Writing “Divine Connection Through Our Hearts”

Last week I mentioned that I had been writing the  article  Divine Connection Through the Heart just before I read Lee Harris’s March Energy Forecast.

What stood out for me was Lee’s statement

Our energy fields as human beings are wide and high. So you’re currently looking at me as a physical figure, but I extend out and up and down around my physicality, and so do you. Wide and high.
The part of us that is our mind however, is very, very localized.  So, especially when you’re dealing with words, you’re looking at processing words through a very small area of yourself.
This is why so many of you will have felt recently like you cannot be in your mind like you used to be. This is a great thing, (unless of course you desire to get certain ‘mind’ things done).

What I see  implied in the Forecast is that as our very beings are reorganizing to be in harmony with the shift of the ages, our perceptions and understandings must be processed more broadly than through the focused awareness of our minds.

All week I had been researching the web to help me clarify my thoughts about my topic Divine Connection Through the Heart.  I found the following sources to be quite helpful.

First I watched the film currently being offered on the web The Cure Is…., written, produced and directed by David L. Scharpe and accessed by www.thecureismovie.com. I found material in the interviews of Dr. Bernie Siegel, Marianne Williamson, Gregg Brandon, Bruce Lipton and Dr. Sue Morter to be most inspiring and supportive of my own perspective.

Next I found the  wonderful, informative U-Tube film, Spirit Science #15- The Power Of The Heart  that is part of  the  Spirit Science series put out by www.thespiritscience.net.

The film runs for just under 13 minutes and contains comprehensive and concise material from The Institute of Heart Math, www.heartmath.com and Drunvalo Melchizedek”s  Flower of Life sacred geometry, www.drunvalo.net

I’m presenting it here because it is such an outstanding way to present the work of these two sources.

I really hope that you enjoy this.


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