The Last Weekend in January 2013- Some Updates

The last weekend in January was really nurturing  for me this year because I got to do some of my favorite things despite the extremely cold weather and my completion of a second round of the seasonal bug that so many people seem to have  this January.

On Friday night I went to one of the best Jazz sets that I’ve been to in a long time.  The venue was Dizzy’s  at Jazz at Lincoln Center, The outstanding performances were by Cyrus Chestnut, piano;  Stacy Dillard, saxophone; Neal Smith, drums; Dezron Douglas, bass; and special guest Jimmy Heath, saxophone.

It was celebration of  Cyrus Chestnut’s 50th birthday. The joy in playing the music composed mainly by Cyrus was evident in the performances all of the musicians.  The musical conversations between the players produced a rich, smooth and heavenly set.

On Saturday I was invited by my dear friend and colleague to do a special 2013 Intentions Group with  her interested psychotherapy clients and acquaintances .

There were thirteen participants in the group. Many of them had never heard of energy healing or Resonance Repatterning. With the wonderful energy of my colleague and her home as our foundation, we quickly entrained with each other.

The repatterning was the powerful Nun Karma Repatterning, which anyone, anywhere can access for free by clicking on the picture of the nuns shown on this blog.

The intentions that were energized by and for the group can be viewed on the Love From NYC page above  this post or by clicking here

One of the most exciting parts of the session for me as the practitioner was my  muscle checking to use Infinity Healing as the  four minute modality to finalize the energy shifts and energize the new intentions..

It was the first time that I used Infinity Healing with thirteen people and transmitted the energy to each individual according to the dictates each person’s higher self.

Sunday was an extremely productive day. I wrote all of the needed updates about Infinity Healing soon to be included on

Additionally, you can now find the following updates and additions to the blog here:

Finally, I’d like to share with you some pictures of the performance at Dizzy’s and share  my newly completed winter Zen garden.  The rock garden will disappear again when the flowers adorn the space.


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