Lee Harris’s September Energy Forecast

This month is unusual for Lee’s forecast because he doesn’t have any written text attached to it. He ran out of time while traveling here in the States.

Time is one of the first items Lee discusses and it really spoke to me in this moment.  He addressed the time pressures, the “dictates of the clock” , that feel very true in the body but are not actually so.  There is an intensification of the experience that there is not enough time to do all that you set out to do, that you want to do and you feel obliged to do.  Just before listening to the message I went out to do five tiny errands all within four or five blocks , and all that I managed to do were two of them!

The polarization of people  experiencing insomnia or all they want to do is sleep really matches my own past few weeks.

When Lee posts his monthly forecast I usually find that I hold an to more concepts and mull them around when I see the written word. To my delight despite my transcribing most of his spoken word, when I got towards the end of the transmission I found my heart  opening to very subtle, spiritual energies.  At this moment I don’t remember whether they came from within me or whether they originated in Lee’s transmission but it certainly feels good inside of me now!

I hope that you find this to be at least as valuable as I did.

Sending you all love and blessings,


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