What Happened in Group on September 9th, 2012?

We had a great group on Sunday, September 9th, 2012.

Present were Meryl, Merrill, Paula, Gladys, Harriet, Carol and Kim.  We started our time with partnered sessions. Gladys and I started to do a joint session and I was the practitioner. We finished our Problems section and had determined the Repatterning that was to be done.

Just then Paula arrived. We muscle checked to determine what to do next and to our surprise, Gladys was to partner up with Paula while I continued the session  in progress. Gladys sat in the middle of the threesome.

Until the time came in Glady’s session with  Paula’s session when  a second modality was needed, I had no idea what Paula, the practitioner, was doing with Gladys. Paula had no information about the session I was doing with Gladys.

Paula completed her modality with Gladys and needed another one. I asked if the second one was the modality I was about to do with Gladys and that was what was needed!

We compared notes after the completion of both sessions. There were real correlations in the brain areas involved in both sessions and there were clear crossovers in the statements that came from the books in the sessions.

It was really fun to experiment and push the process in a new direction!

Before we did our whole Group Repatterning we spent  time honoring Dorinda Hartson, physicist and  former RR teacher  who died unexpectedly over Labor Day weekend.  She was known to several of us and will be missed in our Repatterning world.

Group ended  with a whole Group Repatterning. It was the Bonding- Separation Repatterning by Chloe Wordsworth from the Energetics of Relationship .

If anyone is interested in being a part of that Repatterning, a person can always do so by contacting me directly and arranging for payment.

Our next proposed date for 2012 Group is Sunday, December 2nd.  A list of possible dates for 2013 Group will be sent out in October.


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