Travels in Italy

Today, on Valentine’s Day I want to begin sharing with you impressions concerning my dream vacation to Italy.

I lived  in England and traveled abroad  many years ago. As I time went by I felt that the one place I couldn’t miss experiencing in this lifetime was Italy.

I was right. The  two week experience ended four months ago and is still  so close to my heart that I haven’t shared much about it or even mentioned it in the newsletter before now.

The beauty, art, architecture, food, countryside and overall joie de vivre energy touched me very deeply. In very subtle ways I feel that I have been fundamentally changed.

As a result I feel more grounded, settled and comfortable in my life and in my body . There seems to be more balance in my own masculine and feminine energies. I feel like I was seeped in all that Italy is.

Metaphorically, I was a black and white photo before the trip and during my stay in Italy somehow I became tinted with infusions of new colors.

What I’d like to do to share the experiences with you is  write about some of what I saw from time to time. I took over 1700 photos so I’ll  present just a few of them at a time and tell you what what captured my heart.

I also want to share with you that I had an incredibly wonderful travel agent, Mia Martin of The Travel Authority. If you ever need someone to help make a dream come true in traveling, she’s the person to contact. She can be reached at, 1-812-588-0910.

When I was in Montepulciano, Tuscany my innkeeper not only knew where and when my dinner reservations were, but I was also picked up after meals without having to call for transportation . That’s the kind of attention to details Mia provided.

So on this day of the heart I would like to show you  a very few photos taken at the Royal Apartments in The Palazzo Pitti. This is where the rulers of Florence, the Medici family lived.

As you can see, the Medici family were great patrons of the artists of the Renaissance. The lavish attention to gorgeous details and figures is apparent. In person it is fabulously beautiful and the details make my heart sing. I rejoice as my heart opens in response.

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