My Special Introductory Infinity Healing Session Offer To You

Here are a few pictures of what was growing in my garden last week.

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Everyday I wake up excited to see my garden in bloom and to discover something new about Infinity Healing.

What I am sensing is that it is not based on the premise that we actually need any healing. Rather there seems to be an assumption that each of us already are as whole, perfect and unique as our fingerprints.

Of course, metaphysically and spiritually many of us have “known” that we are perfect exactly as we are. But to actually experience and maintain ourselves as perfect and whole and not in need of remediation or improvement has certainly been a challenge to super-striving me!

About two weeks ago I listened to a talk by Derek Rydall the founder of Emergineering. He has developed a whole program of Emergineering which is based on the fundamental idea that we are each whole and unique and that there is something within us that needs to emerge rather than be healed or created.

On his website he states “The fundamental sense of inadequacy so many people feel is not linked to any actual deficiency or inability to achieve; it arises from a universal belief that we’re not already whole and complete.”

As a therapist, teacher and a healing agent I have always stressed with my clients and students that they alone know exactly what is needed to make themselves whole. With each session I acknowledge that we have “chipped away” more of what is no longer necessary so that the person can be free to be who they already are .

For the past two weeks I have been ruminating about this matter. In Resonance Repatterning we note that a violet does not strive to be an oak tree, that  indeed  a seed for a violet can only grow into a violet.

What if it is really and fully true that we are each exactly who we are and that we are each a unique light being, an energy signature which is part of the vastness of a whole we can not comprehend?

Michelangelo has been quoted as saying that he  looked at a block of marble and immediately saw the one form that it was to become. His task was simply to chip away to uncover that form.

What if we are exactly like that – already our whole selves just waiting to emerge?

What if we already are as perfect, unique and fully formed as our fingerprints ?

For so many years of my adult life I have not understood the significance of people talking about my “great energy”. Even when I was depressed, a mess in my own eyes, people would notice and say something to me about my great energy.

When people would compliment my energy during my most turbulent striving years,  inside I would be complaining “well what about Me? Am I chopped liver”?  I wondered how I could be such a mess and yet always hear about my great energy! I wondered how I could be working so hard and be making such improvements with myself only to hear about this great energy that I consistently  had.

Now I realize that I am my energy- no matter what- as surely as I have my own unique fingerprints!

What, you may be asking yourself , does all of this have to do with Infinity Healing?

This is what I know about  Infinity Healing.  It is a new energy that has not been on this planet before. Although is called “healing” it is only so named to convey the idea of restoration.

Infinity healing energy is experienced uniquely by each person.  No claims are made about what it will or will not do. The energy itself and the experience of receiving the energy is a specific positive catalyst to cultivate an individual starting now, in this phase of humanity’s development.

Now, here is the special offer.  For the next month,  from August 10 through September 10, 2012, I will give introductory sessions to anyone who would like to schedule one with me in exchange for their  feedback about their experience of receiving the energy transmission and  their reporting back to me one week later with any feedback about their experiences during that week.

Please call me or write your questions as comments here so that everyone can see the questions and answers.

Please know that because each person’s response is unique what you say will never be shared by me to another person so that preconceptions and expectations about Infinity Healing are not formed.

I am sooo looking forward to sharing this new energy with as many of you as possible. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Infinity Healing!


5 responses to “My Special Introductory Infinity Healing Session Offer To You

  1. Meryl
    So beautifully expressed. I’ll be calling soon for a session. I can feel in your words the power of this amazing gift.

  2. Meryl, I am most interested in participating in the infinity healing you spoke about. I landed on your website this morning as I was seeking more information about the celebration of the harmonic convergence from 25 years ago. I am planning on leaving for a quick vacation tomorrow through Sunday and as I float the river in central Texas, I will focus my mind on the influx of love raising my vibration. If we could schedule a session next week (after August 21) that would work best for me. Here is one hick in Texas hoping to become a light worker.

    • Hi Laura,

      I would be most happy to schedule a session with you for sometime after August 21st. I would prefer
      scheduling with you by phone so that I could have a greater sense of you than just the written word provides.
      Also, if you have Skype, we could do the session while connected by Skype.
      If you go to you will see how to contact me directly either before or after your vacation.

      With love and light,

  3. Hi Meryl,
    I would be very interested in accepting your intriguing offer, let’s make a date!

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