Congratulations to Kim Meijer

I just finished writing this week’s post and poof.. all the text was gone. Try as hard as I could, I could neither retrieve what I had written, nor could I add text to my Season’s Greetings card.

So I was forced to start from scratch.

I am delighted to announce that Group Member Kim Meijer was approved for Certification by the RPA Certification Board. Heartfelt congratulations are sent to you Kim.

I want to thank each and every reader of the Newletter for your time, support and attention. I am very grateful to you for your interest in the Newletter.

In the next few weeks I will be presenting the Newsletter’s annual New York Gets Dressed For The Holidays edition which will include extensive ( I hope) photos of the holiday windows and dressed up houses taken with my new iphone.

Also, I went on my dream vacation to Italy in the beginning of October. The experience was so rich for me and felt so private that this is the first time I am even mentioning it publicly. I do hope to finally write about my experiences and impressions very soon.

Finally,( for this week) , for those of you who have wondered whatever happened to my garden, I have finally brought all of the plants inside that I couldn’t bear to leave outside .

Here is (hopefully again- this is where I lost the text last time around) where I send you a slideshow featuring the flowering plants in theri indoor winter home.

I hope that you enjoy this.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 responses to “Congratulations to Kim Meijer

  1. Yes many congratulations go out to Kim on her Certification. And to you Meryl not only for your support as an inspirational leader and teacher, but also to your green thumb. I am jealous of your container plants… I love plants, but they only love me if I plant them in the garden and leave them alone. The minute I put them in pots they don’t do so well. Enjoy your plants as it appears they enjoy you!!! Lots of love and joy to you. I wish you very happy, healthy, joyous and abundant holidays reaching throughout the new year!

  2. Dear Paula,

    Thank you so much for sending along this loving comment.
    I return your wishes for my new year and holidays and hope they multiply in manifestation to you ten-thousand fold.

    Sending you much love,

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