Lee Harris’s January 2013 Energy Forecast

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I found  the images, music and message of Lee Harris’s 2013 Energy forecast to be quite lovely. To me it was inspiring and simply beautiful to watch and hear.

I hope that you will be touched in some way by the message, music and or visuals of this transmission.

2013 : Year Of Community

We are changing. We are changing. We are entering a brave new world.

Brave, because courage is what it will take to face some of the challenges; new, because feeling rather than mind will now take the leadership role for our society and our planet.

We have reached the end of the road where the old ways and the old resources are concerned. So now, we use our inner resourcefulness to create the new and adapt, just as many generations have before us learnt to adapt.

The change we are facing is of a mastery level.

We as human beings have, in our cellular memory, all of the shifts that humanity has been through before programmed into our bodies. But never before has the playing field been so wide.

This is thrilling and sometimes intimidating.

We live on a planet of duality and duality will continue to be the experience as we move into a greater sense of personal power, and through that, community connection.

We have been taught for so many years to disconnect from each other, to disconnect from ourselves, to stay small, to fear lack, to want more. External teachings that have kept us trapped as a group in a cycle of wanting, needing, feeling loneliness, feeling loss, feeling separation.

This is how we have been, but we are changing.

And while the journey from separation to greater oneness may sound ideal, it can be a rocky ride.

It can be intense on the system it can move you fast into places in yourself that you have never before experienced. And this, for so many of us, has been happening more and more in rapid fashion in recent years.

So for those of you to whom this is familiar, 2013 will bring a little more of that, but mostly, a great deal of expansion and life.

But be aware that most around you are going to be going through this push inside themselves into greater feeling. And depending on how well they are able to navigate and support themselves through that journey, it will directly affect the way they act out or react.

Remember, everything is energy.

So the more you are able to embody your center when around others, you offer a new ceiling to the room. You offer a new way of being. And it is a way of inner being that you have birthed through receiving all of the highest aspects of teachings and examples that you have seen and felt over the years.

But you are bringing these aspects into the body and merging them with your unique personality, your unique soul, your unique energy field.

And as you do that, you become more. You become one. You become whole.

Don’t be surprised if isolation and loneliness show up on that journey, for in order to become whole, you have to let go of any idea of separation or isolation.

So much of our teaching over the last century has been designed to keep us in place – so many of our systems in the last century have been designed to keep us in place.

For those of you that are aware of this, there is no victimhood in this experience. It simply is what it is.

And understand that those in power are losing power. Those who have had power over others are being as rebalanced as the rest of us right now.

So the new world truly is going to be one of community – one where who you are and what you have to contribute is vital for the future of life on Planet Earth.

So in 2013 more than ever, be mindful of where you place your attention and where you place your focus.

Are you focusing on the fear put out through our news? Are you focusing on the violence so celebrated in our popular culture? How do the fear and the violence make you feel?

Notice this, and ask yourself why you need that external focus to move fear or adrenaline through your system. It is a pattern of behavior that we have been given and that has encouraged. It helps us to disconnect to focus on such things.

And now, it is harder than ever to be disconnected.

Disconnected behaviors have cost our Earth, just as disconnected behaviors have cost our individual growth. And when our individual growth is challenged, our world growth is challenged.

This is why so many in recent years have felt the call to change who they are, their beliefs, the ways they treat their body. And this wave will keep growing.

And many of you are already leaders of the new Earth.

It is not always going to be easy. As much as positivity about our future is vital; so too is reality.

The resources on our planet cannot sustain us in the way they have been. And while we will adapt, it is us working as a community in the areas that we feel most passionately about as individuals that will create this tapestry of change.

So, it will not work to sit at home and wait for others to create changes you are frustrated about not seeing.

Some of the wisest words we were ever given by another human being were, “Be the change you want to see.”

Being a victim is uncomfortable. It is not a fun place to be. It is not an expansive place to be. And we are being a victim when we point the finger and blame others.

Blame and anger at one another will slow us down. If you do not like what those around you are doing, be the balance to that behavior by focusing your energy on the opposite. And through that, you will be an example.

We are all connected and we pick up on each other’s energies. As much as we have been a society trained to use words, and allow our minds to often lead, it is not true that the words of others are what affect us. What is true is that the energy of others affects us, and the words are but the calling card for the energy and the representation of it.

You know this to be true. For when you walk into a room, you do not need to have a conversation with somebody on the other side of the room to know that there is something about them that you are attracted to.

Energy speaks; and energy will continue to speak, loudly, on our planet – but, so too will action and community joining forces be required for this planetary shift.

And the wonderful news is, when you give yourself to giving back to our planet and working to bring the change that you wish to see, for the Earth and for the people and the creatures on the Earth, you will come alive. You will become more alive than you have ever experienced. Your sensory body will enjoy the present moment like never before.

We, as a group, have been encouraged to deaden our senses for a very long time. That is not the fault of your neighbor. There is no original person to blame for this. It is simply what we have walked through.

And while there are choices, always, being made on Earth for each of us, there is also a destiny. And this time has been destined.

This is time of great change. And we, the human beings who are living here right now, are part of choosing how far we want that change to go.

Responsibility as an energy is high among many of you. Remember, you are but one person and you cannot take responsibility for what you see going on around you that brings you sadness or, that makes you angry. But you can take responsibility for what you as one person can do to change what you are seeing around you.

This is a process of becoming which I am describing. And depending on where you are in that process, you will either be feeling alive and ready or tired and releasing many aspects of your old personality and your old beliefs, which can be uncomfortable.

Understand that the energies on our planet are ramping up faster and faster all of the time. This affects us too.

So surrender to what your body asks for. Surrender to taking yourself to bed in the middle of the day if that’s what you need and you are able to do.

Start to trust the body and its senses as you come back to the body, which has been encouraged to desensitize. It is that de-sensitivity that has allowed so many of us to stay blind to what was going on around us.

The last few years have illuminated many truths – about life, energy and spirit, and about the powers that be in our world and the systems that we have been oppressed by, as much as supported by.

Blame and anger slow you down and they are simply part of a grief process.

If you need to feel these aspects to move them out of your systems, for you have been carrying them, either because they are what you experienced or were given in early life, or you yourself are prone to directing your energy in this way, by all means, go through that process. But don’t use it in the world, for then it will just recycle anger, blame, judgment, energies that do not promote life; but instead hold energies of death.

Anger as an energy movement is sometimes part of us as human beings. But anger as a force that we use upon others just recycles more and more oppression and fear.

Sensitives, know your boundaries. Many of us have worked on these the last few years so that we are strong and ready for the birth of this new world which we will contribute toward.

But if you feel too sensitive or too raw, focus on your body. Help your body through its traumas, give it the space and quiet you need until you start to feel stronger. Then you will re-ground yourself and it will be easier for you to take your place.

The coming two to three years, in terms of your own experience of your heart, your life, your senses, your understanding of the bigger picture of the web of life and how we experience life, will be full of wonder and new experiences.

But there will also be the experience of watching your old house dismantled, being packed up, in some cases, being demolished.

This takes time to adjust to.

So, more than anything, be kind to yourself.

Much of what we were taught in society was designed to make us hard on ourselves. Whether that judgment is on your appearance, your ways of being, or what you think you are not good at.

Recognize all of those ideas are illusions that we have been fed. But when they combine with emotions, those illusions play out inside us as very real.

So if you make but one commitment for 2013, agree to be kinder to and on yourself.

I assure you, if you were given a life sentence of one or two more weeks to live, you would soon start to be kinder on yourself, and open your senses, so that in your final breath of life you would really breathe and experience what it is this planetary experience has to offer us.

Be kind to yourselves and be kind to community.

For in community, our strength lies.

In community, our power lies. And this web of life will take the Earth and our people to a new plane of existence.


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