Lee Harris’s November Energy Forecast

There is so much in this forecast that spoke to me  that I would be writing my own essay in response to Lee’s.

Dear reader I will spare you that  but I will say that some of the themes in Lee Harris’s November forecast that I relate most to involve my relationship to primal fears coming up, pushing myself through and exploring those fears along with  the  abundant opportunities that are presenting for me to live each moment  feeling more and more fully alive.

I loved Lee’s comments on creativity which completely mirror my desire to play my childhood accordion and early adult guitar.

There is much to think about in the forecast and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hi Everybody,

I thought that for the November Energy Forecast I wanted to treat you to this view (Lee points to hillside behind him in the video). It’s unbelievable. It’s in Boulder, Colorado, where I live, and this is a place that I come and walk to rebalance myself. So for those of you who aren’t living in the countryside at the moment, or don’t get to experience something like this very often, I wanted to share it with you the best way I could.

I’m recording this message on October 31st and we’ve just gone through Hurricane Sandy in the US in the last couple days. And it was energetically very, very intense the whole day that we were waiting for the storm to hit. I found it very hard to disconnect from New York and the hurricane, even though I wanted to try and stay centered to hold as much positivity as I could for what was going to happen. But at the same time, I felt incredibly affected by it.

I’m living in America now, so it’s easy when you’re on the same land mass to feel it. But I also know that New York was symbolic of certain things that we’re going to go through in the next few years. We’re going to see more of these dramatic weather incidences. And the reassuring thing for me about New York was the amount of preparation and planning that went into how everybody navigated it. Because if you think about a hundred years ago, there wouldn’t have been any warning – there wouldn’t have been any preparation plans, and people would have just experienced that kind of storm without any forewarning.

Secondly, the thing that is so vital for all of us at this crazy time on Earth, is the power of community and the love and support of community. I’ve emphasized this several times in recent months. It’s going to be those connections with each other that get us through the next few years and some of the challenges that are going to come up.

And what’s interesting with Hurricane Sandy is – nature spoke very loudly, whereas it feels for the last several months, politics, the economy and the media have spoken very loudly, to create fear. And this was instead a very natural experience of human fear of death – the actual fear of death, rather than death of your financial life or death of the politician that you would like to be in power.

So it brings fear home in a very primal way when these kinds of things happen. I’ve talked a lot about primal fear this year and the one really useful thing about primal fear is it’s even stronger than the fear that comes from the mind.

The fear that comes from the mind and the fear that can be created between thought and emotion tends to sit higher in the body, it doesn’t tend to go all the way down to the base chakra. It tends to sit heart and up, and sometimes accessing the stomach. But the base chakra is where our whole life force center is. So, when you have primal fear, there is this flush through the base.

So in some ways primal fear can be incredibly useful and incredibly powerful. It’s why people like watching horror movies – really scaring yourself gives you a flush of fear, so that you are then left clearer.

We know that on this planet we live on, there is duality, there is fear and love, light and dark, and everything in between. The other thing that we know through energy science and understanding, (which is fantastically growing more and more in the last few years), is that we can direct energy.

And that’s what this month is really about. I tuned-in this morning and I was wondering, what’s the theme, of this month’s forecast, and I very clearly was told “leadership and direction.” And it comes from within each of us.

When you’re having a difficult time in life, it can be hard to find your direction and so the kinder you can be to yourself and the less judgmental, the quicker you recover. Just recognize where you’re at – if you’re feeling down or feeling low, ask ‘what can I do to support myself?’ Maybe I need to stay at home for a few days, maybe I need to get some support, maybe I need to go for a walk. Try out all the maybes and keep trying the maybes. Don’t give up on allowing yourself to recognize you’ll come through it, because you will. We all do.

This is really a month where you’re going to want your leadership to come to the forefront. Over all of the Energy Forecasts this year, I’ve spoken about several areas and elements of leadership that we are being allowed into as a shifting world. So this ranges from the energetic and the spiritual, right through to the practical human, such as finding your voice where your voice has been suppressed.

Suppression is rising now at a world level and so too is all the suppression that you may have carried in yourself – remember that it’s not just a personal upshift.

We have been a society that has been under the suppression of certain structures, certain beliefs. And as things have got crazier in the last few years, and things are imploding and exploding left and right, what this allows is the energy to return to the body. Sometimes it’s a baptism of fire and many of us already know that, sometimes it’s excruciating.

But if you work with the mind when in fear, and try and identify when the mind is telling you negatives – thoughts like ‘things are going to be awful’, then you can shift.

The way I really worked with this was a couple of years ago I went into deep fear about what might happen in the world. I really went there in my fear body, and I played out all the worst case scenarios and the decision that I finally gave myself was, well, I could either live in fear for the next few years and not truly live; or if the worst is going to happen in a few years time I can live now and actually say I truly lived in the last few years of my life.

And that worked for me, as then I had burnt through layers and layers of fear.

And of course, I do not believe that the world is going to end in December 2012 and I do not believe the world is going to end in December 2015. I believe the greatest challenge we’re facing now, is how to rebalance the planet and also navigate a time that, in terms of cosmic events and in terms of the position of the planet, will be challenging, weather-wise and the rest.

It’s not a coincidence that things are falling apart in the structure of humanity, because we respond a lot more (than many people would like to believe) to everything that’s going on on a planetary level and in the stars. Because we are as connected to the stars as we are to the Earth – again, many people don’t believe that and that’s fine. But for those of you who watch this and who are empathic or sensitive, I’m aware you will already be aware of that.

So on that note, this month bathe yourself in nature as much as you can, and I don’t just mean in the daytime. As much as you can be out under the moon and under the stars, it’s going to help you to rebalance. And people like me, who live in a very open place, will have to go through his fears of bears and mountain lions visiting him if he’s sitting outside (laughter). But that’s also useful for me and my ego to get over my fear and my programming, and also to embrace the fact that maybe I will be eaten by something, and that may be the way I go this time. But am I going to stop myself living in the meantime? No.

So, it’s interesting, the leadership piece seems very, very strong as a message this month. Many of you will already be noticing amazing, amazing times. Yes, even amid the chaos. For me personally this month has probably had more of the happiest expanded moments I can ever remember in my life. And then I’ve also yo-yoed the other way which is natural.

So, you have the expansion, then you come down into a smaller place in the ego or the spirit and you have to deal with that (a nearby machinery noise starts in the video) – perfect timing a machine starts coming into nature at the very moment when I talk about going from expansion into being drilled, whether it’s your mind drilling you, whether it’s your energy drilling you.

We could not be going through this period in history right now and having ourselves stay completely stable and centered the way we were while everything around us that held us in place is changing. We are not separate from the external world.

So the thing to do around leadership is to choose. This is very important for all of us.

And we will forget, and we’ll have moments where we’re consciously choosing and directing energy and thoughts, and we’ll have moments where we’re in older parts of ourselves that we’re trying to bring up to date. But if your mind starts going, talk to it. It’s a really useful practice. If your mind is saying, “You’re not good enough to do that,” say “Who says? Where did that come from?” That thought may have come from seven years ago, but imagine you could be dead in a week, don’t you want to try that thing? Don’t you want to just go and live?

And this is a great time for busting through fear, for going and doing things that you wouldn’t normally do or give yourself permission to do. And the reason it’s important to be this way is that it creates life.

We need life on the planet right now. We’re facing so much death and destruction around us – actions that carry the energy of death and fear that carries the energy of death, that those people who are alive and living with spirit, not only infuse others with a positivity and a spirit that’s important for building, but more importantly, the planet itself is positively affected.

We are not separate from these trees, we are not separate from this ground – we are all in energy response to each other. However much you may have liked to believe that you as a human are separate from everything else – it just doesn’t work like that on energy terms. Your identity may feel separate but you really aren’t.

So, the more you can actually bring life through you and be alive in this moment and in this process;

A) The better you are going to feel;

B) The more is going to move for you in your life, and

C) The more you will contribute to the planet right now.

I’ve said this before but many of you will be coming to the end of the road with things that you were doing. And saying/realising, “I don’t want to do this anymore. This isn’t what I’m here for.”

And as you go to step into what it is that you want to do, there will be some fear, there will be some – “Whoa” from inside you. It’s great, it’s great, and you’re bang on point if that’s what’s going on. Because you don’t tend to get there without going through some of this stuff. But the beauty is, by going through some of this stuff and being aware that that’s going to be the dance you go through and being positive with that and actually going “No, I’m going to walk through some of my fear this month”, you will come out the other side bigger.

The opposite is to stay suppressed. And if you stay suppressed you will stay in fear. And again let’s be clear – some of you watching this might be going through a really hard time right now as a result of something you’ve just been through. That’s a different case. If you’re simply trying to bring yourself back to zero point, that’s enough, so you just keep working on bringing yourself back to zero point and you’ll get there.

But for the rest, who are kind of in the middle, and you’re kind of ok, but there’s fear in you or there’s fear around you, be very aware of empathy.

Empathy is getting higher on the planet all the time. As we get to join into a state of oneness more, we all get better at feeling and picking up and reading other people. So, if you go to friend and a friend gives you an opinion, and you went to the friend feeling fine, and you leave feeling as if you’re ‘in’ their opinion, don’t judge it – because maybe you needed to try on their opinion to get clear about yourself.

But do be aware of it. Be aware, “Ah I was fine before I went there, and now I’ve walked away from him I don’t feel so fine, is that me or is that him?” And see where you feel, ask yourself, “Do I agree with his opinion, do I agree with my opinion?”

And opinions are stronger than ever right now and they’re very diverse and people who you’re close to will surprise you with what they say. But this is where you have to be a leader with your voice.

We are community based. But for the longest time, we have been to some degree, community controlled. Our fear of being abandoned or pushed out by the group has made lots of us in the past play roles that fitted a certain jigsaw. The jigsaw has crumbled; the jigsaw’s not here any more. The jigsaw’s gone. It’s a very new jigsaw now in an energy term.

So what you have to do is trust yourself to lead. And what will surprise you is a lot of what will come back through you are seed energies of who you were as a child. So if you liked playing the guitar as a child and you haven’t done it for 15 years, why not pick it up again and just see what happens? Or, you’ll transfer that creativity to something else. Creativity as an energy can be transferred to any area. And it will be important for people to be doing new things at the moment. Creating new life.

So, be a leader of yourself this month and trust that you leading yourself is exactly what you’re supposed to do for everyone else around you. Even if you slightly piss off your friend, who thought the two of you were very close in opinion, that’s important.

If you express something that’s very much your truth, you give your friend an opportunity to feel his or her truth around yours. And then we all move forward into a different place together. But if you stay safe and you play it safe and you censor yourself, you and your friend are being held back.

So that’s the message for this month.

Love to all in New York and everywhere else around the world where there are great challenges going on. Hold love for each other in our hearts. We’ll keep moving, we’ll keep going, we’ll keep adapting, we’ll keep moving with these times. And as it’s revealed to each of us what our personal role in the next few years is, we’ll activate those roles.

We’ll keep trucking and we’ll see where we can go as a planet and as a people. But the most important thing, regardless of your attachment to future outcomes or not is to live – to really live.

I invite you to do this.

Lots of love, see you all next month.


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  1. Thank you so very much! Just what I needed to hear at this very moment!
    I am so grateful for your sharing.

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