of May is always a very spiritual and powerful time, but this year we have an even more powerful opportunity to utilize the increase of Light that will bless the planet. There are several activities of Light that take place during May. The 1st of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. Every year on that day, Saint Germain and the Legions of Angels associated with the Violet Flame bless the Earth with a tremendous influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection.

May is also the month in which Mother Mary opens her Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Realms. Every soul who will be conceived from May 1st of that year through April 30th of the following year is drawn into Mother Mary’s Temple. Once they are there, she helps the I AM Presence of each one to prepare the Chalice of the Heart that will hold his or her Threefold Flame during the upcoming embodiment.

The Taurus Full Moon is another activity of Light that usually occurs during the month of May. That Full Moon is celebrated as the Wesak Festival, which honors the birth and Enlightenment of the Buddha, as well as Humanity’s shift into Enlightened Consciousness.

Because of the urgency of the hour, in May 2012 there are several additional Gifts of Light that are blessing all Life on this sweet Earth. Saint Germain and the Legions of Violet Flame Angels not only increased the influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection on May 1st, but they volunteered to bathe the planet and all her Life with NEW Solar Frequencies of the Violet Flame beyond anything we have ever experienced. This Gift of Solar Violet Fire will increase daily and hourly for the remainder of 2012. This is a Gift of Divine Grace that will help clear the way for the Birth of our New Renaissance of Divine Love, which will occur during the 25th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence on August 11-16, 2012, and it will also prepare every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth to receive the monumental influxes of Light that will occur on December 12th and December 21st.

On May 5, 2012, we experienced the Wesak Full Moon which was considered a Super Moon because it was the closest the moon will be to the Earth this year. This factor amplified the Gifts of Wesak. May 5th also carried the numerological frequency of 5-5-5 since 2012 is a 5 year. There were many global meditations and gatherings that took place on that day to take advantage of this rare frequency. Numerically 5 is the number for rejuvenation on all planes and the birthing of new life. It is the number that carries the momentum of freedom, change, and new opportunities. Five is the frequency of the 5th Solar Aspect of Deity which reverberates with the Divine Qualities of Illumined Truth, Healing, Concentration, and Consecration. All of these frequencies were greatly amplified by the Super Moon and the triple 5 day of May 5, 2012. The Light from these events is still pulsating in, through, and around every particle of Life on Earth and will continue to bless us throughout the month of May.

As I mentioned, Mother Mary is another very powerful Being of Light who is associated with the Mystical Month of May. Every year, throughout the month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of The Immaculate Heart is opened in the Inner Realms. This year, Mother Mary is taking Humanity a step further into the frequencies of God’s Divine Love by intensifying the sacred gift she gave to each of us last year.

Throughout the month of May, while each of us are in our finer bodies at night, our I AM Presence will escort us into Mother Mary’s Temple of The Immaculate Heart. Once we are there, Mother Mary will work with our I AM Presence to help prepare the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our heart to receive the New Solar Frequencies of the 5th Dimension that we are Ascending into. Last May Mother Mary helped our I AM Presence to expand our Threefold Flame until that aspect of our Divinity returned to its original Divine Potential and enveloped our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.

This year Mother Mary is intensifying our Threefold Flame’s ability to assimilate higher frequencies of Solar Light without harming the cellular structure of our Earthly bodies. This is occurring in order to prepare every man, woman, and child on Earth for the unprecedented influx of Solar Light that will flood the planet during the 25th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 11-16, 2012. At that time we will reboot the patterns of perfection that have been downloaded from our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love. When this influx of Light occurs, Humanity’s I AM Presence will activate the newly imprinted genetic codings within our Twelve Solar Strands of DNA. This will allow us to Birth a NEW Renaissance of Love for the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her.

Every one of us has been preparing for this wondrous event for aeons of time. This critical facet of the unfolding Divine Plan will clear the way, so that every man, woman, and child will at long last be able to reclaim his or her Divine Birthright as a Beloved Child of God. Then each one of us will easily cocreate a life of fulfillment and joy. This merciful act of Divine Intervention and Grace will dramatically increase our ability to be the powerful forces of Divine Love we were always destined to be.

May 13, 2012 is Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. When millions of people focus on the Love of and for their Mother, a Chalice of Collective Consciousness is created through which the Light of our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, will flow to bless all Life.

On May 20th, we will experience a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse, and on June 4th we will experience a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. These two celestial events will lift us further into the Light in preparation for the greatest influx of Divine Love that we have ever experienced. That influx of Divine Love will occur during the last phase of the Venus Transit on June 5-6, 2012.

Venus has always been considered the planet of Love. This is not just romantic hyperbole. Venus actually does reflect the full gathered momentum of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Love to all of the planets in our Solar System. Every 104 years Venus’ service of bathing the Earth with Divine Love is greatly amplified through an event known as the Venus Transit. During this transit Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, an event that lasts for 6-7 hours. As Venus crosses the face of the Sun frequencies of Solar Light exponentially expand Venus’ ability to radiate Love to the Earth. This increased influx of Divine Love is anchored in the core of purity within every electron of precious Life energy on Earth.

The Venus Transit occurs in two parts. After the first transit the Love of Venus builds in momentum within every particle of Life on Earth. This prepares every facet of Life on Earth for the amplified influx of Divine Love that will bathe the planet during the second phase of the transit. The second part of the Venus Transit happens exactly 8 years minus two days later.

The first phase of the Venus Transit which we are now in the midst of took place on June 8, 2004. Since that time, the Love from Venus has been building in momentum softening the hearts and minds of Humanity and greatly enhancing the awakening that is taking place around the world.

On June 6, 2012, we will experience the second phase of the Venus Transit. Due to the unparalleled awakening that has taken place on Earth since June 8, 2004, this influx of Light will catapult Humanity and our new Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into position for the event that will Birth a Renaissance of Divine Love on Earth. With the God Victorious success of this impending event, Humanity will shift into a higher state of consciousness, a consciousness of Divine Love that will manifest as the order of the New Day for Planet Earth.

This unprecedented event will take place during the 25th anniversary of Harmonic Convergence, August 11-16, 2012. This will be a critical step of preparation before the influx of Light that will bathe the Earth during the December 21, 2012 Solstice.

It is difficult for us to truly grasp the magnitude of what this will mean for the Earth and all her Life. But the Beings of Light have said that from that moment forth, the physical manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will begin to externalize as a tangible reality. This will be the Heaven on Earth of our own creation through our I AM Presence. These patterns for the New Earth will reflect Humanity’s Oneness and the Reverence for ALL Life.

The Divine Plan

In order to accomplish this monumental facet of the Divine Plan, we are being asked by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to unite our hearts, heads, and hands during the global event that will take place August 11-16, 2012. Therewill be many diverse ways in which we can weave our Light into this Divine Plan. Pay close attention to the opportunities that are presented to you. Ask your I AM Presence for guidance, and ask this wondrous aspect of your own Divinity to pave the way, so that you will be able to fulfill your heart’s calling.

As you may know, the Hawaiian Islands are remnants of the continent of Lemuria. The initial impulse of Humanity’s fall from Grace took place on Lemuria aeons ago. Since Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, the Hawaiian Islands have played a critical role in reversing the adverse effects of Humanity’s fall from Grace and the healing of Mother Earth. Many of the people embodied at this time have links to Lemuria. They realize that they are here now to heal the atrocities that resulted on that continent when Humanity fell into the abyss of separation and duality.

The Island of Kauai is known as the Garden Isle. This island contains within its etheric records the Immaculate Concept or Divine Blueprint for the body of Mother Earth. This is the original pristine beauty that Mother Earth expressed prior to the fall. It is the verdant splendor that we have always referred to as the Garden of Eden.

Kauai’s etheric records also contain the archetypes for the Divine Potential of what Mother Earth will express when she Ascends into her rightful place on the 5th-Dimensional Spiral of Evolution and dons the seamless garment of her new Solar Reality.

For the facet of the miraculous Divine Plan that will take place in August, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have asked us to organize a gathering of dedicated people from all over the world who will be willing to work with the Company of Heaven and to serve as surrogates on behalf of ALL Humanity. Together, these selfless volunteers will cocreate a mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to catapult Humanity and our new Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into a frequency of Light that will establish a Renaissance of Love for all Life on this blessed planet.

Then, through the I AM Presence of every man, woman, and child, Humanity will shift into a higher state of consciousness establishing Divine Love as the order of the New Day on Planet Earth.

This gathering will take place August 11-16, 2012, within the embrace and exquisite beauty of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. The vehicle that will be used for this gathering will be the 26th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

Listen to your heart, a Clarion Call is now reverberating from the Heart of our Father-Mother God invoking your assistance in this holy endeavor. Respond according to your inner guidance. Know that whenever you volunteer to serve as an Instrument of God on behalf of Humanity and ALL Life evolving on Earth, the floodgates of Heaven open to support you and to help pave the way for your participation.

It is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this important facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is needed NOW!

In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present in Kauai, there will be people who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the world. These dedicated souls will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where selfless volunteers are physically gathered in Kauai, Hawaii. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousand fold.

Every person will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important is that we each respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. We must Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present on the Island of Kauai, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, money, or courage to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

The Company of Heaven has asked us to organize this monumental event in a beautiful, healing venue, so the selfless volunteers who make the sacrifice to serve in this way will truly experience a glimpse of Heaven on Earth. I want to assure you that this will be a life-transforming experience for you. In wondrous ways, your life will never be the same.

This sacred conclave will be a celestial experience for everyone involved. Each day, as we successfully fulfill one phase of the Divine Plan, the Beings of Light will reveal the next phase of the plan to us. As we sojourn through the various activities of Light, under the Divine Guidance of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven, our mission will be victoriously accomplished. The physical manifestation of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will begin to externalize as a tangible reality, and the Light of God will catapult Humanity and our new Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into a frequency of Light that will establish a Renaissance of Love for all Life on this blessed planet.

When you enter the portal of Light in Kauai, you will resonate with the awesome radiance of the etheric records of the Garden of Eden, and you will begin to remember who you are and why you are on Earth during this momentous time.

The World Congress On Illumination is truly a life-transforming event that will provide you with the opportunity to meet old friends from around the world with whom you have been serving for aeons of time. Fellow Lightworkers will join hearts with you and support you in your monumental service to the Light.

The Divine Plan we are being called to fulfill will be accomplished through myriad activities of Light. We will be joined at inner levels by the Solar Logos from Suns beyond Suns, the entire Company of Heaven, the mighty I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, the Divine Intelligence that directs the Elemental Kingdom, and the Legions of Angels throughout infinity.

The entire Universe is supporting us in this holy endeavor. The Beings of Light have been given permission to assist us in miraculous ways, but the Lightworkers on Earth are the predominant force bringing this Divine Plan into physical manifestation.

Our responsibility is enormous, but as we join our hearts together, we have the absolute ability to succeed God Victoriously.

Just for a moment, go within to the Divinity of your Heart Flame, and experience the overwhelming Gratitude and Love pouring forth from the Legions of Light in the Heavenly Realms. Feel the deep appreciation they are sending to you for your willingness to serve Humanity during this critical moment in the evolution of this sweet Earth. We are blessed beyond measure to be able to assist all Life evolving on Earth in this wondrous way.

If you feel the heart call to participate in the26th Annual World Congress on Illumination, please go to our website There you can find all of the information you will need to attend this event.

If you do not feel the heart call to be physically present in Kauai, know that this is a global event and you can weave your magnificent Light into our Chalice of Light from wherever you are on the face of the Earth.

God Bless YOU for your willingness to be the Open Door for the influx of Light that will lift Humanity’s consciousness and establish a Renaissance of Love for ALL Life on this blessed planet.

The Beings of Light will be guiding us step by step through the months leading up to the event in August. I will be sharing the information through my free e-mail articles which you can sign up to receive on our website .

In addition to the guidance we will be receiving from the Company of Heaven, each of our I AM Presences will be guiding us through our own unique preparation. Ask for assistance, and remain in a state of Listening Grace at all times. This is an amazing opportunity for each of us to add to the Light of the world.

A Gift from On High

We have been given tools by the Company of Heaven that will assist us as we move through these amazing and monumental times. The following link is a New YouTube video that will greatly assist all of us in manifesting the patterns of perfection for our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love.

This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.


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We’re On for Group on June 3, 2012! Come & See the Garden!

Hi Everyone,

I am delighted  to announce both the completion of my new garden and that we are going to have our Practitioner Skills Development Group on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 from 12:30pm – 4:30 pm.

The confirmed attendees will be Kim, Gladys, Harriet, Paula and Lillian. If you are attending, payment is due at the end of next week.

A few Group members were unsure about their ability to attend, so the opportunity is now open for all to attend.

Here is a preview of my garden that I just completed today. The first 13 pictures show the plants just home from the nurseries and my first plantings. The rest are my getting carried away with the beauty of the patterns and colors just after the garden was finished.

Every year I promise myself that I will buy fewer plants so I won’t have to work so hard making and maintaining the garden. As you can see, every year I fall in love with more and more flowers as I discover new variations of old favorites.

When my marathon of planting and then arranging is complete, I am always  thrilled with the variety and arrangement. The effort is always worthwhile.

I hope that you enjoy the show and I am really looking forward to seeing you in Group. The next proposed Group date is Sunday, September 30th.

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Fear Forward- A Workshop with Gladys Murphy Sunday June 10th, 2012

I’m happy to let you know that Group Member Gladys Murphy is leading a workshop entitled Fear Forward on Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 3-6pm in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Here is the flyer for the workshop.

For more information and to save your place, contact Gladys at 347-623-7074 or her e-mail address is