Garden Update

Hi Everyone,

There are several topics I have been wanting to write about for the past two weeks but they are still simmering on the back burner of my communicative mind. Please forgive the repetition of  my gardening theme.

What I have been doing most is very actively attending to  the never-ending, joyful tasks associated with updating, deadheading, watering and maintaining my flower garden.

I do fierce battle with the aphids ( the green, brown, white and red varieties). I search for the elusive caterpillers who munch on lovely blooms. I resort to forceful watering of plants with whiteflies.

After I am done picking,  pinching back and maintaining, I sit and admire the incredible beauty that God has provided in the intricsies of patterning, color and hue of the flowers. I admire the stradfastness of tender blossoms straining to maintain themself in the harsh ninety degree humid weather. I am the greatest fan and cheerleader for them all.

They reward me by reflowering themselves and holding on until they can once again have cool night time breezes to refurbish their strength.

Here are a few pictures I just took . I hope that you will enjoy the views.

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2 responses to “Garden Update

  1. I love how healthy your plants look. They are gorgeous. More power to you with the aphids, white flies and other garden pests. I can’t seem to get ahead of their hungry munching! Enjoy!

    • Thanks Paula,

      I’m continuing the daily battle with the aphids and pals.. I also get to throw out a few dead plants every other day or so.. Sometime this is because the bugs have won, other times the heat and still other times the plants have run their course. These factors are all true for the expected, but sad demise of most of my favorite little violas that were so prominent in the May garden.
      Anyway, thanks for taking the time to drop a note.

      Love to you,

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