Spring 2013 Adorns Manhattan

Every year the miracle of the rebirth of flowers and new growth thrills me. To me there is magic in just saying the word “forsythia”, in anticipating its glorious appearance which heralds the new season.

Every year I take pictures of Central Park, the streets of Manhattan and my own private garden to document the unfolding of Spring.

This year is no exception. I rejoice in my walks and I eagerly look forward to what I will discover. On my last walk through Central Park yesterday I found lilac bushes beginning to flower. Heaven!!!!

Here is what I’ve seen for the past few weeks. I’ve included one picture of my first plants, six different violas and three nemesias,  which will be planted in my container garden. There is also one shot of my clematis- one of the fastest growing plants I know.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.

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2 responses to “Spring 2013 Adorns Manhattan

  1. So beautiful Meryl. Thank you, Thank YOU! for sharing these with us.

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